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HOMEWORK : From the session on the evening of 12 March 2013
Unconscious Mind and Goal setting
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Pixar Story Framework - an example


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Simple but very effective way of telling stories ....and our unconscious mind absorbs stories.....doesn't it? That's right.

Try to resist reading, enjoying and liking this tale.

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Pixar Story Framework - an example

  1. 1. WEBINAR: NLP EXCELLENCE HOMEWORK : From the session on the evening of 12 March 2013 Unconscious Mind and Goal setting PIXAR STORYTELLING. “FROM CATERPILLAR TO BUTTERFLY - A TALE OF METAMORPHOSIS”. Once upon a time, There was a hard-working, conscientious and loyal chap called Steve who devoted his working hours to a London local authority to provide HR Services in ‘Learning & Organisational Development’ to support the personal development of all its employees so they could provide best possible services to the local community. One day, The new Government introduced their ‘Comprehensive Spending Review’ and the financial constraints imposed on that authority meant that there had to be widespread restructuring to reduce in size and achieve optimum savings, regardless of talent. As a senior manager, Steve was highly vulnerable and a prime target for those savings. As the restructuring process unfolded he was given the news that he was to be made redundant. Despondent he knew it was then time to reflect and reconsider his future. Every day, Despite the situation, Steve examined new possibilities, new opportunities and new challenges with a view to focusing on making a transition to a new career/lifestyle. He considered how to let go of the past and to positively move forward in a new and exciting direction by pursuing his passions and interests. Because of that, Steve put together some plans and immediately undertook coaching with a ‘Career and Personal Development Company’. This allowed him to regain his confidence, feel valued, appreciate his natural talents, understand his true worth and he began to release his creativity and potential. Because of that, He found he was doing increasing amounts of work that was highly valued by that company and was given the opportunity to contribute to the design of their training programmes and materials, deliver presentations at their Business Forums and assist in the writing of a book advising others on redundancy now due for publication this Spring. Furthermore, and parallel to this, Steve pursued his interest in NLP and quickly became qualified as an NLP Practitioner to achieve amazing results with other people, which sparked the idea for a future business venture. Thanks to his inspirational NLP mentor, Steve’s improved ability to reframe and maintain a positive mind-set was achieving remarkable results. New avenues opened up as Steve began to network and meet many new friends and colleagues. Until finally, Steve discovered he was doing so well with the new interests that he took a leap of faith and, based on success and accolade, accepted the invitation to become an Associate of that ‘Career and Personal Development Company’. Consequently he is now putting all his skills to good use with new clients as part of his successful new business venture and new life. Steve Engwell (13 March 2013)