Using Social Media To Enhace Your Business Onlinew


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Using Social Media To Enhace Your Business Onlinew

  1. 1. Company Overview2012-2013Your Friendly LocalMarketing Consultants!We don’t market to you –We Market For You!
  2. 2. About A-Star CreationsA-Star Creations is a full-service marketing consultancy agency specialising in mobile design,mobile marketing, innovative and engaging mobile communication programs, promotions andcampaigns.Our key objective is helping local businesses with their marketing strategies and campaigns, withcustomer acquisition & retention at the forefront of our focus!Mobile Web AppsQR CodesMobile Location AnalyticsText Message MarketingSocial Media ManagementMobile SEO & Mobile Advertising
  3. 3. Restaurant Marketing:RestaurantMarketingSocial Media Facebook Twitter Foursquare YouTube YelpEmail Management Engaging newsletters Turns leads into paying customers Send special offers on slow days Keep customers up-to-date Keep marketing costs low Big ROI!QR Code Campaigns Attracts attention Sparks curiosity Send to lead capture forms Send to social networks Send to special offers & coupons Grab customers from the streetsIn-Store Advertising Table-tents Posters QR codes Customer retention and referralsOut-Store Advertising A2 pavement advertising A5 lamp-post posters QR Codes Grab Customers form the Street
  4. 4. QR Codes A QR code is only as good as it’s landing page… SMART QR Codes:• Point to mobile optimised landing pages• Grab attention• Help spread mobile coupons• Build lists of mobile phone users• Run better marketing metrics• Easily share mobile media (photos/videos)• Achieve marketing objectives!
  5. 5. QR Code Examples:QR Codes can redirect a visitor to: Telephone numbers Website URL Product details Contact details Event information Competition information Special offers & coupons Twitter, Facebook, Google+ Pages YouTube videos or channels QR Codes can help your business: Look unique and right on trend Increase CTR’s (visitors are always curious as towhat lies behind a QR code) Build a database of customers right from the street Connect new and existing customers to yourbusiness on the spot in an instant Offer discounts, coupons, special offers without thecost of print and re-print
  6. 6. A4/A5 QR Code Posters:
  7. 7. Choice of Colour & Design:
  8. 8. A4/A5 QR Code Posters:
  9. 9. Social Media Marketing Platforms:
  10. 10. Social Media Marketing Platforms:OnlineDomination
  11. 11. Facebook:You can grab your share ofthese staggering stats withyour very own professionallydesigned 3-Way FacebookBusiness Page!Includes: Integrated FB Squeeze page Video Playback Option In-built Opt-In Form In-Built ‘Like’ Feature Integrated Thank You Page Facebook Community Page Professional 3D Cover DesignWill help your business: Attract new clients/customers Literally force visitors to ‘Like’ your page Build a list of targeted leads Build a database of customer details Increase customer spend per head Build a vibrant community of customers & followers
  12. 12. Foursquare:Foursquare will help your business: Attract new clients/customers Keep new customers through the FS Award system Share Specials with local customers Bring in business on ‘slow days’ Increase customer spend per head Build a vibrant community of customers & followers Over 25,000,000 peopleuse foursquare toconnect with places Over 1,000,000businesses are alreadyon foursquare Foursquare automaticallyconnects to usersFacebook profiles,meaning updates go viralwithin minutes!With millions of people checking in every day,foursquare allows you to find new customers andform deeper connections with your best ones.Foursquare enables you as a business owner to:Offer specials, share what’s happening at yourlocations with local updates, get real-time analytics,and keep your foursquare listing current.
  13. 13. Yelp:What Is Yelp?Yelp aims to connect people with greatlocal businesses and Yelp BusinessAccounts allow businesses to shareinformation with the Yelp Community.Simply put, its word of mouth -- amplified.Yelp offers local businesses thechance to build a solidreputation. It helps turn newcustomers into repeat loyalcustomers.Yelp’s special offers and rewards system helpsto keep satisfied customers coming back to abusiness for more. If the customer does notreturn, he/she loses her badge status.Customers can also see other customersrewards and help turn a special offer for abusiness viral!
  14. 14. Yelp – either very good or very bad for business?Positives: Yelp ranks HIGH in the search engines bringingin local customers just by having a Yelppresence! If you provide good customer service then youcan host your 4/5 start reviews on Yelp and bringin even more business, building your reputation. Advertise – ‘happy hour’ deals. Want to cleanthe clearance rack? Then display a time-restricted offer. Special offers appear on Yelp’s home page forlocal customers. Mobile! Use Yelp to display special offers tocustomers who check-in on their mobiles Measure customer stats using Yelp’s in-builttracking system, track your conversions onspecial offers, check-in’s and more! Encourage all customers to review yourbusiness on yelp in exchange for a ‘free gift(coffee)’. Upload photos of your delicious food,entertainment and store front!Negatives:× What if a customer leaves a badreview? Then you have the chance to contactthem directly and put it right! You canoffer a free ‘starter/desert’ on theirnext visit.In turn this means that the customerwill then: Change his/her review Recommend your restaurant too atleast 3 of their friends instead ofdiscouraging at least 9 of theirfriends!You now have the power to monitor yourcustomer service & grow your businessthough your OWN Customers!
