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Stephen James King C.V. 02 04 2010.


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Stephen James King C.V. 02 04 2010.

  1. 1. 1 Of 8 Stephen James King. Curiculum Vitae. Last Updated. 30/01/10 Stephen James King – Curiculum Vitae. Contact Information. Full name : Stephen James King First (given) name (no accents) : Stephen James Last (family) name (no accents) : King I am also known as : Steve Mailing Address line 1: Flat 5 , Mailing Address line 2 (optional): 64 Bury Road. City: Thetford. State/Province: Norfolk. ZIP/Postal Code: IP24 3DE. Country: United Kingdom. Telephone: 09 01842 750235. Primary Email: Other Email: / Country of Citizenship: United Kingdom In Case of Emergency contact: Mrs J. Tricker , Little Pieces , Low Road , Attleborough , Norfolk. Tel: 09 01953 498437 Email:
  2. 2. 2 Of 8 Stephen James King. Curiculum Vitae. Last Updated. 30/01/10 Academic Information College or University: The Open University. Location (City, State/Prov., and Country): Milton Keynes , UK Your academic year (numeric, please): 4 (Part Time) 2009 Select Status: Undergraduate Student Your academic major: Physical Science. Your grade point average (numeric, please): 70 % High School you attended and its location: Sudbury Upper School , Tudor Road , Sudbury , Suffolk , United Kingdom. Explanatory Notes: I am studying a 6 year , part time program in Physical Science with Astronomy & Planetary Science. I have completed year 4 , and am taking time out to study some 10 point , level 1 , short courses to round out my understanding , before starting level 3 in 2011. My grade point average is based on an average of course work and examination grades , as the Open University take both into account when grading achievement.
  3. 3. 3 Of 8 Stephen James King. Curiculum Vitae. Last Updated. 30/01/10 Work Experience and Expectations. Previous Research Experience: I have not had any experience of new research but have done on-line research for both astronomy and planetary science courses and also prepared reports on breaking news and discoveries. I have passed a week long residential school , OU-SXR208 Observing the Universe , at the OAM in Majorca , Spain , using 12” Meade Telescope's fitted with ccd camera or spectrometer , to obtain calibration frames and images using Maxim DL software which was also used to process the images and perform photometry and spectroscopy upon them to obtain data for export to spreadsheet to produce graphs for analysis. I have made over 80 observations with the 7 m Radio Telescope at Jodrel Bank Observatory , via an on-line interface and analysed the results in Java applets in order to produce spreadsheet graphs. This included an H1 spectrum survey of the milky way as visible from JBO , using observations from other students and the archive as well as my own observations. I have also used Micro Observatory & Bradford(UK) Robotic Telescope on- line , to obtain images which I processed in Micro Observatory 2 & Image J. I have taken black and white images and opened the image three times , turned one red , one green and one blue and stacked them to produce a false colour image.
  4. 4. 4 Of 8 Stephen James King. Curiculum Vitae. Last Updated. 30/01/10 Knowledge and experience with computers and software. Operating Systems. Windows 98/98SE – Experienced. Windows XP – Intermediate. Windows Vista home basic/premium. - Experienced. Linux (Cloudy Skies live cd – Puppy Linux) – Intermediate. Software. Open Office (Writer , Draw , Calc , Impress) – Experienced. Microsoft Office (Word , Excel , Power Point) – Intermediate. Adobe (Reader9 , , Air) – Experienced. Latex (Miktex , Texnic center) – Beginning. Mathcad 2001i – Intermediate. Internet Explorer / Mozilla Firefox / Google Chrome – Experienced. QuickTime / Real / Windows Media Player 11 – Experienced. Virtual Observatory (Aladin , ds9 , Java Tools , not yet learnt Python) – Beginning. Micro Observatory 2 / Image J / Skysight / LTImage – Experienced. Iris / RegiStax – Intermediate. Maxim DL / Subaru Image Processor Makali'i – Intermediate. Gimp 2 / Gimp Shop – Intermediate.
