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Advantage Fundraiser NFP Technology 2010 exe


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Wealth Intelligence for Demos - for the NFP Technology 2010 Exhibition audience.

Factually Researched Wealth Screening and Wealth Intelligence for Dummies.

Ever wondered how other charities seem to know so much about their wealthier supporters and prospects? Do you know who the high net worth individuals are in your database; those with a substantial disposable income and who are already supporting your organisation? Such information is particularly relevant in the current economic climate.

Suitable for novices and experts alike, this presentation highlights all you need to know about factually researched Wealth Screening and Wealth Intelligence. For example identifying factual wealth bands of £1M - £50M+ and identifying those who have given £5,000 or more. Your presenter is Steve Cast, Founder and MD of Redbourn Business Systems, who presents practical tips and a documented approach for taking your data through the Wealth Screening process and understanding the results by way of Wealth Intelligence, using real client case studies throughout and our integrated fundrasiing, membership and alumni database solution Advantage Fundraiser.

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