  15. 15. Google+ Share – Promote - MeasureShare: Start real conversations with the right peopleGoogle+ pages help you build deeper relationships with customersby sharing your thoughts, links, photos and promotions with the rightpeople at the right times.Want to offer a behind-the-scenes look of your team in action?Highlight a unique menu item? Get live, face-to-face feedback byholding multi-person video chats with your customers?With Google+ Pages, you can share what matters in a way thatmatters most to your business.Google+ Allows you to: Share content, photos,promotions with who youwant when you want. Launch Hangouts for yourcustomers, staff or justmanagement – You Decide! Manage Circles – sharecontent with the right people!
  16. 16. Google+ Share – Promote - Measure g+badge g+direct connect +1 connections +1 searchThere are lots of ways to promote your site andGoogle+ page. Promote it yourself with Google+ DirectConnect and the Google+ badge, and let othersrecommend you with the +1 buttonGoogle+ BadgeLet people know you’re here by adding the Google+ badge to your site andconnecting it to your Google+ page. This badge lets people +1, seepersonal annotations and follow your page, directly from your site.Google+ Direct ConnectWouldn’t it be cool if anyone who did a Google search for your businessname and the “+” sign saw your page highlighted in their results? With aGoogle+ Page and a verified URL you can do just that.+1 recommendationsPeople often turn to friends and family for help making decisions.The +1 button combines the power of these personalrecommendations with the reach of Google.+1 on searchA recommendation is good;a recommendation from afriend is even better. +1annotations in Googlesearch help surface theserecommendations rightwhen potential customersneed them most.
  17. 17. Customer Retention – Table Tents
  18. 18. Customer Retention – Table Tents
  19. 19. Customer Retention – Table Tents
  20. 20. Social Business Boosters:
  21. 21. CustomerAcquisition –A2 Pavement Signs:
  22. 22. Twitter:Twitter for your business:Twitter connects businesses to customers in real time—and businesses useTwitter to quickly share information with people interested in their productsand services, gather real-time market intelligence and feedback, and buildrelationships with customers, partners and influencers.A Successful Tweet for help:On February 24th 2011, The Big Green Bookshop in North London tweeted“Please help” to their followers. The Tweet linked to a blog post whichexplained that if business continued at the same pace, they would have toclose their doors in nine months.Before they knew it, @BigGreenBooks was the third most discussed topicon Twitter in London. Upon hearing the story, the local community, newfriends in the publishing world, and bookshop fans in America came togetherto not only rescue the store, but to make sure it thrived.According to co-owner Simon Key, “Twitter was the most effective meansof getting the message out, and the response was indescribable.”
  23. 23. Twitter:Put Twitter to work for your business:A Tweet is a powerful tool. Every week billions of Tweets flow through Twitterabout every imaginable subject. A wide variety of people, organisations,businesses — big and small, local and international — all use Twitter tomake their presence known.What users want to hear from you:Twitter on the go:More than half of users access Twitter frommobile devices.This growing trend represents a real opportunityfor small, nimble businesses, like yours. Bymonitoring what users are saying in real time, youcan respond in a way that is both timely andhelpful.For example, if a user Tweets about a longwaiting time at a restaurant around the corner —why not tweet back, offering them a table atyours?
  24. 24. Twitter:Let twitter provide an overview of your business:Used correctly, Twitter can be a powerful tool of engagement between you,your customers and even your staff!Using Twitter, you can: Run promotions on ‘slow days’ Upload photos of new dishes Share behind the scenes news with your fan base Single out employees for excellent customer service Share a secret recipe of the week Interact with your customers & followers Run competitions Display ‘excellent’ customer reviews Talk about up and coming events Share press release news ahead of time Automatically share tweets to your Facebook page And much much more!
  25. 25. Email Marketing:Contact yourcustomers instantly!Keep your customersup-to-date &engaged withstunning newsletters!
  26. 26. Email Marketing Build a list of leads Turn leads into paying customers Communicate instantly withcustomers Send out promotions on slow-days& special occasions Wish members happy birthdays Send coupons & special offers Conduct surveys Keep your customers up-to date, Gather customer feedback Produce eye catching news letters Market more for less Market more for less Keep marketing costs low Track campaigns.Email Marketing can helpyour business:
  27. 27. TakeAction!Call A-Star Creations Today to Request YourFree Mobile Sample Site or to talk with one of our teamabout your marketing campaign!01344 667329
  28. 28. Reference:Statistic information sources: eDigital Research IMRG Survey, 2011 IAB, 2010 Rich Relevance, 2010 Goldman Sachs, 2011 IDC 2012 Microsoft Tag 2011Google Engage 2012, speakers: David Dyson (CEO) of Three UK Ian Carrington of Google David Stewart from Ofcom Jake Berry (MP) Nicholas Blades of Telefonica O2 Paul Morris from Vodafone