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NIEG is a Native American owned company focusing on bringing renewable energy development projects to Indian Country.

Native Americans hold the keys to some of North America’s most valuable natural resources. Understanding how to properly utilize these resources and convert them into clean energy projects while maintaining the respect and spiritual significance of the land is crucial to the future of the tribes.

National Indian Energy Group exists to facilitate the relationships necessary to bringing these energy projects to life.

Whether the project brings a new source of affordable, clean energy to the reservation, or sends power back into the national grid, it can provide local jobs and in some cases, recurring sources of revenue. The economic and social benefits to the tribes are immeasurable.

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Nieg intro presentation rev1

  1. 1. National Indian Energy Group A Native American owned company
  2. 2. National Indian Energy Group NIEG exists to bridge the gap between Native American tribes and renewable energy providers for the development of mutually beneficial
  3. 3. Natural Resources With almost 55 million acres of land under sovereign tribal control, Native Americans hold the keys to some of our most valuable natural resources
  4. 4. Relationships NIEG believes that developing trusting, solid relationships is the key to the future of renewable energy on tribal lands
  5. 5. Sustainability Strengthening the ability of tribes to develop self sustaining economies is crucial to the future of Native Americans
  6. 6. Sustainability Renewable energy projects can provide not only clean energy to the reservation, but also sources of recurring revenue for the tribe
  7. 7. Respect Any development of tribal land must respect the spiritual significance these lands hold for those who reside there
  8. 8. Respect This same respect also applies to the environmental impact these projects will have on the land
  9. 9. Advocacy It is the goal of NIEG to ensure our energy technology providers understand the concepts of Relationships, Sustainability, and Respect
  10. 10. Technology NIEG carefully selects partners in all aspects of energy technology including solar, wind, geothermal, hydro-electric, bio-mass and more
  11. 11. Financing NIEG and its partners can also provide aid to tribal nations and energy providers in securing the financing necessary to develop and implement
  12. 12. Financing NIEG can also provide assistance in writing grants for state and federal government funding
  13. 13. Connect NIEG exists to bring tribes and energy providers. To this end, we provide numerous opportunities for networking and communication
  14. 14. Connect NIEG is proud to announce our First Annual Renewable Energy in Indian Country Conference and Appreciation Event
  15. 15. Connect We will have speakers from Native tribes as well as all levels of government including the Federal Bureau of Indian Affairs
  16. 16. Connect Topics will include Project Development, American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, Project Financing, Project Design, Project Construction,
  17. 17. Connect Government Policy, Solar Initiatives, Wind Initiatives and Other Renewable Energy Options.
  18. 18. Connect Come join us 30-December 2 2010 in Billings, Montana at the beautiful Billings Hotel and Convention Center
  19. 19. Connect Please go to our website for agenda, pricing and booking information
  20. 20. National Indian Energy Group Please partner with us as we help build a better economic future for Native Americans all over our land