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Improving Customer Experience Through Automated Order Processing


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By the year 2020, customer experience will overtake price and product as the key brand differentiator. See how a truly advanced digital solution enhances the customer experience, not disrupt it.

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Improving Customer Experience Through Automated Order Processing

  1. 1. IMPROVING CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE Through Automated Order Processing Presented by: Steve Smith
  2. 2. By the year 2020, customer experience will overtake price and product as the key brand differentiator. Walker Information
  3. 3. Pitfalls of poor customer experience Poor customer experience is expensive Bad experiences often go viral The inability to retain customers is expensive Companies aren’t equipping teams to provide superior service
  4. 4. A customer is 4 times more likely to defect to a competitor if the problem is service-related than price- or product-related. Bain & Company
  5. 5. Customers want to be able to send their orders through whatever channel suits them best: fax, email, paper, online, phone and so forth. A truly advanced digital solution should enhance the customer experience, not disrupt it. But how can you manage this efficiently? ORDERS & THE CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE
  6. 6. 100% order transparency Order archiving • Adjustable retention strategy • Multi-criteria & full text search engine • Document archive link in SAP Order reception • Channel consolidation: a single platform for all orders • Order reception data/time tracking Order routing • Data capture: built- in recognition, machine-learning & teaching • Automated routing Data verification • Automatic order header & line item data validation • Automatic order duplicate check • User-friendly validation interface • Touchless option SAP® integration • Automated order creation in SAP • Standard connectors for SAP • SAP order number acknowledgement Customer order submission • Customers can submit orders in any format • Get full visibility over every order • Move to e-ordering AUTOMATED ORDER PROCESSING Process orders with complete accuracy, efficiency and visibility
  7. 7. AUTOMATE! Benefit from a competitive edge Enhance accuracy Accelerate business cycles Smart resource allocation Improve customer satisfaction Increase process visibility Reduce operational costs
  8. 8. HOW IT WORKS Once extracted data is verified against master data, the corresponding sales order is automatically created in the SAP system through our connector and can easily be retrieved. FAST SETUP & MINIMAL IT WORKLOAD RELIABLE INTEGRATION BASED ON SAP BAPI TECHNOLOGY • Live order simulation • Order creation in SAP • SAP order number acknowledgement • Master data live connection and/or automated synchronization • Document archive link in SAP FEATURE SET ACCEPT MULTIPLE ORDER FORMATS, INCLUDING: EDI, MAIL & FAX
  9. 9. INTERFACE AT-A-GLANCE Annotation tool Original order image Order confirmationPriority order detection Duplicate order detection Automatically captured order data Data cross-checking against data repository
  10. 10. AUTO-LEARNING Machine-learning CSR’s corrections are automatically recorded for next time. CSR corrects or fills in missing fields. Recognition rate Recognition rate increases as the solution learns where to capture data. BASED ON THE DOCUMENT STRUCTURE RATHER THAN THE CUSTOMER. TRANSPARENT TO THE USER: LEARNING IS HAPPENING IN THE BACKGROUND. 1 2 3 10/4/2016 10/4/2016
  11. 11. Real-time metrics and data is conveniently displayed on the application homepage: no more time wasting hunting down needed data. Replace, reorganize, add, remove or edit DESIGN as many dashboards, views and reports as you need SHARE with colleagues & stakeholders 100% customizable views, metrics & charts 20Priority orders to validate SOLUTION HOME DASHBOARDS: KEY INFORMATION AT-A-GLANCE
  12. 12. HANDLE EDI EXCEPTIONS • User-friendly interface • One platform for all orders • Quick and easy • Any CSR can do it! EDI ORDERS CHALLENGES • Mismatches on prices, SKUs, etc. • Manual correction required • Resource consuming • Non-friendly interface EDI ORDER EXCEPTION MANAGEMENT Extracted data Discrepancies detected Human-readable EDI version EDI flat file
  14. 14. ESKER ORDER PROCESSING AUTOMATION CUSTOMERS • Boosted customer satisfaction by 7.5% and employee satisfaction by 13% • Achieved an order entry accuracy rate of 99.6%+ • Reduced average order entry time from 40 minutes to 1 minute • Saved $5 million over 3 years by not having to hire more CSRs after acquisition
  15. 15. ONE PLATFORM. ANY PROCESS. Pay as-you-go 24/7 availability SSAE 16, ISAE 3402 & Privacy Shield compliance HIPAA/HITECH compliance 3 data centers Multitenant platform
  16. 16. Website: Blog: LEARN MORE ABOUT ESKER