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Customer Experience Trends - Abstract and Bio


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Customer Experience Trends - Abstract and Bio

  1. 1. © Steve Dorfman • Driven to Excel, Inc. • 202.556.3235 The  Top  7  Customer  Experience  Trends  of  2015  …  and  Beyond       This session will appeal to you if: ü It's important to get more repeat and referral business without increasing your costs ü You’re growing your team, but fear that doing so could dilute the very customer experience that made you successful in the first place ü You know that leaving your firm’s CX to chance isn’t going to work and prefer to design it with intention From this interactive presentation, you’ll walk away with: ü A clear understanding of CX trends and how they are imperative to business growth in 2015 and beyond ü Fresh action items to create remarkable experiences tailored for you and your industry ü Your personal i-SAT (Impeccable Service Aptitude Test) score *                    *                    *                    *                    *                    *                    *                    *                    *                    *                    *                    *                    *                    *                    *                    *                    *                    *                    *                    *                    *                  *                    *                    *                    *                    *     About Steve Dorfman, Chief Customer Experience Officer Since 2006, leaders have come to Steve for customer experience strategy, and to motivate, educate, engage, and develop staff with interactive trainings and continuous development programs that result in: • "Employee-owned" remarkable experiences for customers and clients; • Consistent referral business, and; • Repeat customer loyalty All of this – as you might imagine – translates into a strengthened culture and increased profits Before founding Driven to Excel, Inc., Steve spent 11 years as a sales consultant for a luxury automaker. Yes, the car business … not exactly an industry known for its remarkable service. Steve’s unwavering commitment to impeccable client service helped him maintain a CSI (Customer Satisfaction Index) rating in the top 1% nationally ... while also earning "Salesman of the Year" 7 years in a row. 70% of his sales came through repeat and referral business, (compared to an industry average of less than 10%). Before the car business, Steve spent 8 rapid-growth years in the hospitality industry. Today, he also hosts the We Mean Business! TV show ( and has conducted more than 85 interviews with thought leaders, top executives and bestselling authors. 2 0 2 . 5 5 6 . 3 2 3 5 Futurists fascinate us. After all, their job is to look at trends and contributing factors from 10,000 feet and tell us what’s coming down the pike as a result. From the railroad industry failing to recognize and embrace transportation trends, to Blockbuster Video failing to innovate as consumers were introduced to new ways of obtaining their video entertainment, we’ve witnessed both the positive and negative impact that trends can have on a business … or even an entire industry. Ever-changing social, technical, and global forces will continue to affect many facets of your business. Your customer experience is one such facet, a big one in fact. Customer experience (or CX) is the holistic, journey-based evolution of what was once known – albeit myopically – as customer service. The smartest companies have been paying attention to CX trends and making much-needed adjustments – some minor and some major – both of which will be highlighted during this interactive presentation. Bottom line: A remarkable client experience leads to client loyalty … which leads to repeat and referral business … which is a preferred and sustainable path to profitability, and – oh, by the way – a strengthened culture, too. Together, we’ll look at some of today’s biggest CX trends and how they can lead us all to create more remarkable, repeatable client experiences.