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Hi Robin


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Just a few thoughts on how we might work together. Look forward to chatting about it soon.

Published in: Business
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Hi Robin

  1. 1. Hi Robin,
  2. 2. Really great excited to see your plans for the website!
  3. 3. You obviously really care about what you do, but there are definite improvements that can be made to: • Customer Narrative • Calls to Action • Showcasing more of your passion and professionalism
  4. 4. We’d love to help with this. There are lots of options here, to suit your budget.
  5. 5. OPTION 1 – The once over If you’re happy to make changes yourself, we could do a Healthcheck. This starts at £45 and we’d run an expert eye over the copy, and suggest changes to improve it. do/healthcheck/
  6. 6. OPTION 2 – Key bits and bobs Writing the key elements of the site: • Elevator pitch: 100 word summation of the customer proposition and key selling points. • Homepage copy. It’s the most important part of your site, so let’s get that sorted • Titles for other pages. To make people read on. This would cost £220.
  7. 7. OPTION 3 – Writing the lot Writing all the web pages according to a strategic customer journey. We’d start with the homepage and work our way forward. We charge £90 per page for writing web pages.
  8. 8. I’d suggest having six key pages on the customer conversion journey professionally copywritten: • Homepage • Why choose Wills and Probates • Why do I Need a Will? • Family Protection Trust • Lasting Power of Attorney • Appointing Guardians
  9. 9. In the meantime, if you could get your hands on recordings of your BBC appearances, that would be fantastic!
  10. 10. Speak soon, Steve