LavaCon 2013 selling your content strategy


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Positioning and selling your content strategy.

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  • LavaCon 2013 selling your content strategy

    1. 1. Selling your Content Strategy to Executives Steve Walker, Experis @_SteveWalker #BuildContentStory @LavaCon
    2. 2. About the Speaker @_SteveWalker LinkedIn: SteveWalker @_SteveWalker #BuildContentStory @LavaCon
    3. 3. Topic Review Content is everywhere, in every company, but not every executive sees the financial benefit. In this session, we’ll use story-building techniques to market your content strategy to the Executives and prove how a well-developed business plan with a story equals a bigger budget. @_SteveWalker #BuildContentStory @LavaCon
    4. 4. Problem Statement How to we position/defend/justify our content strategy work? How do we get our initiatives approved? @_SteveWalker #BuildContentStory @LavaCon
    5. 5. Real World Challenges We need to refresh our Document Mgmt strategy. We need to improve the quality of X. We need to reduce the time it takes to find our materials. @_SteveWalker #BuildContentStory @LavaCon
    6. 6. Problem/Solution Ambiguity @_SteveWalker #BuildContentStory @LavaCon
    7. 7. Concepts to Explore • Baseline Definitions • “The Content Value” proposition • Who cares about what? • Content Arguments • Building your story @_SteveWalker #BuildContentStory @LavaCon
    8. 8. Building Your Story Look for the Tag Look for the Tag Characters Setting Plot Script @_SteveWalker #BuildContentStory @LavaCon
    9. 9. Definitions Content Characters Characters Content is an organizational information-based asset that is used to support a business objective. This asset can consist of both formal formats (including documents, images, rich media, etc) and informal formats (including collaboration sources, social media, etc). @_SteveWalker #BuildContentStory @LavaCon
    10. 10. Definitions Executive Characters Characters Individual who is responsible for implementation/buying decision. Normally has direct connection to the business pain. @_SteveWalker #BuildContentStory @LavaCon
    11. 11. Definitions Content Strategy Characters Characters Global content strategy is the identification of how content can be created, managed, and delivered in a manner to support business objectives. Every organization has business objectives that involve the creation, management, and delivery of content. A global content strategy supports these objectives See more at: @_SteveWalker #BuildContentStory @LavaCon
    12. 12. Definitions Characters Characters Content Strategy Results • Authoring process improvements • Content Creation • Technology recommendations • Content Outsourcing • Campaign creation • Localization process management • Campaign management • CMS setup/configuration • DAM strategy • Glossary creation • Sentiment Analysis • Taxonomy/IA management • Enterprise Search • Content Curation • What ever is next….. @_SteveWalker #BuildContentStory @LavaCon
    13. 13. “The Content Value” proposition • Why is our “Content” important? – – – – Setting Setting Improves our delivery of our product Critical in the sales process Improves customer service Our customers, prospects, and employees are working with our content. Many opportunities to define our cast of characters. @_SteveWalker #BuildContentStory @LavaCon
    14. 14. Who cares about what? Setting Setting •• Revenue/Profit Growth Revenue/Profit Growth •• Shareholder equity Shareholder equity •• Revenue/Profit Growth Revenue/Profit Growth •• Cost Reduction Cost Reduction •• Operational Efficiency Operational Efficiency •• AA“Need” “Need” •• Delivery objective Delivery objective @_SteveWalker #BuildContentStory @LavaCon
    15. 15. Content measurements Plot Plot • Tools to quantify investment – – – – Cost of Litigation Cost of content production Time to Market Cost of localization spend @_SteveWalker #BuildContentStory @LavaCon
    16. 16. Content measurements Plot Plot • Tools to build your plot – Objective mapping – Cost compared to broader objective – Normal 3 year ROI @_SteveWalker #BuildContentStory @LavaCon
    17. 17. Real World Example Fortune 100 Industry – Hardware/Services @Speaker Hashtag @LavaCon
    18. 18. Building your Story @_SteveWalker #BuildContentStory @LavaCon
    19. 19. Building your Story @_SteveWalker #BuildContentStory @LavaCon
    20. 20. Building your Story • Examine Setting – What is the actual business objective? – What other business events are impacting the story? – What is your normal business cycle? @_SteveWalker #BuildContentStory @LavaCon
    21. 21. Building your Story • Define Characters – Who is your decision maker? – Who actual has the business pain? – Is it a pain or need? @_SteveWalker #BuildContentStory @LavaCon
    22. 22. Building your Story • Define Plot – How does the content work specifically impact the objective? – What are the content value drivers? – What is the true ROI? @_SteveWalker #BuildContentStory @LavaCon
    23. 23. Building your Story • Editorial Review/Deliver story – Make your case to your Executive – Gain additional support – Expect revisions @_SteveWalker #BuildContentStory @LavaCon
    24. 24. Real World Example Fortune 100 Industry – Hardware/Services @_SteveWalker #BuildContentStory @LavaCon
    25. 25. Building your Story @_SteveWalker #BuildContentStory @LavaCon
    26. 26. Problem/Solution Recap How to we position/defend/justify our content strategy work? How do we get our initiatives approved? @_SteveWalker #BuildContentStory @LavaCon
    27. 27. About Speaker Steve Walker, Senior Director Global Content Solutions Practice - Experis •20 years in Content related disciplines •Responsible for Content related Services profile for Experis and implementation of all content related projects •Specific focus in the maturation in the Enterprise Content Management arena. •Background includes - Enterprise Data Flow, User Experience, Web Content Management, Collaborative Technologies, Language Services, Knowledge Management, Web 2.0, Social Consulting, and other business disciplines. @_SteveWalker #BuildContentStory @LavaCon
    28. 28. Experis • $23B organization • National coverage • Dedicated Global Content Solutions practice • Blend of content and technology • Top 10 provider of Globalization Services @_SteveWalker #BuildContentStory @LavaCon
    29. 29. Q&A Questions? @_SteveWalker #BuildContentStory @LavaCon