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Welcomee to Steve Mills Marketing

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Welcome Book

  1. 1. Welcome BookMaximising your marketing potential Overdene House 49 Church Street, Theale Reading, Berkshire, RG7 5BX T: 0118 930 5700 www.stevemillsmarketing.com 1|P age
  2. 2. CONTENTSSection 1 OUR WELCOME BOOK Page 3 Section 1.1 Who we are Section 1.2 Not a typical marketing company Section 1.3 Helping you make the right choice Section 1.4 Why us?Section 2 OUR GUIDING PRINCIPLES Page 4 Section 2.1 Our core purpose Section 2.2 Our core values Section 2.3 Our vision Section 2.4 Our commitment to youSection 3 ABOUT YOUR BUSINESS Page 5 Section 3.1 Some questions about your businessSection 4 GENERAL INFORMATION Page 6 Section 4.1 The history of STEVE MILLS Marketing Limited Section 4.2 The company ethosSection 5 THE SERVICES WE PROVIDE Page 7 Section 5.1 Business servicesSection 6 OUR GUARANTEES Page 7Section 7 HOW WE WORK OUT OUR PRICES Page 8 Section 7.1 How much do we charge? Section 7.2 Your profit guaranteed Section 7.3 Fixed Price Agreements Section 7.4 PaymentSection 8 THE BASIS OF OUR RELATIONSHIP Page 8 Section 8.1 Our side of the relationship Section 8.2 Your side of the relationshipSection 9 AFFILIATIONS AND PROFESSIONAL BODIES Page 9 Section 9.1 Institute of Sales and Marketing Management Section 9.2 Institute of Directors Section 9.3 Ecadamy Section 9.4 West Berkshire Business ClubSection 10 VISITING OUR OFFICES Page 9 Section 10.1 Booking an appointment Section 10.2 Our reception lounge Section 10.3 Our round table Section 10.4 Dedicated client careSection 11 HOW TO FIND US Page 10Section 12 A BRIEF INTRODUCTION TO THE TEAM Page 11Section 13 HOW TO COMMENT ON OUR SERVICES Page 12Section 14 QUESTIONS TO ASK A PROSPECTIVE MARKETING COMPANY Page 13Section 15 RECOMMENDATIONS TO LIKE MINDED BUSINESS PEOPLE PAGE 13 2|P age
  3. 3. SECTION 1 OUR WELCOME BOOKThis book exists to introduce you to STEVE MILLS Marketing; our philosophy, our working methodsand our dedication to the best interests of our clients. I hope you will find it both useful andinformative. Steve Mills MDSection 1.1 Who we areWe believe it is important for you to know that we are not just a typical marketing company.We have a business philosophy we call “Maximising your marketing potential”. Most marketingcompanies help their clients by designing websites, brochures and adverts or, less frequently,producing marketing strategies and providing advice.At Steve Mills Marketing we go one step further by enabling clients to totally outsource theirmarketing department. We help our clients to improve their marketing, income and profit figures.We do this by providing a variety of marketing, sales and strategic planning services.The Welcome Book will make clear the added value you will receive and the support we provide tohelp you take your business to wherever you want it to go!Section 1.2 Not a typical marketing companyWe hope this book encourages you to look at us as individuals who want to form a real businesspartnership with you. We want to be much more than another business supplier. We’d like ourrelationship to be a little deeper.After all we are involved in a very personal aspect of your life – the development of your businessand ultimately your “money and success!”Section 1.3 Helping you to make the right choiceEveryone is different, as is every business. We need to check first that we are compatible. We do nottake on all potential clients that call us. Equally you need to make a decision about whether we arethe right company for you.The Welcome Book will help you to make the right decisions about who you are going to use as yourmarketing and business advisers.Section 1.4 Why us?In an ever changing environment we are constantly trying to build our businesses and balance ourlives. People who start their own business are generally experts in a particular area; starting out todo the same job but doing it for yourself may seem easy. 3|P age
  4. 4. However, as their business grows, our clients often find themselves being dragged into taking on allthe roles that emerge within it, regardless of their abilities or experience. As the business continuesto grow they work more and more hours to meet demands and have less and less leisure time whichcan have a detrimental impact on their families and health.They sometimes end up resenting this, particularly when their business reaches its maximumpotential because they literally cannot do any more hours.We have developed our concepts around a book called The E-Myth Revisited by Michael E Gerber.The “E” stands for Entrepreneur, and the Myth is that most business people are genuinelyentrepreneurial. In reality, they are slaves to their own business. Michel Gerber’s book is essentialreading for all business owners or anyone considering embarking on the business journey.At Steve Mills Marketing we understand the problems that business owners face in a competitivebusiness environment. We have developed a highly skilled business team and invested in innovativebusiness tools to help people get their business working for them and not the other way round. Weare