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Relive brand green statement


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Relive brand green statement

  1. 1. Screen products that are sustainable and will minimisethe impact on the environment.Directed at organisations that take their corporate social responsibilityseriously to reduce their carbon footprint, ensuring sustainabledevelopment.
  2. 2. Screen panels form recycled cardboard core
  3. 3. The first fully recyclable screen fromthe ‘Green’ Re:Live brand
  4. 4. Product manufactured from already recycled raw materials100% recycled core and panel face100% recycled fabric (recommended)Part recycled aluminium frameworkPart recycled ABS capsPart recycled steel bracketsAll waste materials in manufacturing are recycledEnd of product life cycle - all elements can be recycled
  5. 5. Greco floor standing and desk mounted screens
  6. 6. Greco screens with a different fabric colour each side
  7. 7. Greco screens are pinnable
  8. 8. Greco uses Caimi Brevetti accessoriesGreco is pinnableGreco is lightweight, very strong and of rigid constructionGreco has a built in tool rail for accessoriesGreco has rigid linking not the loose dumbbell linkingGreco upholstery is adhered to the panel face with water based glue, notstretched and stapled
  9. 9. Greco is the only ‘true’ green screen on the market todayReduces carbon footprintLightweight materials used in its construction result in minimised transportcosts and lower fuel consumptionRecycled materials used in its manufactureAll waste products recycled not sent to landfill