Email marketing 101


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Email marketing 101

  1. 1. Email-Marketing A key component to your web strategy
  2. 2. Web Strategy Does everyone have a web strategy? Does everyone execute?
  3. 3. Email-Marketing A key component to your web strategy Steve Smith, Co-founder and VP Sales at CakeMail
  4. 4. Does the Internet matter? According to a recent survey by Pew Internet... 58% of adults said they use the Internet as first choice (at home, at work or some other place) to find information about a product or service 90% of all Internet users rate using a search engine as their most common practice while online Of this 90% of Internet users, 80% ranked researching a product or service online as their first reason for using a search engine (followed by check weather & get news) 82% of all online users use the internet to research a product or service before purchasing
  5. 5. Typical Business Mission Get customers, keep customers and grow
  6. 6. Typical Business Algorithm Lead Generation Sales Process Customer Retention (Churn) Up-selling, Reinforcement, Referrals
  7. 7. Algorithm Optimization Tools INBOUND: Affiliate programs, banner ads, Adwords, key words, PPC, blog, PR, RSS, SEO, analytics OUTBOUND: Social Media, Email marketing and email automation **Email allows you to be outbound proactive, focus your E- marketing strategy on your target market audience and easily measure results
  8. 8. Where Tools Are Used
  9. 9. Typical Business Algorithm Lead Generation Sales Process Customer Retention (Churn) Up-selling, Reinforcement, Referrals
  10. 10. Email Automation Optimizes Lead Generation (lead capture, response, viral campaigns, offers) Sales Process (drip campaigns, triggers based on action) Customer Retention (product updates, training, billing) Up-selling (add-on notices, referral programs)
  11. 11. How it works
  12. 12. CakeMail – In Action List building & management Segmentation Campaign creation (With A/B split testing) Reporting Email automation based on action
  13. 13. Key Real World Take-aways Personal email vs. Generic A/B split testing Test! Monitor results over time
  14. 14. A Personal From Name Generally perform better than “company name” Example YPG – 17% increased open rate with “RepName” Exception Montréal Canadiens – 37% open rate
  15. 15. Use A/B Split Testing Changing Subject line to Include “With YPG” Tested two random splits of 20% of database Higher click-thru rate & 3x click-through conversions
  16. 16. Test – Test - Test Typically 70% your list is 3 or 4 domains Issues: Spam Assassin check my not be conclusive Manual testing to specific ISP’s is time consuming Litmus Test: A 98% accurate result in a matter of minutes
  17. 17. Statistics Campaign Results are not enough – List & Segment results are just as important Individual results DO NOT stand alone - Report over time, not per mailing
  18. 18. Cool Things About Email Effective Cheap Fast Popular Measurable
  19. 19. Questions
  20. 20. Additional Notes
  21. 21. Top Industry Users • Social Media • Merchants, retailers or restaurants • Household tips/recipes/crafts • Humor • Travel • Entertainment • News & Weather • Finance/stock information • Sports
  22. 22. Why They Use Email • Brand awareness • Acquire leads/ registrants/ customers/ clients • Customer retention & management • Company or product updates & training • Up-selling to existing customers/clients • Post-order follow-up
  23. 23. How They Use Email • Sales Promotions • Transaction & account status confirmations • Referrals (viral marketing) • Corporate newsletters • Time-based reminders • Rewards programs • Product updates
  24. 24. Some Great Resources …Of course  Here are some other good ones: marketing.html