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Return to St. Eustatius Sustainability Conference September 2016


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I returned to St. Eustatius to speak about Accessibility Tourism. Although I flew in one day, spoke the next day and then had to fly back to Toronto, I had a chance to walk around and re-acquaint myself with this very friendly island.

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Return to St. Eustatius Sustainability Conference September 2016

  1. 1. Return to St. Eustatius The 5th Annual Sustainability Conference, September 26-27, 2016 Steve Gillick attended the conference on September 26th only, based on flight' what he saw!
  2. 2. Flew from Toronto to St. Martin on Westjet and then joined 3 other speakers for our chartered flight to St. Eustatius. I got to sit up front with the pilot.
  3. 3. Sunset dinner in the outdoor restaurant of the Old Gin House
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  5. 5. Sept 26 Morning walk near the Old Gin House
  6. 6. Introducing the 5th Annual Sustainability Conference Winston Fleming MC Verceley Courtar Commissioner of Tourism, Derrick Simmons Director of Tourism, Charles Lindo
  7. 7. Ian Blanchard gives a motivational keynote talk
  8. 8. John Wodatch was instrumental in the enforcement of the ADA Act in the United States
  9. 9. Stanley Smith talks about Accessibility in the construction of the new Antigua & Barbuda Airport Ger Van Langen gets ready to talk about Ferry service from St. Martin to Statia
  10. 10. Steve Gillick's workshop on Exploring the World without Limits: Enhancing Awareness of Accessible Travel
  11. 11. Planning an accessible visit to a museum during Steve's Workshop
  12. 12. The Conference Organizers L to R: Teena Lopes, Bernadine Woodley, Sharmin Turner and Maya Leon-Pandt, Product Development and HR Manager, St. Esutatius Tourism Development Foundation
  13. 13. Johnson Johnrose, Communications Specialist with the Caribbean Tourism Organization, and Jose Anne Mckie Smith from Granada.
  14. 14. Sunset on the Quill
  15. 15. The parade of flags opens up the Taste of Cultures with food from Caribbean nations represented on Statia
  16. 16. Morning on Tuesday Sept 27
  17. 17. A juvenile Yellow-crowned Night-heron drops by my breakfast table.
  18. 18. A loud racket on the Church roof...someone's pet was playing 'king of the castle"
  19. 19. The goats guarding Fort Orange
  20. 20. My walkabout around town
  21. 21.