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Bsafrica m lv4


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Non profit nigerian bball camp we organized

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Bsafrica m lv4

  1. 1. Meet Ejike Born: May 28, 1985 From: Kaduna, Nigeria Weight: 225 lbs / 102 kg Height: 6’9 Citizenship: Nigerian (American Citizenship is pending) Position: Power Forward • Selected in 2006 NBA Draft by the Cleveland Cavaliers. • Was the first and only player to be drafted in the NBA Draft directly from Africa • Currently a member of the Nigerian National Basketball Team
  2. 2. Ejike Ugboaja Foundation• First thought of the foundation after being drafted in the NBA 2006• The initial concept was to help future Nigerian generations realize their basketball dreams while providing them with the exposure and assistance that Ejike himself never received as a player once in their position• First camp was held in 2007 in Nigeria• From this camp, 3 young men were received an opportunity to play in the basketball in the United States
  3. 3. 2008 Camp• In year 2, total number of campers grew to 437• Coaches from Nigeria, United States, Europe, and the Middle East attended the event to volunteer their services to the foundation• 10 players (right) had the opportunity to pursue their basketball and educational dreams by obtaining full scholarships to high school in the US• This experience alone helped produce four Division 1 scholarship players from the camp and also the opportunity for 2 of the players to participate in the highly respected Jordan Brand Classic International game at Madison Square Garden, NYC
  4. 4. 2009 Miami Mini Camp• Camp took place during Memorial Day weekend in 2009• Former NBA player Lorenzo Williams and 5 Star Basketball Director Marty Seidlin volunteered at the camp• All participants had to join in the community service project which was volunteering at a local hospital in the Miami Dade County area“My goal is to bring everyone that I can thats involved with the foundation together for a time of fellowship, community service, and basketball” -Ejike Ugboaja
  5. 5. 2010 Nigerian Camp
  6. 6. 2010 Nigerian Camp• This groundbreaking camp brought the EU Foundation to the next level• Collaborating with Blue Star helped propel this camp to a higher level• Through Blue Star’s network and sponsorship the camp was provided gear from Jordan Brand, Nike, and Blue Star• Worked together with US Embassy in Abuja, Nigeria• President of the Nigerian Basketball Federation, Tijani Umar met with Ejike and Blue Star President Mike Flynn to discuss future plans for the event
  7. 7. Government Support “it is heart-warming for us to be here today, to see this great thing happening her in Bayelsa State. Some of you who are not familiar with how things were, in this part of the world, a few months ago will not appreciate what I have said. But those of you who are very familiar with the issues that we have just come out of, will realize that this event really represents a lot more than sports for us...In some eyars, we will see some of you in the NBA. And young men, I hope that when you go, you will always remember that the goodwill of someone made it possible for you. Someone like EjikeUgboaja, somebody who did not forget his roots, somebody who was just like you not long ago. I wantto tell you that the Baylesa State government will be fully committed to supporting this event, not just for this year but in the years ahead” -Governor Timipre Sylva
  8. 8. 300+ Players 48 All Stars Selected 16 players received Visas to play atBlue Star International Camp in July
  9. 9. 2010 Blue Star Camp 32 Total Players 16 already playing in US 16 brought in from Africa20 minutes from Nike Peach Jam
  10. 10. Video:
  11. 11. What they said...“The Blue Star International Camp was the sleeper camp of the summer. This camp could dramatically affect international recruiting” - Dick Weiss - AP Sports Writer“This is probably the best coaches book I’ve ever seen. I can’t get information like this from events here in the states” - College Coach in attendance“I really hope no more coaches show up today, I feel like a kid in a candy shop” - College Coach in attendance “This kid right here, could walk in and start right now at _______ (for ACC team), I mean right now” - College Coach in attendance “We heard your bringing the future of basketball down here to Evans High School” -Local high school coaches
  12. 12. EU Foundation ProspectsMaurice Aniefok Ismaila Dauda Moses AyegbaPaul Gombwer Joseph Uchebo
  13. 13. Charitable FoundationThe Ejike Ugboaja Foundation is a non-profit charitableorganization. Tax-exempt donations make the Nigerian and USCamps, as well as the migration process possible by providing: • Lodging • Food • Airfare • Visas, I-20’s • Event Expenses • Summer Programs Working with donors, the Nigerian Government, Blue Star Basketball, and corporate sponsors we hope to continue making the Ejike Ugboaja Foundation provide the opportunity for young Nigerian men to fulfill their dreams of education and basketball
  14. 14. 2011 OUTLOOK• Boys who come from Nigeria and go to high schools already in the United States will become teammates on a new summer travel team• Team will be selected by Ejike Ugboaja• Coaches will be selected by Ejike Ugboaja• The team hopes to raise enough funds to be able to travel to key exposure events• This team will be so unique, having all Nigerian kids together for the first time playing against other AAU basketball programs in a team/ tournament setting• Coaches and scouting services will follow these teams from event to event *Proposed 2011 Roster Chinoso Obokoh 6’11 Emmanuel Ndumanya 6’11 Ismalia Dauda 6’10 Tonye Jekiri 6’11 Sunny Odogmu 6’9 Gabriel Williams 6’8 Daddy Ugbede 6’6 Daniel Garga 6’3 *roster subject to change
  15. 15. The Next StepWe are looking to create partnerships/sponsorships to help propel this into the next level