committed to help business owners achieve their business and personal goals.SECTION 2 OUR GUIDING PRINCIPLESSection 2.1 Our core purposeTo help small businesses to maximise their sales and marketing, by helping them to win more leads.Then helping them to turn more of those leads into sales and by doing so, make more profit.Section 2.2 Our core valuesWe will always: Provide outstanding service Keep ourselves up to date with the latest in marketing Provide additional free services to our client Provide valued products and services to our clients Work as a team both internally and with our clients Be approachable and considerate to everyone Act professionally and efficiently for our clientsSection 2.3 Our visionTo provide outstanding marketing, backed up by world class customer service. 4|P age
  5. 5. Section 2.4 Our commitment to youWe have developed policies within our company that help us work more efficiently and effectivelyand maximise the use of our time; some of these are listed below. You will have a dedicated account manager who oversees the work that is undertaken for you All e-mails, letters and telephone calls will be dealt with promptly and politely We will inform you about the latest services we can provide to help you grow your business We will agree deadlines with you and stick to them whenever possible We will use agendas wherever possible to structure our meetings, meaning that nothing gets missed We appreciate that everyone is different and some people don’t like receiving letters, so you can tell us your preferred method of communication We may ask you for “nagging rights” so that we can help you meet your goals and obligationsSECTION 3 ABOUT YOUR BUSINESSSection 3.1 Some questions about your businessHere are some questions to ask yourself to help in your decision to outsource your marketing: Question Answer Are you making enough profit? On a scale of 1 to 10 (1 being the lowest) how effective is your current marketing? How long on average do you spend on marketing each month? Is your company working to its maximum potential? Do you know what your return on investment is for each marketing pound you spend? What percentage of your enquiries do you convert into sales? 5|P age
  6. 6. What is your average unit of sale? How do you compare in terms of price with your competitors? What would happen to your business if something happened to you? Do you know your marketing numbers? (For example - your enquiry to appointment ratio, or the number of enquiries each of your marketing campaigns secures) Do you know how many different on-line marketing initiatives you use? Have you ever benchmarked your business?SECTION 4 GENERAL INFORMATIONSection 4.1 The History of Steve Mills MarketingThe company was first formed in 1995 and has recently rebranded as Steve Mills Marketing.Section 4.2 Ethos behind the companyWe recognise that all businesses have three departments. They are finance, operations andmarketing.Most business owners are very good at the operational side of their business. After all that is whymost of them went into business. So in effect the solicitor opens their own legal practice and the hairdresser their own salon.They know that they need help on the accountancy side of their business and so they hire anaccountant.However, many business owners attempt to do their own marketing and waste a significant amountof the money they spend. Over time they either get a good reputation and start winning businessfrom referral, or they go bust!Therefore they limit themselves and their business. At Steve Mills Marketing we help our clients tomaximise their current marketing campaigns and then to build additional marketing pillars, or, as welike to call them, “Streams of Income” 6|P age
  7. 7. SECTION 5 THE SERVICES WE PROVIDESection 5.1 Marketing services Online Marketing Services Direct Marketing Services Website Optimisation Direct Mail Campaigns PPC Advertising Campaigns E-mail Marketing Campaigns Blogging Telemarketing Social Media TrainingSECTION 6 Training Reports Sales Training Website Reports Marketing Training Marketing Audits Customer Service Training Marketing Plans Presentation Skills Training Marketing services Marketing Department Marketing Director Mentor Programme Masterclass Group Interim Marketing ManagementSECTION 6 OUR GUARANTEES We guarantee that all our work and advice will be correct to the best of our knowledge We guarantee that we will never charge more than the fixed price unless you ask us to do some extra work. For this we agree the charge with you in advance We guarantee that your marketing strategy will be kept confidential We guarantee that in all our dealings with you we will do our best to make sure that we meet the high standards we set for ourselves 7|P age
