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Broadcast Tech072709

  1. 1. Stephen C. Simmons Home Ph: 717-602-6207 580 Chestnut Grove rd. Dillsburg PA. 17019 Objective I am a very capable and reliable hands on Broadcast Engineer. I have a propensity and proven track record of meeting project goals and time lines, and a reputation for exceptional high quality work in studio and transmitter facilities. I am seeking to join a team of broadcast professionals that take pride in their on air product, is active in their community, and is involved in educational efforts. Professional Profile I have 16 years invested in the medium of television and radio. Within that time frame I have 8 years experience specific to Broadcast Facilities Maintenance, including Digital Conversion, and 7 years specific to Operations, Live Productions, Electronic News Gathering, and Production. I carry an FCC license to operate and a current CBTE certification by the Society of Broadcast Engineers. I have an AAS degree in Electronics Technology from the University of Alaska, Anchorage. Experience and Responsibilities I have served a state of the art PBS facility in Anchorage Alaska in many capacities. As a Broadcast Engineer, I was responsible for maintaining broadcast systems, facilities, and transmission equipment. I was part of a small team that responded to the needs of the engineering and production departments and responded to all technical emergencies. I also served as lead installation technician during the transition from analog to digital technologies. Additionally, I served the company as Lead Engineer for FM public radio. In that capacity, I finalized digital installation plans and performed the installation work for several recording suites, live on-air rooms, new analog and digital transmitters, with HD radio capabilities. I served as recording engineer and editor for daily live news programs, live call-in talk shows, election coverages, and a daily television weather program for the entire state of Alaska in conjunction with the National Weather Service. I trained staff in the operation and work flow of the digital facilities. Additionally, a unique situation of cooperation exists with Alaska broadcasters through the Anchorage Broadcast Television Consortium. Through this entity, I was able to assist in the maintenance of the microwave sites throughout the state of Alaska. PBS, CBS, ABC, NBC, FOX, an independent, and public radio participated in this consortium in order to deliver their content to populated areas on the Kenai Peninsula. I also assisted in installing digital transmitters and complex high energy combiners for many of the aforementioned broadcasters. I am knowledgeable and experienced in initializing user set-ups and managing TCP/IP network infrastructures of isolated and critical systems, 8VSB modulation, PSIP Encoding methods, and format conversions. I am a skilled technical writer and good communicator. I can manage and document facilities database's and drawings.
  2. 2. Experience Detail In my most recent broadcast position, I served as the Lead Engineer For KSKA Public Radio and The Alaska Public Radio Network (APRN) in the Alaska Public Telecommunications Inc. facility, in Anchorage Alaska. My duties and responsibilities included broadcast and recording studio planning, installation, documentation, maintenance, and operation. The infrastructure of these facilities are digital, with legacy equipment installed for signal processing, redundant paths, and access to archived media. The backbone consists of 2 ENCO DAW systems, the Wheatstone Bridge Router and digital work surfaces, Content Depot delivery systems, and two dozen networked utility computers for daily operations, news gathering and product development. APTI provides content and uplink facilities to member stations statewide. I have served as a board op for daily live radio programs that typically require multiple telephone lines, satellite up link/down link loops, and ISDN paths. I have trained staff in the operation of these studio systems, and I responded to technical emergencies. I have maintained, operated, and repaired studio equipment, STL sites, Transmitter, Up link / Down link sites, and responded to equipment failures and outages at these local and remote locations in South Central Alaska. Many of these remote sites required travel by 4 wheel drive vehicles and helicopter flights. I have recently completed the installations of two HD (5KW) IBOC radio transmission systems, two BE-35T analog transmitters with Shively Labs Combiner hardware as well as the associated hard- line waveguide components and patch panels. Additionally, I have performed the set-up and installation of the BE Importer / Exporter multiplexer and associated infrastructure to pass the HD radio streams. Digital Conversion From the fall of 2003 to December of 2007, I worked as a team member in the conversion of the broadcast facilities to accommodate digital infrastructure and the merging of two entities into one. We dismantled legacy equipment and wiring infrastructure while maintaining operational capacity in television and radio. My primary activities included: conversion from NTSC equipment to SDI and HD gear in the television production rooms, master control, edit suites, and engineering operations. My activities also included installations of new STL paths and equipment, new digital microwave installations, new and converted down link / Up link facilities and new installations of television and radio transmitters and high energy combiners for KAKM, KSKA, KNBA, and two commercial stations (KTUU, and KIMO). Additionally, I built two radio production control rooms, two recording studios, and one on-air control room in the digital realm. While the PBS plant maintains some analog equipment such as A/V routers, house sync distribution, and video tape machines, the goal of the project was to convert the entire facility to a digital infrastructure. Television Production Throughout my career in broadcasting, I have been involved in producing program content. The KAKM facility has in the past produced many programs that have aired and been available for purchase. These programs ranged from weekly gardening, public affairs, and documentaries, to full length feature docudramas with Alaska and Alaskan artists as the theme. My duties were typical of a production assistant. Set construction, Audio technician / recordist, tape machine operator, and lighting. In some instances I was the talent in a production. Additionally, I have been involved in Electronic News Gathering efforts, from the truck to the operations center, in covering basketball games, local elections, and daily live shots from reporters in the field. In the studio, I have served as camera shader, camera operator, set up technician, and audio engineer during the weekly program productions. During pledge drives, I served in any and all capacities that needed filling and as the staff engineer that solved operational problems in production and master control operations concurrently.
