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Soaking in Kotohira


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Kotohira is a city on the 88 Pilgrimage route, on Shikoku Island, Japan. We checked into the Kotosankaku Ryokan Hotel--wonderful onsen (hot spring) and incredible food--and right next to the Kampira-san Shrine.

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Soaking in Kotohira

  1. 1. Journey with Steve Gillick of Talking Travel to the city of Kotohira on Japan's Shikoku Island
  2. 2. All Photographs by Steve Gillick (copyright 2011-2012) Map is from Wikipedia Read Steve's Article "Soaking in Kotohira"in "Soaking" pertains to both the wonderful hot baths and the ambaince of the town
  3. 3. Soaking in Kotohira
  4. 4. Kotohira Train Station with Tower in the background
  5. 5. K The 88 Shrine Pilgrimage Route Around Shikoku Island K - Kotohira
  6. 6. Beginning the 785 Stone Step ascent of Mt. Zozu-San to the Main Shrine. You pass by restaurants, and shops selling souvenirs, hats, walking sticks and masks. And then a bit higher on the mountain, you wander past lanterns, memorial plaques and small shrines The Steps leading to the shrine at Kampira-san
  7. 7. Memorial Lanterns
  8. 8. Donation Plaques from Corporations
  9. 9. Donations to Kampira-san, for the protection of seafarers
  10. 10. Mini Submarine Astronaut Memorial and mini-sub
  11. 11. The Shrines and the View from the top
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  13. 13. Messages to ask for health, happiness and success
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  17. 17. Hannya and Tengu Masks ward off evil spirits and bring health and good luck
  18. 18. Toraya Soba Restaurant - and interior (inset)
  19. 19. Limbering up for a productive work day
  20. 20. Takadoro Tower
  21. 21. Saya Bashi Bridge
  22. 22. Double-click to enter text Kotosankaku Ryokan Hotel
  23. 23. Double-click to enter text Double Room
  24. 24. Private dining compartment
  25. 25. Meditating on an absolutely delicious dinner
  26. 26. Double-click to enter text Rice with dried fish, plum and green pickle, served with Udon soup
  27. 27. Fish in special sauce with sticky potato and tofu
  28. 28. Double-click to enter text Sashimi served under a cracked ice-like dome
  29. 29. Double-click to enter text Fresh sashimi
  30. 30. Steak cooked in a parchment bowl at our table
  31. 31. So long to Kotohira for a while and on to discover other cities in Shikoku
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