  8. 8. SECTION 7 HOW WE WORK OUT OUR PRICESSection 7.1 How much do we charge?We understand that charges are an important factor when choosing a marketing and businessadviser. Our prices are set so that we can deliver the benefits of our service in a high quality personalmanner.Section 7.2 Fixed Price AgreementsCost is always a worry, particularly when you’re being charged by the hour. Therefore we haveintroduced Fixed Price Agreements. We conduct this process by getting together for a no obligationmeeting to discuss your business needs and tailor our services to meet your requirements. From thiswe will put forward a proposal with a fixed fee price.With the fixed fee price you have total peace of mind and you can telephone, email and call in asoften as you like without getting a bill each time.If you find that you need any additional services outside the “agreement” we will give you a fixedprice before we do any work.Section 7.3 PaymentLike all professional services the relationship with our clients is built on trust. You need to trust us todeliver the service and benefits we promise. We need to trust you to pay us on time. Our paymentterms are payment upon receipt of invoice.SECTION 8 THE BASIS OF OUR RELATIONSHIPSection 8.1 Our side of the relationshipThese are the principles that we would like our relationship with you to be built on. We must return your calls within one business day We must answer your letters, emails and faxes within two business days We must tell you in advance the cost of our work or advice and only start the work once you have agreed to the fixed price We must do our best for you, always We must apologise and make amends if we don’t perform as we promise and you can be the judge of our performance We must always keep you up to date We must complete your work on time and professionally 8|P age
  9. 9. Section 8.2 Your side of the relationship You must tell us if there is something that upsets you. That way we have the chance to put it right, apologise and give you suitable compensation You must return our calls within one business day You must answer our letters, e-mails and faxes within two business days You should pay us on time and in accordance with the agreement we have made with you You must supply information in a timely and complete fashion and deal with our questions for information promptly Providing you are happy with the service we provide we hope you will refer us to othersSECTION 9 AFFILIATIONS AND PROFESSIONAL BODIESSection 9.1 Institute of Sales & Marketing ManagementWe are members of the Institute of Sales and Marketing Management and work under the charterand ethos of the institute.Section 9.2 Institute of DirectorsWe are members of the Institute of Directors and therefore have access to the wonderful meetingand training rooms owned by the institute.Section 9.3 EcadamyWe are members of ecadamy. Ecadamy are a worldwide network of small businesses who cometogether for mutual benefit.Section 9.4 West Berkshire Business ClubWe are members of the West Berkshire Business Club and provide speakers for the club’s events andtalks, as well as sponsoring the club’s Business of the Year Award. For details contactwww.wbbc.co.uk.SECTION 10 VISITING OUR OFFICESWe share our offices with an accountancy practice called Kirkpatrick & Hopes who are also one of ourclients. When entering Overdene House simply go to reception and they will let us know you havearrived. 9|P age
  10. 10. Section 10.1 Booking an appointmentIt is best to book an appointment before you call in, this ensures that we are prepared for you.We normally prepare an agenda before meetings to ensure that everything is covered and nothinggets missed. Our directors and managers also go out to visit clients on a regular basis, so by arrangingyour visit beforehand it ensures that your dedicated manager is around to speak with you.Section 10.2 Our Reception LoungeAs you walk through the security door our reception lounge is on the left. If you need to use thephone or recharge your mobile please let our friendly receptionists know. We also have a “borrow abrolly” service – if it is raining let us know and we will lend you an umbrella. You can return it thenext time you visit.Section 10.3 Our Round TableWe have a round boardroom table. We have chosen this because we don’t like sitting on theopposite side of the table to our clients. A round table has only one side – yours!Experience shows us that unless we work together we both won’t get the best out of therelationship. Hopefully, the round table encourages a “partnership” type relationship.There are also note pads and pens available for you to use in our meeting rooms.Section 10.4 Dedicated client careOur whole team is dedicated to client care and if you have any comments or concerns please contacteither your manager or our Managing Director, Steve Mills.SECTION 11 HOW TO FIND USWe are based in Theale, just outside Reading – a couple of minutes south of junction 12 of the M4.Our address is:Overdene House Tel: 0118 930 570049 Church StreetTheale email: info@stevemillsmarketing.comReading, Berkshire www.stevemillsmarketing.comRG7 5BX 10 | P a g e
