TSC Global and Western Forms Group Overview


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TSC Global and Western Forms Group Overview

  1. 1. TSC Global & Western Forms Group Overview Housing Solutions
  2. 2.  Buildingsystems leader since1955  Best-in-classaluminum hand-set forms  2011 – forms placed30 M cu yds concrete  2011 – 500,000 housing unitsbuilt with Western Forms in45 countries  Affiliatemember Western Forms Group  Products and expertise used for rapid construction of concrete buildings  International training and construction management services  WF sister company  Rapiddeployment of integrated development & construction solutions  Large scalemixed use projects for global clients  Optimize capital & humanresources achievinghigh production efficiencies withmaximumROI
  3. 3. Global Leadersin Reducing theWorld’s Housing Deficit Highly focused on the rapid development and deployment of construction systems and services for end-to-end delivery of large scale mixed-use projects for global clients.
  4. 4. Building styles tailored to your requirements UsingWestern Forms’ custom designedforming systems meetingyour designcriteria.
  5. 5. Benefits of poured concrete technologyusingWestern Forms  Lowestlaborcost per sqft  Fastest cycletime  Highestqualityfinish  Highestreturn on investment  Highestequipmentresidualvalue  Lowestcost concretestructures  3,000 uses for eachset of forms  Modularformpanelscanbe re- purposedforother projects
  6. 6. Single Family Townhome Styles
  7. 7. Affordable Housing Mid-Rise
  8. 8. Affordable Housing High Rise No Cranes
  9. 9. Mass Housing
  10. 10. Other advantages  Safe, secure, durablehomes  Resistant to wind, water, mold, insects, and fire  Energy efficient  Affordable  200 year useful life  Low impact on maintenance budget
  11. 11. Comprehensive architectural and engineering design services if required .  ThroughStructura TechnologiesInternational andTSCGlobal  Designs, means andmethods tailoredto your geographic and cultural contexts  Optimize siteplanand buildingdesign forindustrial construction process  Collaboration withyour existingteam  Capacitybuildingandtraining
  12. 12. Industrialized construction process  Adapt manufacturingbest practices to the mass production of affordablehousingunits.  Optimized, streamlined, repeatableprocesses from end- to-end  Specializationoflabor  Just-in-timedelivery of materials and components  Modularconcrete forming systems  Standardized,simplified,tightly controlledandcentralized planningandsupervision
  13. 13. Rapid construction schedule and delivery of finished homes  Two days per unit for core & shell  Thirty days from site work to move-in
  14. 14. Capacity building-What is it?  Strengthen the knowledge, abilities,andskillsof individuals  Improve institutionalstructures and processes within the organization  Improve abilitytofulfill the organization’smission over the longterm
  15. 15. Capacity building-goals  Jobcreationin high paying, sought-after trades  Creation of small businesses
  16. 16. Next Steps  Schematic drawings  Project qualification information  WFG preliminary proposal  Determine scope of services
  17. 17. ConfidentialityStatement Terms of Use: The information in this presentation is confidential and contains proprietary and legally privileged content. This presentation is intended solely for those to whom it is presented. Access to the contents of this presentation by anyone else is unauthorized. If you are not the intended recipient of the presentation any disclosure, copying, distribution or any action taken, or omitted to be taken in reliance on it, is prohibited and may be unlawful. When addressed to our clients, any opinions or advise contained in this presentation are subject to the terms and conditions expressed in the governing client engagement contracts of Structura Technologies International and Western Forms International. Duplication and distribution of this presentation is strictly forbidden without written permission from Western Forms, Inc., Kansas City, MO.,USA.