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NASA CoECI - Overcoming Organization Resistance to Crowdsourcing


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Lesson's from NASA's Open Innovation

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NASA CoECI - Overcoming Organization Resistance to Crowdsourcing

  1. 1. Overcoming Organizational Resistance to Crowdsourcing Lessons from NASA's Open Innovation Steve Rader Deputy Manager
  2. 2. by NASA’s Center of Excellence for Collaborative Innovation Who are we and what do we do?
  3. 3. by NASA’s Center of Excellence for Collaborative Innovation The Center of Excellence for Collaborative Innovation (CoECI) was officially launched in November of 2011 at the request of the White House Office NASA Headquarters Marshall Space Flight Center Langley Research Center Ames Research Center Armstrong Flight Research Center Johnson Space Center Stennis Space Center Kennedy Space Center Goddard Space Flight Center Glenn Research Center U.S. Federal Agencies of Science & Technology Policy (OSTP). CoECI works across all of NASA and with other federal agencies to infuse crowdsourcing methods as a set of available tools to create innovative, efficient, and optimal solutions to real world problems.
  4. 4. by NASA’s Internal Challenges Technology Search Research & Data Science NASA’s Other Crowd- Based/Challenge Programs Multi-year, $M+ Similar to X-Prize competitions Week/Weekend Hack-a-thons Normally Non-Prize Participation for Collaborative Innovation NASA’s Center of Excellence
  5. 5. by NASA Center of Excellence Crowdsourcing Experience: Over 180 Challenges 2 Video *2 VA 3 Eng. Design* *USPTO, USAID, 2 EPA **2 CMS, OPM, DOE *** 14 Algorithms* 17 Software** *** 5 Ideation 4 Graphics 87 Challenges NASA Innovation Pavilion 12 Theoretical 7 Ideation* 1 Reduction to Practice 1 Video *3 USAID 10 Tech Surveys* *1 EPA 2 Ideation 15 CAD Modeling 5 Graphics Additional Challenges In Progress with
  6. 6. by Bringing the Workforce Onboard
  7. 7. by Bringing the Workforce Onboard The Challenge Credit: Telstra's Social Media Marketing Low Awareness & Understanding of Crowdsourcing Creative Commons License Organizational or Cultural Change is HARD The Dilbert Effect: Perception that Open Innovation is just the latest buzz wordCreative Commons License Ego: “WE are creative & innovative. That’s why you hired us”! Creative Commons License Perceived Threat to Jobs
  8. 8. by return-investment-diversity-inclusion/ Return on Investment Build Your Case Benchmarking, pilots, case studies - others or yours. Bringing the Workforce Onboard Educating, Convincing, Selling, Infusing Task: Convince your organization that using crowd-based challenges to solve problems and enhance their projects really does work and teach them how to use it. Show Demonstrated Results content/uploads/2015/03/molecule- wallpapers.jpg Scientific/ Technical Gains for-angst-over-analytics-09-may-2013 Public Engagement Partnerships
  9. 9. by Work your way down (middle managers) Bringing the Workforce Onboard Infusing Crowdsourcing - Hit Every Level Make It Easy to Use Build a facilitator group that knows the subject and actively works to lower barriers. Infusion Strategy Workshops Show how crowdsourcing can be applied to their projects (help projects decompose their problems…) Develop Challenge Proposals in Real Time Follow Up Get Buy-In at the Top Creative Commons License
  10. 10. by Wikimedia: Hansueli Krapf Crowdsourcing is NOT just for the big problems. Bringing the Workforce Onboard Communicating When to Use Crowdsourcing For solving problems that are not progressing with internal efforts. Pixabay: Nagel, Nägel, Hämmern, Werkzeug, Don’t Make Crowdsourcing your Hammer. It is NOT a good fit for every problem. Research & Development Organizations Operations Organizations VS. Recognize Team Characteristics 10193364234 For accessing expertise or skills that are not available internally because they are either non-existent or over-capacity/busy.
  11. 11. by Lessons Learned in Executing Crowdsourced Challenges
  12. 12. by Execution Lessons Learned Include the Implementers/Integrators/Users Those ultimately responsible for integrating, deploying or using the final solution MUST be included in the challenge/task definition and execution. Research & Development Operations U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 3rd Class Ronald A. Dallatorre Systems Engineering & Integration IT Department
  13. 13. by Execution Lessons Learned Invest in the Challenge Definition Up Front Beware of rushing to get the challenge launched before it is fully defined. Complete Set of Supporting Data or Models Well Defined Goals and Requirements All Stakeholders Identified and Engaged Clear Evaluation/Judging Criteria In-House Cost Estimate for Comparison
  14. 14. by Execution Lessons Learned Be Ready for Judgment Day Selecting the best solution can take some preparation/work. Clear Evaluation/Judging Criteria makes Everything Easier Use Vendor/Community Filtering if Available Right Size Your Judging Panel Be Prepared for Multiple Winners 2010_olympics_dance.html Watch for Biased Judges Warren G. Harding
  15. 15. by Dealing with Success and Failure
  16. 16. by Dealing with Success and Failure Success for the Challenge Owner When a crowdsourcing challenge succeeds… The common reaction is to feature the challenge winner BUT, also recognize the challenge owner for even doing a challenge and making a difference towards solving their problem. The goal is not necessarily a single successful challenge, but for the challenge owner to become a repeat challenge owner and one who promotes challenges for you. Photo by: Charles LeBlanc
  17. 17. by Dealing with Success and Failure Benefits of Failure Again, ensure the challenge owner gets positive recognition for efforts to try and solve the problem. Photo by: Charles LeBlanc Added benefit if vendor is “pay for performance” (no award paid if no solution) Better understanding of the problem and possible leads from submissions. Knowledge that a worldwide search did not yield an existing solution or anyone better to solve the problem. When a crowdsourcing challenge fails to find a solution, recognize the benefit.
  18. 18. by Conclusions
  19. 19. by Conclusions Overcoming Organizational Resistance Bring the Workforce Onboard Communicate, Communicate, Communicate Wikimedia:Communicate_Osl o_inside_building.jpg Success and Failure Can Both Be Beneficial The ultimate goal is use of crowdsourcing as a commonly used tool your organization’s toolkit. Execute with the End In Mind Include those that will have to use or implement the solution.