25 years promoting tourism to png


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  • Map of where i go in PNG 
  • Who sponsors my trips to PNG
  • It is at the heart of their identity and cultural expression – explain about Lido dance exchangeOver the centuries many traditional styles have developed and been kept alive through special occasions. – bridge to national sing sing
  • The friendly Faces of Melanesia will always bring you back!...
  • Papua New Guinea is a veritable smorgasbord of colour, culture and excitement.Dance in Papua New Guinea had its modest beginning at social gatherings. In every part of the country dance is a component of rituals and rites. They dance when a child is born; dance when the child reaches puberty ; dance when the youth passes into adulthood ; and dance at weddings ; at parties and at funerals. And of course when visitors come to their village …like us!
  • exotic entertainment, people travel long distances to see the national Sing Sing’s held in country. Also via expedition shipsDones not deflect from the traditional meaning - it remains central to their religious rituals, and the practice of traditions and customs.
  • Disputes arise pigs, land & Women – in that order – also migration of peoples, no fuel, limited food due to change of climate and limited gardens now underwater
  • Expedition trips every second year – transport medicine aid and boxes
  • 25 years promoting tourism to png

    1. 1. 25 + years promoting tourism to Papua New Guinea. PNG in 2013 - Photo credit: Christina L. Bourne, USA
    2. 2. For more than a quarter century, Suzanne has been promoting & leading travel throughout Melanesia, particularly Papua New Guinea.
    3. 3. Papua New Guinea Expedition Voyage, Feb. 1 – 15, 2014 http://www.seadream.com/blog /papua-new-guinea-indonesiaexpedition-voyage-february-115-2014
    4. 4. Sourcing funds & purchasing much needed mosquito nets for PNG remote villages
    5. 5. http://www.asiatranspacific.com/ATJ/about/field-staff.aspx www.asiatranspacific.com/ATJ/about/field-staff.aspx
    6. 6. From: Pat R Sent: Monday, 16 December 2013 1:54 AM To: Suzanne Gmail Subject: RE: emails from PNG trip Suzanne, Your presence on our PNG trip enriched my travel experience. The love and commitment you have for the PNG people was so apparent-especially when we showed up at the villages and the locals came up to you in open arms. Thank you for sharing with us all the wonderful aspects of their culture. National Geographic/Lindblad is our choice of travel companies because they do customize their staff with people who are passionate about the location and culture. My world has been enriched because of your presence on this trip. (I let them know this on the survey as well)…. Enjoy your holidays and continue to dazzle travelers you share PNG with. Pat R
    7. 7. Clan Wars In New Guinea Where Conflict Is A Way Of Life--and A Tourist Attraction March 19, 1995|By Text by Joel Simon … Beyond the hills, wisps of smoke rise from the cooking fires of countless small homesteads. The air is fresh; a gentle breeze carries the calls of unseen birds. Twee-de-de-de-twee, in descending notes with an accent on the final twee. Probably little has changed since the arrival of the first outsiders. My reverie is interrupted by a gentle announcement from Suzanne Noakes, our group leader. It was time for our tour…
    8. 8. From: Kirsten Louy-Nasty Sent: Saturday, 22 June 2013 4:22 AM To: Suzanne Noakes Subject: Ronus Donation Hi Suzanne, We have some great news! Mr. R (from the Tumbuna departure in May) has just donated $10,000 via the California Community Foundation to be used for charitable work in PNG, vetted through ATJ Foundation/Suzanne Noakes… First of all, we want to thank you for having such an impact on tour with our clients and so much so that giving back, becomes important to them. This is why we do what we do! Connecting people globally through understanding and compassion. Kirsten Louy-Nasty | Chief Executive Officer ________________________________________ Asia Transpacific Journeys Travel + Leisure World’s Best Operator 2011 2995 Center Green Court, Boulder, CO 80301 USA www.AsiaTranspacific.com
    9. 9. http://www.zegrahm.com/about-zegrahm/staff/field-leaders/suzanne-noakes#axzz2ofOjcUeP
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    14. 14. ....medical boxes
    15. 15. Photo credit: Christina L. Bourne, USA
    16. 16. Contact: suzanne@pacificasiatourism.org