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Can you begin to wonder just how the value of your presentation is dependent upon your story and how that is portrayed? What would choose...traditional Powerpoint or the modern exciting Prezi for impact and wow factor? Check this out now to enable you to decide.......

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  • Invitation – talked about “a dynamic presentation of different sorts”.What I am about to show you is linked to the regular feature of ‘Terry’s Toys’ as presentations has become one of my ‘toys’ (according to Steve P).Some of you will recall earlier Forums that gave a brief overview of ‘Prezi’.Today we have a treat in that you will be allowed to see a preview of the forthcoming presentation that Steve and Gail will be giving at the November ‘Euro Coach List Conference’. Called ‘How Colourful Is Your Umbrella’ – portfolio careers/lifestyle - brand. I will be taking you through this visually – no dialogue today – but you will see many images and you may be surprised how much your unconscious mind will absorb and that you will remember later.Prezi has high impact – but so can Powerpoint if used correctly. I am also going to show you Steve Bridger’s ‘Spanish Rings’ and compare the two.Run Prezi HCIYU – Then run Powerpoint S Rings.Explain brief – evolved through collaboration
  • This presentation is deliberately ‘static’ – no animation and special effects and this is what you’d usually see.
  • Presented with a blank pageMenu at the top with access to tabs Start to add content, page by page in a ‘linear’ fashion for ‘slides’
  • The organisers for the Euro Coach List Conference have asked for all Powerpoint presentations in advance to load on laptops in readiness.Prezi will be unexpected and a new experience for them.
  • How many of you are familiar with and used Powerpoint?Training back in local government on Microsoft office – inc.PpointBuild content as Steve Bridger’s Spanish Rings.Aid delivery of the presentation
  • Slideshare featured at the previous Forum – the value this can have to sharing your messages and BRANDSince we did Spanish Rings earlier this year - as at Weds 30 Oct 13 = 320 views- ‘Sherlock’s quotes = 332 viewsChart facility within Powerpoint.
  • This is deliberately ‘scripted’ to make the point.How many of you have struggled to go back and find a slide?Large files sizes – can be a problem for Prezi – in a different way – it may actually crash
  • This is the overview of Steve and Gail’s Prezi. Immediate intrigue.What jumps out at you – and what does that represent? (foot prints)Point out beginning and end …..and all that’s in the middleOne huge canvas – like an artist ready to create a work of artAdd frames, objects etc. to the canvas and link them up with a ‘path’
  • Adobe Flash based – must have a recent version of Flash installed – discovered with Chris …all ok for MacsBig difference is ‘non-linear’ Insertion images will allow you take from your pc or immediately ‘Google’ – also filter for those commercially available to useMIND MAP analogy is the biggie for Sherlock …..this allows me to ‘digress’ slightly ….my take on it……
  • People say “I tend to be more of a right brain/left brain thinker”How many of you are now working out whether you are a ‘left brain’ or ‘right brain’ person.
  • Tony B struggled during his 2nd year at Uni when he went into a library to find a book on his brain and how to use it. The librarian sent him to the ‘medical section’! Wanted to use it not operate on it!Brain buckling and straining under the volume of academic work. The more he studied and took notes the less he began to succeed.Concluded-answer in the way he was using his intelligence/thinking skills. Qs..How do I learn how to learnWhat is the nature of my thinking What are the best techniques for memorising What are the best techniques for creative thinkingTechniques for faster and more efficient reading New thinking techniques? – or master one technique?Studied psychology, neuro psychology, neuro linguistics etc. Discovered brain functioned more effectively/efficiently if physical aspects and intellectual skills worked harmoniously with each other - Left and right braintogether – NLP visual squash
  • After reading 1st bullet – “for example, I would like you now to be aware of the tip of your left ear”Visual sense is the a main area of your ‘representational system’ but there are others that sit ‘beneath’ …i.e. ‘sub’ Buzan – tiniest things produced the most significant results e.g. combining colours with his written words transformed his note taking and memory by 100% - began to enjoy what he was doing.Buzan went on to coach people with learning disabilities, dyslexic etc.
  • So ‘Zooming’ is the significant feature of Prezi that makes it ‘come alive’. Those with a scroll wheel on mouse can have great fun – whizz around the canvas.
  • - Limited design options – frustrating- Have to use a template or blank canvas – can’t design one of your own but Prezi will at a cost- Each one comes with pre-determined fonts and colours.
  • 3 main optionsFree public license – web based - online- all that you do is available publicly. 100 MB. No support.2. $5 per month ‘Enjoy’ – web based – online – private until shared – 500 MB - ‘premium support service’.3. $13 per month ‘Pro’ – Desktop version – 2GB – big thing is install and run from your machine – i.e. can work offlineNB: payable in advance for the year ahead.
  • Really does take time to learn, design and create content. Don’t run with other applications open – may not loadToo many images may cause the programme to ‘crash’
  • Practice is key – don’t use them for a while you can forget
  • Limited time to produce this presentation – so it’s Powerpoint – no animationSherlock sees value in both – but a Prezi will make you use all your resources - both sides of the brain for a more creative and impactful outcome
  • Discussion……………..
