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Ronan Consulting Group - Systems Selection and Implementation


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Learn more about the Ronan Consulting Group's approach to assessing, selecting, and implementing strategic technology solutions for our clients.

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Ronan Consulting Group - Systems Selection and Implementation

  1. 1. Our Approach to Systems Selection & Implementation
  2. 2. The Technology Challenge Business growth requires operational excellence The technology marketplace is complex, crowded, and fragmented Implementation is difficult and industry- wide success rates are surprisingly low All operating improvements require enabling technology
  3. 3. Selection and planning are more important than ever Choosing systems that will support your goals now and scale and evolve with your business 1 Creating internal expertise and ownership for critical systems so they can be sustained and improved over time 2 Managing disciplined implementations to deliver the expected value3
  4. 4. ImplementAssess Select • Assess org structure, skills, and culture • Define success criteria from employee perspective The RCG Approach Org and People Define Requirements Design Analysis and Demos Project ManagementProcesses & Systems • Recommend changes to structure, skill gaps to fill, and updated role definitions • Assess business process maturity • Perform technical assessment of current systems (ERP, CRM, POS, Accounting, Reporting, Manufacturing Execution, etc.) • Recommend process changes, related system changes, and define scope of new or replacement technology • Perform due diligence on available options • Educate staff on selection process and how to make the decision • Hold demos and discovery sessions with short list of vendors; calculate cost/benefit • Select new system(s), negotiate with vendor • Define roles for staff • Hire outside skills needed for implementation • Define schedule, milestones, and tasks • Manage end-to-end implementation including design, test, rollout, and support • Define key business requirements • Confirm user priorities and interface preferences • Document and agree to software and vendor selection criteria • Define detailed business requirements • Document processes, data models, and technical architecture • Work with vendor to reconcile design with software capabilities and define gaps Select
  5. 5. 1 4 2 3 5 Set the right goals Involve and prepare your people Choose the right tools Be disciplined with implementation Take a structured approach to support • Align to company strategy • Prioritize key business requirements • Iterative and achievable – don’t “boil the ocean” • Buy-in from all key stakeholders • Closely monitor tasks and schedule • Keep everyone close to the process with regular check-ins • Issues will arise – look for solutions, not blame • Always keep the system’s strategic impact at the forefront • Have your employees set the selection criteria • Key employees should provide input to analysis • Set ownership for implementation and ongoing success • Have end-users test during implementation • Stay in touch with users and quickly react to issues until solution is stable • Don’t be afraid to adjust the solution once in production • Measure and monitor adoption of the new systems • Don’t lose momentum – keep implementing! Five Keys to Successful Technology Projects • Easy-to-use so people will adopt them • Ensure compatibility with existing systems and future goals • Built for long-term success, not fixing a short-term problem • Don’t be afraid to build instead of buy if benefits are clearly defined
  6. 6. Our Credentials Led process transformation, software selection, and implementation projects at every level of business – Fortune 500s, mid-sized, and small businesses Advised Fortune 500 executives, family-run business owners, and founders on growth plans, operational improvement projects, and technology strategy & implementation Delivered millions of dollars in operating savings and technology savings, with over $100M of projects delivered on-time and within budget Construction Life Sciences Broadcast Manufacturing Franchising HospitalityReal Estate Publishing ClientsIndustries High-tech
  7. 7. Discover More (203) 539-1724