  3. 3. Master Control Operations 1. I have worked in the PBS facility during a 4 year period as a Master Control Operator for KAKM television. At that time the center was primarily an analog plant with manual switching, recording and videotape machine operation. Operations were typical of a PBS station with integration and interoperability with State Telecommunications delivery systems, and University Distance Education programming. I have since progressed along with innovations in technology, from quad and 1" tape machines to Seachange Servers, Spectralogic archival systems, and total automation. I have much experience operating 2 SD and 1 HD channels in Master Control center one day a week. Those duties included recording studio and satellite feeds, trimming and checking the programs for play-out, recording live shows, operating during pledge drives, setting up the daily logs into the automation system, and Engineering/Producing the daily live weather broadcast, and monitor / log transmitter facility functions. I have performed similar job duties with KYES TV 5, an independent broadcaster with UPN programming. At that time we manually inserted commercial breaks. Independent Engineer I have endeavored to further my skills, abilities and responsibilities with other Alaskan based organizations. I have performed engineering, recording, and editing functions for Jeanie Greene Productions, makers of the award winning programs “Heartbeat Alaska”, “This Generation”, and “We Win”. Additionally, I have supported local bands and television productions with sound reinforcement activities with equipment that I own and maintain. I have assisted associates in the business ( Swenson Media Group ) with award winning video productions and community based events. Additionally, I own a remote production truck. This vehicle was redesigned and fitted to perform Multi track audio recordings, 3 camera shoots with graphics, IFB, High Speed Internet, and Non-Linear recording for television productions in the field. I have built, operated and maintained an Internet based program stream that operated 24/6 from my home with professional audio equipment and licensed material. I served as an installation, maintenance technician, and operator at the Alaska Experience Theater. This theater uses a 70 mm film projector and Dolby 5.1 surround sound for the main presentation and a smaller room for an earthquake simulation and video presentation. Typical duties involved lamp-house maintenance, projector alignment, screen maintenance, and operating the projector. Some automation sequences were also maintained. Skills and Equipment Experience, abbreviated Vendor training with; ● Sony HD Camera maintenance / operation ● Wheatstone Bridge maintenance / operation ● Enco systems maintenance / operation ● Utah Scientific 8 level routers, MC2020 Switchers with Squeeze max maintenance / operation ● Avid Adrenalin and Symphony Editing systems with Pro-Tools maintenance / operation ● Larcan, BE Transmitter, and Shively Labs Combiners installation / maintenance / operation ● GrassValley, Videotek, Tektronics, Wohler, Evertz, Intraplex, Mosely, Microwave Assoc., and Harris ● Seachange Servers, Spectralogic Archival, and Sundance automation systems operation ● Drake, Lectrosonics, Sony Betacam, Sony HDCAM, Sony D-2, RCA 1 " VTR and Quad ● Microsoft Windows 2000 / Windows XP, and Visio
  4. 4. ● Chyron HyperX, Tandberg Encoders, PSIP Encoding, and Bitlink and Scientific Atlanta IRD's ● Barco DLP Structure, Mitsubishi, Christie Digital Control Room installations / maintenance Education A.A.S. Degree and Certificate, Electronics Technology, University of Alaska Anchorage 1993 FCC License, FCC General Radio telephony with Ships Radar endorsement 1992 Audio Recording Certificate, The Recording Workshop, Chillicothe Ohio 1986 SBE Certification, CBTE, The Society of Broadcast Engineers 2006 Microsoft Certificate of Achievement Microsoft A + and Networking 2007 ASE Certificate, Automotive Service Excellence Technician Certification, Collision, Repair, and Refinish 2008 Braco - Certificate of Achievement, DLP Structure, Control Rooms 2009 Christie Digital - Certificate of Achievement DLP Control Room Displays 2009 Work History Mauell Corporation, Video Technician, Dillsburg Pa. Jan.2009 to present Install and maintain Control Room Display Solutions On Assignment Engineering, Lead Technician, Dillsburg Pa. Aug.2008-Nov.2008 Troubleshoot and repair Nuclear Power Simulator for Ontario Power Generation A.P.T.I., Lead Engineer, KSKA 91.1 FM Anchorage Alaska Jan. 2007-May 2008 A.P.T.I., Maintenance Engineer, Anchorage Alaska Aug. 2003-Jan. 2007 Broadcast Engineer for KAKM, KSKA, APRN, KNBA, and the ABTC Jeanie Greene Productions, Production Engineer, Anchorage Alaska May 2000-July 2003 Maintenance Technician, Production Assistant, IT Technician, Recording Engineer A.P.T.I., Maintenance Engineer, Anchorage Alaska Jan. 1990 -May 2000 Maintenance Engineer, Operating Engineer, Production Assistant KAKM, KYES, Operating Engineer, TV Anchorage Alaska 1991 and 1992