  11. 11. If you are coming by car: Whatever direction you are coming from you should head towards junction 12 of the M4. At the motorway junction head towards Newbury and at the first roundabout turn right. This brings you to a mini roundabout. Turn left onto Theale High Street. Drive through the High Street, straight across the mini roundabout by the Co-op and you will come on to Church Street. Continue straight on and you will find us about 500 yards on the left-hand side opposite the Old Lamb Hotel, which is a white building with a thatched roof.If you are coming by train: Upon arrival at Theale railway station go up the platform steps and turn right. Walk all the way down the pathway towards the mini-roundabout. Cross the road and continue in the same direction. You will walk under the A4 underpass and will reach a second mini-roundabout by the Co-op. Turn left onto Church Street. The Renault garage will be on your left. Continue in this direction for about 500 yards. We are on the left-hand side opposite the Old Lamb Hotel, which is a white building with a thatched roof.ParkingWe have dedicated client parking to the rear of the office or you can park on the road outside thefront of the office. We’d recommend avoiding arriving at 8.45am and 3.00pm because of the nearbyschool.SECTION 12 A BRIEF INTRODUCTION TO THE TEAMSteve Mills Marketing are a small team of professional marketing people who specialise inMAXimising the Marketing budgets of our clients and helping them to ensure that they get the verybest return on every marketing pound that they spend. Steve Mills Steve Mills is a Professional Speaker, Marketeer and International Sportsman. He is the Managing Director of STEVE MILLS Marketing and is acknowledged as a leading marketing expert. As well as writing two books on marketing, Steve has spoken to audiences all over the world including, Australia, New Zealand, Dubai and the USA as well as throughout the UK and Europe. 11 | P a g e
  12. 12. Jim EwanJim has spent many years working in Sales & Marketing and comes from atraining background. He is a Professional Speaker and the former President ofthe Professional Speaker Association (PSA).Jim works for STEVE MILLS Marketing as a consultant and interim marketingmanager, as well as being responsible for delivering training in sales,presentation skills and marketing.Ray HallamRay, is a Chartered Accountant with over 40 years experience of which 15 years was spent inBusiness Development. Rays background is in construction and spent many years working forTarmac UK Ltd and more recently for Newbury based Dutch company Van Hoard. Ray, like Steve, isan avid supporter of Sheffield Wednesday Football Club.Trevor Wilson MA CATrevor Wilson, co-founder of the fd group, is a Chartered Accountant with over 20 yearsexperience of which 15 years was spent in a top 4 accountancy practice where he specialised inperforming independent business reviews, analysing company operations and makingrecommendations to both management and stakeholders. He has helped clients in areas as diverse as foreign currency exchange, IT storage, audio visualservices, business travel, chauffeur hire, and a black Christian church.Trevor supports Steve Mills Marketing acting as a non exec Financial Director.SECTION 13 HOW TO COMMENT ON OUR SERVICESWe know that you will be happier if you tell us when you encounter problems with our service.This is why we have developed a comments system for you – it keeps the lines of communicationopen.We want you to know what to do when something goes wrong. We want you to understand thatmistakes will sometimes be made – but they will be put right.You should know that you can do yourself and us harm by not telling us if you have a concern.Don’t be afraid to complain – we see this as part of our service. We welcome constructive criticismbecause it helps us develop our service. 12 | P a g e
  13. 13. SECTION 14 QUESTIONS TO ASK A PROSPECTIVE NEW MARKETING COMPANY If you are undecided about the marketing company you are going to appoint, this checklist of questions to ask them may help you. Question Answer 1 Are all your prices agreed in advanced and fixed? 2 Do you offer, unlimited telephone support and meetings where the onus is on you to tell me if I am going to incur any extra charge? Do you quantify what is working and what is not? 3 What are your customer service commitments? eg for: 4  Call back time for phone messages  turn round time for letters  turn round time for emails Do you offer free consultations with specialists in 5 Business Development and Marketing? Are you prepared to do some work on a “no win no fee” 6 basis? Do you have testimonials I can see from satisfied 7 companies and can I call them? Can I see the forms you will use to quantify your work for 8 us? Can you provide advice and support in all areas of your marketing? 9 Can you offer the full range of marketing support? 10 What systems do you operate that will ensure continuity 11 of service (eg in the event of your main point of contact being incapacitated)?SECTION 15 RECOMMENDATIONS TO LIKE MINDED BUSINESS PEOPLEBecause we are selective about our clients and build good relationships with them, we want moreclients like you. Most of our client base has been built by word of mouth. If you have relationshipswith like minded business owners, we’d like you to recommend us.Please find business cards attached to pass on, otherwise please let your manager know their detailsand we can send out some information and a Welcome Book to them. We hope you found our Welcome Book helpful and interesting and look forward to working with you in the future 13 | P a g e