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Stephen Kairys Technical Writer Resume 11-6-15(HC)


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Technical Writer Resume

Published in: Technology
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Stephen Kairys Technical Writer Resume 11-6-15(HC)

  1. 1. STEPHEN A. KAIRYS 205 East 95th Street – Apt. 5H New York, NY 10128 (212) 735- 6025 LinkedIn: SUMMARY  Diligent IT Professional/Technical Writer  Extensive experience creating, editing, and proofreading documents  Strong background in Application Development  Knowledge of pharmaceutical/healthcare industry SKILLS  Excellent written and oral communication skills  Microsoft Word and Excel  C Programming  Git EXPERIENCE LAGNIAPPE PHARMACY SERVICES, Hauppauge, NY (06/86 to 12/00), (10/01 to 6/14) Senior Software Engineer/Technical Writer  Created and edited documents for diverse audiences (using Microsoft Word): o Wrote user Release Notes for 20+ software updates. o Crafted special Release Notes for security module that facilitated clients’ HIPAA compliance. o Authored New Feature Memos for customized applications. o Formulated procedural documents for internal maintenance processes. o Created test plans and test matrices for use by QA. o Drafted user installation guides. o Composed specifications and implementation plans for product enhancements. o Consulted with SMEs to extract essential information. o Proofread issues of quarterly customer newsletter. o Improved (and established standards for) internal synopses of completed programming projects. o Revised application “Support Tips”. o Composed and edited HELP screens and error messages.  Developedapplications (using C): o Increased capacity of patient file over 1000% by upgrading file structures and converting data. o Programmed enhancements and bugfixes to facilitate filling prescriptions. o Enhanced printing of medication sheets used by nursing homes. o Developed front end of module to transmit drug orders to Kinray, a wholesaler. o Mentored and advised junior programmers.  Performed design and analysis: o Provided advice and insight to management per system modifications. o Consulted with end-users regarding requested enhancements and Beta installs. o Used QuickBase to track reported bugs.
  2. 2. STEPHEN A. KAIRYS Page 2 EDUCATION University of Pennsylvania, School of Engineering and Applied Science, Philadelphia, PA MASTER OF SCIENCE IN ENGINEERING  MAJOR: Computer and Information Science University of Pennsylvania, College of Arts and Sciences, Philadelphia, PA BACHELOR OF ARTS  MAJOR: Computer Mathematics  Dean’s List PROFESSIONALDEVELOPMENT MongoDB University COURSE M101P: MongoDB For Developers (09/15)  Earned Course Completion Certificate  Syllabus included Python PUBLICATIONS Composed freelance pieces that reflect my interest in creative writing:  Web Content: o "New York Flyer Profile", New York Flyers (Running Club) Blog, March, 2014 o “From Disappointment to Pride”, New York Flyers (Running Club) Website, January, 2008 o “Running Through History”, New York Flyers (Running Club) Website, May, 2004  Works published in local print media: o “Running Through the Seasons”, South Shore Monthly, December, 2002 o “The Glistening Bridge”, South Shore Monthly, October, 2002 o “Summer Moon of Memories”, South Shore Monthly, October, 2001 o “My Commute”, South Shore Monthly, January, 2001 o “Yes, Summer Will Return”, Fire Island News, September, 2000 o “The “Fourth” and Beyond”, Fire Island News, July, 2000 o “One Sunday Evening”, Fire Island News, June, 2000 o “Time Warp in OBP”, Fire Island News, September, 1999 AWARDS New York Flyers Running Club:  Flyer of the Year, 2014  President’s Award (co-recipient), 2014