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Thailand's Isan Region Part 1 of 4


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The Isan Region in Thailand's Northeast is the largest region in the country but remains relatively unexplored by travelers. In April 2015 we spent 8 days exploring the region. Part 1 covers Bangkok, Kabinburi, Korat and Prasat Phimai.

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Thailand's Isan Region Part 1 of 4

  1. 1. Thailand's Isan Region Part 1 of 4 Bangkok, Kabinburi, Phimai Gillick's World Destination e-magazines and slide shows: For those who choose to explore the world All photos owned and copyright Steve Gillick and Mitsuru Sasaki
  2. 2. Isan literally means ‘northeast’ and refers to Thailand’s largest region bordering on Laos and Cambodia. Courtesy of the Tourism Authority of Thailand my Associate Editor Mitsuru Sasaki and I spent 6 days exploring the region. We travelled by van from Bangkok to Nakhon Ratchasima, Khon Kaen, Udon Thani, Nakhon Phanom and Khong Chiam, before flying back to Bangkok from Ubon Ratchathani. Isan responds to the "what else can we do" question from those who have already explored the popular Bangkok to Chiang Mai route. Steve Gillick, President, Talking Travel/Gillick's World
  3. 3. Water Taxis are a very popular way of travel -- using the canals of Bangkok. This is the Na Na boat pier near Sukhumvit.
  4. 4. Rush hour on Bangkok's water taxis
  5. 5. Taking a tuk-tuk Dinner at the Ginlom Chom Saphan Riverfront Cafe, literally "Eat the wind....enjoy the bridge"
  6. 6. Steamed squid with garlic and lemon, mountain vegetable wth spicy soup- Tom Yum Kung
  7. 7. Khao San Road Night Market
  8. 8. Dream2 Hotel in Sukhumvit- good location, very friendly staff, very comfortable.
  9. 9. Vendors set up a mini-market while waiting for the train at Praprong Railway Station (about 3 hours drive from Bangkok)
  10. 10. You can even buy a nice fresh rat for lunch
  11. 11. On the 'market train' to Kabinburi
  12. 12. Fresh produce in the Kabinburi Market
  13. 13. Above-Khai Ping-grilled egg: take the yolk out--boil in spice and put back inside. Right-the equivalent of Chinese 100 year old eggs.
  14. 14. Marinating fish, Kabinburi Market
  15. 15. Market vendors at Kabinburi
  16. 16. Tumeric chicken
  17. 17. After the market we visited Apai Pubhet Hospital that specializes in herbal medicines. In the afternoon we travelled to the city of Korat. Dinner at the Lung Pun Grill Fish Restaurant featured: • Lon Poo--a dipping dish with vegetable and crab • Papaya Salad with anchovies • Duck Spicy Salad • 1000 year old egg fried with basil • Garlic Squid • Papaya salad with prawns • Rice noodle • Sticky Rice • Korat Noodles In other words, we ate well thanks to Smiling Albino Tours and our guides Kob and Pop
  18. 18. Morning at the city shrine in Korat's the Old City.
  19. 19. Adding gold leaf to the statues
  20. 20. Selling various kinds of tamarind, across the street from the shrine
  21. 21. Sweet tamarind --soooo good
  22. 22. Prasat Phimai The Universe on Earth The temple layout was based on the mythological Mount Meru. Many believe Phimai served as the model for Angkor Wat in Cambodia.
  23. 23. Prasat Phimai is a 12th century Khmer Temple
  24. 24. Copy of the statue of King Jayavarman VII sitting cross- legged, silhouetted inside the southeast Prang, or tower.
  25. 25. Carved reliefs of holy men, musicians, and dancers
  26. 26. Demons throughout the complex discourage evil spirits from entering the temple
  27. 27. The Phimai National Museum
  28. 28. Lunch at the Rim Moon Restaurant
  29. 29. Sticky Rice with sausage, mushroom, salty eggs, lotus reeds, bacon, dried shrimp, peanuts, red beans, pear and garlic. Aroy Mak! (Delicious)
  30. 30. Coconut fish cake Tom Ka Gai--soup with chicken, coconut and chile paste Crab Dumpling Hakka Style: crab & pork with plum sauce Ssnow peas, bamboo, shrimp Chicken, squid,mushroom
  31. 31. Mrs. Yupin, the chef/owner of the Rim Moon Restaurant
  32. 32. Steve with Mitsuru in the background, trying to get into the showcase with the statues, Phimai National Museum Stay tuned for Part 2 of 4, where we visit the silk, turtle and woven mat villages