Online Media is a Process, not an Event by Steve Schildwachter


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Why Online Media requires maintenance, where traditional media requires only a little.

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Online Media is a Process, not an Event by Steve Schildwachter

  1. 1. The Online Media Process is Ongoing <ul><li>Planning/buying is specialized: SEM, SEO, display advertising, Social Media, etc. </li></ul><ul><li>Maintenance is ongoing as we launch, measure, optimize and revise. </li></ul>Marketing Timeline Effort Offline Media Buying Offline Media Planning Online Media Process Media Execution Media Planning/Buying Media Maintenance
  2. 2. Why so much effort? Why such a process? Informing Much more detailed specifications need to be collected from many sites for each campaign including looping restrictions, pixel size, flash capabilities, file sizes, etc. Optimizing Unlike most traditional media, online media allows for investments to be optimized or rearranged in-flight to maximize delivery, conversions, cost per conversions, click through rates, etc. Reporting With greater immediacy and depth of data, Online reporting is much more extensive and done more frequently than in traditional media. Contracting When optimizing campaigns, each partner receives detailed insertion orders that are adjusted as frequently as every two weeks. Maintenance is Ongoing