  • Prezi vs powerpoint final

    1. 1. SMP Business Forum 1st November 2013 Steve Engwell (‘Sherlock’) 1
    2. 2. • Imagine you are about to put together a presentation • Which software to use? Traditional ‘Powerpoint’ or new ‘Prezi’? • Which works best to engage and motivate audience? • Both software has advantages and disadvantages • Let’s consider Pros and Cons ……you can then decide 2
    4. 4. POWERPOINT - GENERAL • Powerpoint well established for presentations • ‘The standard’. Expected for delivery of presentation • Safe option. Audience comfortable with this • 500 million users - 95% presentation software market • Great tool to tell a ‘LINEAR’ story Begin point A, progress events, build to conclusion and reaches point B. Nice orderly structured sequence. 4
    5. 5. POWERPOINT - ADVANTAGES • User friendly. Basic concept - technically simple to use • Taught in schools and organisations – great familiarity • Great control. Many possibilities to slide design. Wide range colours, fonts, graphics and backgrounds • Build content - Transitions and animations. Impact. These add to explanatory power of the presentation • Hyperlinks – include links to click on and be taken directly to location on web when online. 5
    6. 6. POWERPOINT – ADVANTAGES (cont.) • Syncs with Slideshare – can upload the presentation to the web for anyone to view online and share • Print handouts of slides for audience. e.g. 3 slides per page – allow people to focus and add notes if they wish and refer • Can present charts and tables (various sets of data) 6
    7. 7. POWERPOINT – DISADVANTAGES • Linear format – some complain ‘scripted’ and not easily adaptable to audience. Getting to a slide once presentation underway can be difficult • Large file sizes – can create large files (with images, audio and video). Emailing difficult. Cloud storage websites and ‘Dropbox’ enable sharing • People will stick to basics and not optimise all Powerpoint capability – so presentations can look bland. • Surprising what can be achieved in Powerpoint 7
    8. 8. – INTERFACE 8
    9. 9. – GENERAL • New concept for visual aids in presentation. Flash based • Create a presentation using a large blank page instead of traditional slides • It is NON LINEAR – story presented with multiple ‘paths’ to move from point A to point B • As Powerpoint – seamlessly integrate images, text, videos, animation and sound • No integrated tools for graphs and flowcharts. Create such images outside and bring them in • Unlimited canvas to lay out ideas – concept of a ‘Mind Map’ 9
    10. 10. – GENERAL (cont.) Mind Mapping (/Prezi) uses both halves of the brain Left brain = logical thinking, finding information, processing, analysis, objectivity, order/clarity, adept at tasks Right brain = creative, random, pictorial representation, big picture, expressive Individuals tend to be dominant in one or other Synergy of the two is used in Mind Maps: - Helps you organise the structure of your thoughts better - Remember items more easily and recall them more quickly - Retain new information more easily – clarity - Aids learning – encourages new ideas 10 10
    11. 11. – GENERAL (cont.) The power of ‘Mind Mapping’ • Invented and used by Tony Buzan since 1970 • Use mind maps for anything – defining complex problems, solving problems, planning, taking notes, writing a book etc. • Telling a story in this way causes the unconscious mind to open up. Uses and responds to symbols – follows directions programmed to seek more …….. • As you think back to the Prezi presentation now, you may find some images just pop back into your head……. 11
    12. 12. – GENERAL (cont.) The power of ‘Mind Mapping’ • Conscious mind holds 7 (+ or – 2) pieces of info at any one time. Unconscious mind holds some 2 million (George A Miller) • Engages with the visual senses – powerful – boost creativity • • • • • • ‘NLP sub modalities’ - image framed or panned - location in space - bright/dim - colour or black/white - intensity - focused/blurred 12
    13. 13. – ADVANTAGES • Zooming – this is where Prezi is uniquely different. • Click background will zoom out and give overview or zoom in to a particular frame for emphasis. Explore and pan ideas smoothly and naturally. Scroll wheel on mouse – fab! • NON-LINEAR. Determine a ‘path’ – unfold the story – jump in and out of ideas – flexibility • Comes alive! Swirling movement creating impact and intrigue • Share presentations online – up to 10 audience members • Invite selected people to view or edit content (email link) 13
    14. 14. – DISADVANTAGES • Limited design options – limited backgrounds and templates to choose from – each has pre-chosen fonts and colours that can’t be changed. Restrictive. • Overuse of the zoom and panning facility is thought to cause dizziness and nausea (??) • Need to be creative. Some people may not understand how to create fun and a dynamic presentation (NB: fun is an explosive formula for the unconscious mind) • Not widely available for mobile devices at present Apple = Yes Andriod = No 14
    15. 15. – DISADVANTAGES COST Pro is the only version you can run from your desktop - offline 15
    16. 16. – DISADVANTAGES • Learning curve. Relatively simple in nature - takes time to practice and master. Thought to be outside the comfort zone for many. • Cheaper ‘web based’ online options can feel like files are out of your control and ownership • Loading issues subject to local computer memory, Flash and Browser (Firefox favoured over Explorer) • Limited printing options – does not sync with Slideshare • Prezi continues to evolve! Room to grow. 16
    17. 17. • For best results important to practice to create dazzling presentations • Get your story right ….otherwise neither will help! • Both have their place - Powerpoint has advantages for the average business presenter - Prezi also has benefits – especially for a more dynamic, interactive and memorable presentation 17
    18. 18. • If time is an issue to display ideas, facts, figures in simple way? Stick with Powerpoint • If you have time to learn and really want to create an inter-active experience with a strong ‘wow’ factor? Use Prezi • In my view, the ability to use both sides of the brain to design and deliver the presentation …’no brainer’ i.e. Prezi! 18
    19. 19. 19