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The Ogasawara Islands - - Tokyo's Adventure Islands


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1000 Km south of Tokyo--but part of Tokyo Prefecture, lie the Ogasawara (Bonin) islands. Travelers can visit Chichijim and Hahajima for water activities, natural rock formations, hidden WWII caves, delicious food and very welcoming people.

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The Ogasawara Islands - - Tokyo's Adventure Islands

  1. 1. Tokyo's Adventure Islands Beckon... The Ogasawara Islands
  2. 2. Presented by Steve Gillick, President, Talking Travel Editor, Travel2Japan And Mitsuru Sasaki, Associate Editor, Travel2Japan Steve Mitsuru
  3. 3. With great thanks to the assistance of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government and the Tokyo Convention and Visitors Bureau
  4. 4. 1000 km South of Tokyo 25.5 hour Ferry each way 2 hours between islands 2400 friendly People The Islands of Chichijima & Hahajima UNESCO World Natural Heritage Designation-2011
  5. 5. Takeshiba Pier, getting ready to check-in for the Ferry ride. The terminal has lockers, restaurants, and shops.
  6. 6. Preparing the Ogasawara Maru for the 25.5 hour journey to Chichijima on Nov 12, 2013
  7. 7. Our 1st Class Room for 4 people--we shared with two friendly business people.
  8. 8. Tour around the Ferry: The information desk and gift shop on the 3rd Level
  9. 9. The Cafeteria food was freshly prepared and very tasty.
  10. 10. The Nature Guide provided information on some of the islands and the wildlife -in the sky, in the ocean and on land.
  11. 11. Reading, conversation, sleeping, eating, photography and watching the ocean--25.5 hours go by fairly quickly
  12. 12. Double-click to enter title Double-click to enter text At 11:30 am on Nov 13--exactly 25 1/2 hours after departing from Tokyo, we arrived in Chichijima
  13. 13. Double-click to enter title Double-click to enter text The Seafront Hotel--on main street--about an 8 minute walk from the harbour.
  14. 14. Gyosan--literally 'fish sandals" are not only comfortable but also 'grip' the surface on which you are walking. Roughly $8.00 a pair. Everyone wears them!
  15. 15. Double-click to enter title Double-click to enter text We met our guide Katsuya (Katchan) and we set off for a 3 hour tour of the Island
  16. 16. Double-click to enter title Double-click to enter text Views of the town and the harbour. You can see the Ferry in the top left.
  17. 17. Octopus trees roots and their bright orange fruit
  18. 18. Double-click to enter title Double-click to enter text Second World War buildings are hidden by the forest
  19. 19. Crab Crossing signs, goat crossing signs and red pigeon crossing signs can be seen on the roadways.
  20. 20. Double-click to enter title Double-click to enter text Sandy beaches for seclusion, swimming and snorkeling
  21. 21. The Heart Rock Cafe is named after the famous red rock formation: Heart Rock
  22. 22. Dinner at Marujo: an excellent traditional seafood izakaya
  23. 23. Fresh assorted sashimi Traditional Ogasawara specialty: Shimazushi- Sawara with soy sauce and hot mustard Another Ogasawara specialty is Kame Sashimi: Raw turtle served chilled with ginger, scallions and soy sauce
  24. 24. Double-click to enter title Double-click to enter text The Pink Dolphin arrives for our day trip of swimming, snorkeling and photography around the Island
  25. 25. Double-click to enter title Double-click to enter text Small rocky island outcroppings add to the amazing scenery around the island
  26. 26. Double-click to enter title Double-click to enter text The wild curious bottlenose dolphins actually swim with you
  27. 27. Heart Rock. As the sun starts to set, the rock becomes a giant red heart
  28. 28. Minamijima Beach--one of the natural attractions that contributed to the UNESCO World Heritage designation in 2011
  29. 29. Albatross and other curious sea birds do a fly-by as you cruise around Chichijima
  30. 30. The next day, after a 2hour and 10 minute Ferry ride, we arrive in Hahajima and start to explore the trails
  31. 31. On the windy ascent to Mt.Kofuji, our guide, expert naturalist Tamotsu Hayakawa, demonstrated some bird calls to attract the rare Hahajima Meguro
  32. 32. The bird calls worked! One of the 14,000 Hahajima Meguros comes by to check us out!
  33. 33. Double-click to enter title Double-click to enter text Starting the walk to Mt. Kofuji and Minamizaki Beach
  34. 34. Fan trees and tropical vegetation vie for the sunlight as we follow the marked trail to Mt. Kofuji
  35. 35. A not-so-secret cave, hidden on a hillside...we waited for the school group to exit and then we explored it.
  36. 36. One of the cave chambers revealed a WWII gun-- in the past 70 years a tree sprouted in the firing path
  37. 37. Another cave lookout reveals the beautiful crescent shape of Minamizaki Beach
  38. 38. Double-click to enter title Double-click to enter text Wandering back through the forest at the end of our hike
  39. 39. Sunset in Hahajima Harbour...Red Sky at Night
  40. 40. Our evening in Hahajima was spent at the Nanpu Hotel--quite comfortable
  41. 41. Double-click to enter title Double-click to enter text Heading back to Tokyo--that's Kiyora Hashimoto from Ogasawara Tourism waving goodbye to us
  42. 42. Taiko Drumming to send us off to Tokyo in style--and wish us a safe trip (and lasting memories)
  43. 43. A flotilla of boats follow the Ogasawara Maru to the harbour entrance, as a final 'see you back here soon' gesture
  44. 44. Steve Gillick in Shark Bay, Chichijima--no sharks but we did see two goats on the surrounding hills
  45. 45. A big THANK YOU to the Tokyo Convention & Visitors Bureau, and the Tokyo Metropolitan Government
  46. 46. Music from the Chichijima based artist Okei
  47. 47.; All photos are protected by copyright and may not be downloaded or reproduced in any way, shape or form without the express written permission of Steve Gillick Steve Gillick, President of Talking Travel, presents Keynotes, webinars and seminars on Japan and 70+ other countries. As a destination specialist and a travel addict, Steve's presentations and writings reflect energy, enthusiasm and homour.