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SHC double-deals-presentation


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Business Owners / Managers: Need More Clients This Holiday Season? Ask me about a new way to market to new clients, with no cost to join. We only get paid if you do! See the attached presentation for details, and contact me for more information and to sign up your business at no cost!!! ANYWHERE IN THE USA!!!

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SHC double-deals-presentation

  2. 2. WE HELP YOU MAKE MONEY: • Drive customers to your business • Make your cash register ring • Zero cost to join • No Risk: cancel with 15 days notice
  3. 3. DOUBLE DEALS BY RESTAURANT.COM MAKES YOU MONEY:• Powered by the nation’s largest restaurant deal site with more than 5 million customers• Customers get a $50 value for $25• Businesses get new customers You make money and attract new customers
  4. 4. POWERFUL MARKETING PARTNER:• Helping businesses make money since 1999• Internet-marketing leader• Powerful marketing partner
  5. 5. DOUBLE DEALS BY RESTAURANT.COM: • Consumers Receive $50 of value for $25 • You Receive More Customers at No Cost + = $50 Double Deals Business Voucher eCard(valid at participating businesses) (redeemable for $25 restaurant certificate)
  6. 6. EASY TO USE:• Accept the $25 Double Deals Business Voucher• Validate by phone• Receive payment from It is that easy to make money!
  7. 7. DOUBLE DEALS BY RESTAURANT.COM DRIVES CUSTOMERS TO YOU:• Your business is promoted through the Double Deals site• Consumers can find your business on their mobile device• Double Deal Business Vouchers are good at any business on the program
  8. 8. YOUR COST IS $0:• Will Never Send You a Bill• Will Send You Money
  9. 9. WE ARE ONLY PAID WHEN YOU ARE PAID: • No upfront marketing costs • Low fixed rate - $5 for every $25 driven to your business
  10. 10. WE DRIVE CUSTOMERS TO YOUR BUSINESS: • Website Advertising • Search Engine Marketing • Social Media • Email Marketing
  11. 11. NO RISK:The Cost to Join is $0.
  12. 12. GET STARTED:• Double Deals will launch nationwide in time for the holidays• You only benefit if you participate• Complete this one-page form and start driving traffic this holiday season
  13. 13. DOUBLE DEALS PARTNER GUARANTEE:• Drive new customers to your business• You will make more money• Zero cost to join• No risk: cancel any time with 15 days notice Start making money today!
  14. 14. SH CONSULTING REPRESENTING: sh_consulting@prodigy.netMore Information: V 2.0