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Hats Off to Panama


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A visit to Panama City and area that included El Valle, Gamboa, Soberania National Park, a visit with the Embera Tribe, Panama Canal, Panama Viejo and Casco Viejo

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Hats Off to Panama

  1. 1. HATS OFF TO PANAMA A country brimming with activity Steve Gillick
  2. 2. A view of the downtown Panama City skyscrapers from the pool at the RIU Plaza Hotel
  3. 3. The F & F Revolution Tower, AKA The Twisty Building, is one block from the RIU Plaza. Great views from the hotel terrace and a great landmark to find your way back home.
  4. 4. Chorro El Macho (The Manly Falls) just north of the town of El Valle.
  5. 5. At Pozos Termales in El Valle, you can apply the light mud or dark mud, depending on your skin type. We tried both!
  6. 6. The rare Panamian Golden Frog in its enclosure at the El Valle Amphibian Conservation Center
  7. 7. In Gamboa and Soberania National Park --just outside of Panama City--one of the world's great birding areas.
  8. 8. The single lane iron and wood bridge is the only way to reach the town of Gamboa
  9. 9. Double-click to enter title Double-click to enter text Soberania National Park: lush green tropical vegetation.
  10. 10. Pipeline of main conduits for for bird and wildlife watching in the park
  11. 11. A view from the top deck of the Canopy Tower in the Discovery Center
  12. 12. Someone spotted a Howler Monkey way off in the distance... out came the zoom lenses and Spotting Scopes.
  13. 13. Hummingbird feeders at the Discovery Center.
  14. 14. Ivan's Bed and Breakfast in Gamboa...a friendly, cozy, good food and only a 15 minutes walk to the Panama Canal
  15. 15. Agoutis are everywhere! Just think of them as small-dog-sized squirrels...they won't bother you.
  16. 16. Ships on the Chagres River--part of the Panama Canal--passing by Gamboa
  17. 17. Moises explained the costumes, musical instruments, dances, crafts and way of life of the Embera
  18. 18. An Embera Woman--one of the 38 adults and 17 children in the village
  19. 19. From the viewing platform at The Miraflores Vistor's Center. Ships are raised or lowered 54 feet as they pass through this section of the Canal
  20. 20. Panama Viejo includes the ruins of the first settlement of Panama--dating from 1519
  21. 21. We walked the one hour from the RIU Plaza to Casco Viejo. Crowded office buildings and condos seem to compete for prime space on the waterfront
  22. 22. Many buildings in Casco Viejo reflect the colonial spanish style.
  23. 23. The survival of the 'flat arch' is said to have reassured the builders of the Canal of the scarcity of seismic activity in the area
  24. 24. You can buy ceviche (raw fish marinated in citrus juices) at the Mercado del Marisco just outside of Casco Viejo. We sampled some for a mid-morning snack--soooo fresh and tasty!
  25. 25. ...and then returned for lunch at the restaurant.
  26. 26. The Amador Causeway affords great views of Panama City. It includes a marina, many restaurants, souvenir shops and really good gelato!
  27. 27. Double-click to enter title Double-click to enter text "A Colourful Sandwich" is one description of the Frank Gehry-designed Museum of Biodiversity. Located on The Causeway ...and still under construction at the time.
  28. 28. Seems that tourists are the only ones that buy Panama Hats these days...
  29. 29. Art work celebrating indigenous culture in Panama--can be found in the galleries in Caso Viejo. This piece by YanecaM, the founder of the Movimiento Portobelo, may be found at the Karavan Gallery.
  30. 30. Steve Gillick Travel Writer, Speaker, Photographer