  5. 5. 5 Of 8 Stephen James King. Curiculum Vitae. Last Updated. 30/01/10 Work experience over the past three years: I have not worked in the past three years as I have been studying for a Bsc in Physical Science with the Open University and have now passed level 2. Courses undertaken were :- Open University Date Level Grade Points MST121 Using mathematics 2007 1 Pass 30 MS221 Exploring mathematics 2007 2 Grade 4 pass 30 S196 Planets: an introduction 2007 1 Pass 10 S194 Introducing astronomy 2007 1 Pass 10 S283 Planetary science & the search for life 2008 2 Grade 2 pass 30 S282 Astronomy 2008 2 Grade 3 pass 30 SXR208 Observing the Universe 2008 2 Grade 3 pass 15 S197 How the Universe works 2008 1 Pass 10 S189 Understanding the weather 2010 1 Pass 10 S186 Volcanoes, earthquakes & tsunami 2010 1 Pass 10
  6. 6. 6 Of 8 Stephen James King. Curiculum Vitae. Last Updated. 30/01/10 Work experience over the past three years: Jodrel Bank Observatory – University of Manchester. Date Level Grade Points Introduction to Radio Astronomy . 2008 1 Pass with Merit 10 Exploring the Radio Universe. 2009 1 Pass with Merit 20 Presently Studying. S180 Life in the Oceans: Exploring our Blue Planet. - Level 1 , 10 Points. Long-term career plans: Upon completion of my Bsc in physical Science , I would like to go on to study for a research Masters Degree or Phd in Astronomy , if I obtain good enough grades to do this. Jodrel bank offer a number of positions for research students and I have studied with them before. The Open university offer only Phd's in Astronomy and require previous research experience , for which this summer school at the STScI would be beneficial. My preferred choice would be a research student placement with yourselves at the STScI itself , as I would like to work with space telescopes especially hubble as my interest lies with black holes , Quasars (AGN's) & micro Quasars. If my grades are not up to the requirements of post graduate research , I would be looking for a position as research or technical assistant in astronomy in order to gain more experience possibly leading to a post graduate research degree.
  7. 7. 7 Of 8 Stephen James King. Curiculum Vitae. Last Updated. 30/01/10 Extra-curricular activities and interests: I do not drive and local facilities and my own funds are limited , so my local activities are mainly barbecue's and get togethers with my wide circle of friends and trips to the coast with my family , my brother has a holiday home on the Norfolk Coast in Sheringham near Holt. I have lively social networking with Facebook , Myspace , Windows live , Twitter , igoogle & Yahoo , linked together by FriendFeed. I have 25 social network sites in total , including a LinkedIn profile. I have recently joined the group on daily motion and make use of Open University materials on Utube & itunes as well as the Open Learning Space. I use micro observatory and Bradford(UK) Robotic telescope on-line to obtain images to process and write up reports for. I have images of all the planets and a number of nebula's & galaxies. I have undertaken a number of the Faulks telescope exercises from archive data to improve my ability with processing and analysis software. I was in army cadets as a teenager and passed my one star badge , activities inc. Drill , field craft , orienteering , abseiling & .22 / .303 rifle shooting. I also attended activity holidays with abseiling , orienteering and Canadian and kayak canoeing. I was taken on a Nile River cruise in Egypt , I have a great interest in Ancient Egypt , for my 40th birthday , and flew in a hot-air balloon over Luxor. A year later my mother , a pensioner , took me to turkey and we spent a day Canadian canoeing down a Turkish river. A few years earlier I rode a camel & went out in a glass bottom boat in Tunisia. I have also been on a weekend trip to Belgium.
  8. 8. 8 Of 8 Stephen James King. Curiculum Vitae. Last Updated. 30/01/10 Letters of Recommendation. 1. Name: Dr M. J. Penston (Tutor). Email: 2. Name: Mr R. L. O Brien (Associate Lecturer). Email: Additional Information .