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Steve Van Dam CV


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Steve Van Dam CV

  1. 1. STEVE VAN DAM CV Work: * Light the Music, Inc. CEO, Founder 2012-present * Dojo Productions President, Owner 1998-present * Big House Digital Co-Owner, Creative Partner 2006-present * Everything Co-owner, Manager 1990-2002 School: * B.M. Music Composition, James Madison University 2009 * Guest Lecturer for Music Industry Department, JMU 2002-present * Consultant and Guest Lecturer for Multi-Track Recording, JMU 2004-2011 * Head of JMU Electronic Music Studio 1990-1992 Awards and Organizations: * Screen Actors Guild, Member 2006-present * American Federation of Musicians Local 123, Member 2006-present * Washington Area Musicians Association "Best Children's Album" 2008 * National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences, Member 1996-2002 * Washington Area Musicians Association nominations 1999-2008: Producer of the Year, Best Instrumentalist, Children's Album, Pop/Rock Album Performances: * E3: Musical Director, Guitar, Vocals 2006-Present * Everything: Musical Director, Guitar, Keyboards, Alto Sax, Clarinet and Vocals 2,500 shows from VA to Seoul, Korea 1989-2002 * Dave Matthews Band: Alto Sax 1998 * Hootie and the Blowfish: Guitar and Vocals 1996-2000 * Edwin McCain: Alto Sax 1997-1998 Production Highlights: * Recorded, Engineered, Produced and Mixed hundreds of songs, and over 30 albums 1998-Present * Production Credits Include: - Kid Pan Alley "I Used to Know the Names of All the Stars" (feat. Sissy
  2. 2. Spacek, Cracker, Corey Harris...) - Everything "In the Juju Underworld" (Zebralution 2006) - Blue Merle "Burning in the Sun" (Island/DefJam 2005) - Cracker "Guarded by Monkeys Remix" (2003) - Corey Harris "Downhome Sophisticate" (Rounder 2002) - Everything "People Are Moving" (W.A.R. Records 2001) * Collaborations: Stephen Harris (U2, DMB, Santana) John Fields (Pink, Mandy Moore, Switchfoot) Jim Ebert (Madonna, Ice Cube, Meredith Brooks) David Sancious (Peter Gabriel, Sting, Bruce Springsteen) Adam Moseley (Dust Brothers, The Cure) Curriculum Vitae: Composition: "Symphony 1" for Orchestra and Electronica, ongoing "For 3, 2, 1" for Eighth Blackbird 2011 "Curve Through the Night" for Drums, Electric Guitar and Ipod 2010 "Septet for Winds" Commissioned by members of the US Navy band, 2009 "Three Haiku" for French Horn, Clarinet and Piano 2008 "The Dance for Connection" for Clarinet and Piano 2008 Film: The Blessing 2012 Score Jody's Bra 2011 Score, MP (Music Placement) I Owe My Life to Corbin Blue 2010 Score, MP Recludere 2010 Score, MP Tracks 2010 Score, MP Secret Bunny Happy Wish 2009 Score, SFX (Sound Effects) Errand of Angels 2008 MP Tryst 2007 MP, MS (Music Supervision) Attack of the Hot Female Alien Man-Eaters 2007 Score OM 2007 Score, SFX American Dreamers 2006 MP Ragtop 2005 Score Eye See You 2002 MP Drop Dead Gorgeous 1999 MP The Waterboy 1998 MP Television: Raising Hope FOX 2010 MP Juvies, Season 2 MSNBC 2009 Score, MP CSI CBS 2006 Music Feature
  3. 3. My Name is Earl NBC 2006 MP Project Runway Bravo 2005 MP Arena Football League NBC 2004 MP The Real World, Road Rules, Loveline MTV 1999-2004 MP Clueless ABC 2002 MP Scrubs NBC 2002 MP Yes Dear CBS 2002 MP The Opposite Sex FOX 2001 MP Radio: "Hooch" 1999-2001, Highest Chart Positions: AAA #3, Pop #4, Modern Rock #13, Adult Contemporary #7 600,000+ spins international radio airplay 1998-present Commercials: (not updated since 2014) FruitWater Multiple Spots 9/14 VMFA "Forbidden" 9/14 VMFA "Wesselmann" 4/13 Giant Foods "Stop N Shop 4/13 Dodge Ram "WorksHarder" 3/12 The Hartford Multiple Spots 3/10-11/11 University of Phoenix "Resources" 9/11 Disney Water Parks "Swim" 2/11 MilkBone "Chris and Noble" 8/10 T-Mobile "Foxy", "Add 'Em All" 5/10 Kroger "Running Around" 2/10 Walmart Multiple Spots 1/09- 11/10 Wendy's "It All Adds Up" 7/09 Dunkin' Donuts "Dog in the Pool" 7/09 Home Goods "Sarah in the Kitchen" 7/09 Walmart "Brands You Love" 6/09 (theme, multiple spots) Ford "Drive the Difference" 6/09 (2009 Summer Campaign) McDonald's "Whaddya Say" 6/09 LG Electronics "Feeling Better- Xenon" 4/09 Supercuts "Brent" 11/08 Walt Disney, Pixie Hollow "Clickables" 11/08 California Tourism "Happy Cat" 10/08 Ruby Tuesday "To the Get Down" 9/08 Wheat Thins "Blanket of Mulch" 8/08 Microsoft "All Away" 5/08 Washington Mutual "Panda Bear" 3/08 Minnesota Lottery "Living Large" 2/08 Quaker Life "Going Home" 12/07 Pacific Gas & Electric "Let's Green This City" 11/07 St. Ives "Padfoot" 11/07
  4. 4. BF Goodrich "Go!" 9/07 Los Angeles Times "Arrival" 9/07 (sfx) Axe "Bomchickawahwah" 2/07 Allstate "Escuela" 2/07 ESPN "Fantasy Baseball" 2/07 Air Canada "Everywhere" "Geese" "Hitchhiker" 1/07 Suzuki "Quad Four" 10/06 Mitsubishi "Test Driver" 9/06 Nokia "I Got Your Back" 7/06 Visa, Winter Olympics "Insanity" 2/06 MGD "MGD Light" 10/04 SpinMaster "Slurpee Maker" 8/05 Quizno's "Philly Cheese" 8/04 Integrated: Ellwood Thompson Multiple Video 5/12 Axe "Bomchickawahwah" 2/07 2.7M YouTube views, "Top 5 most watched viral of 2007" ( ESPN- tracks for Iron Diamond MySpace page, ESPN 2/07 Infiniti series of web movies 11/06