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Abacus Marketing - strategic marketing planning process - February 2019


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This document explains (in an outline way) the marketing planning process we follow when working with clients to create a marketing strategy for their business. If you are looking for marketing agencies in London to help you to create and deliver a marketing plan for your business, please contact Steve Brown at Abacus Marketing at or by visiting

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Abacus Marketing - strategic marketing planning process - February 2019

  1. 1. Strategic marketing planning process Steve Brown CEO Abacus Marketing
  2. 2. About Abacus… We offer a big agency experience without the big agency price tag. Better quality work Higher service standards Greater value for money We are an integrated London marketing agency offering a full one-stop-shop service. All media formats All customer channels All industry sectors We work with many different organisations, who come in lots of shapes and sizes… Start-ups, SMEs and blue chips Private, public and third UK, EMEA and global
  3. 3. What is a strategic marketing planning process?
  4. 4. What is a strategy? A strategy is the most effective and efficient use of scarce resource to achieve a specific goal in a defined period of time through the creation of perceived added value.
  5. 5. What is marketing? Click here to view 72 definitions. This is one of our favourites… Marketing when done well is (a) the strategy of the business – its value proposition, go to market strategy, and brand positioning and image to the world. Marketing when not done well is (b) an endless checklist of advertising and promotional to-dos that can never be completed. Marketing in the twenty-first century must be (c) largely, but not entirely, measurable and accountable around driving business goals. Marketing when done brilliantly is driven by (a) includes a small, disciplined subset of (b), and is steeped in a culture of (c). Matt Blumberg, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Return Path
  6. 6. What is a planning process? • A systematic approach, where evidence is gathered in a logical and orderly fashion to arrive at a credible and rational conclusion.
  7. 7. What is a strategic marketing planning process? It is a standardised planning process which establishes the best use of scarce resource to deliver the most efficient and effective marketing solution in order to achieve a specific goal in a definitive period of time through the creation of perceived added value.
  8. 8. Strategic marketing planning process Business plan and sales forecasts Products and services Target market Competitor analysis Market research Strategic brand proposition Stakeholder communications Communication platforms Sales pipeline process Internal sales culture Lead generation activities Targets, timelines and budgets
  9. 9. Business plan and sales forecasts Purpose Mission / profit / exit strategy Sales Historical / current / ambitions Skills Management / employees / partners / associates / suppliers / investors / board Products and services Features / pricing / channels Customer segments Geographies / sectors / departments
  10. 10. Products and services Features Facts and figures Rational needs Benefits Pain points Emotional drivers
  11. 11. Target market Customer segments (demographics) •Classifications •Age •Gender Customer personas (psychographics) •Personalities •Lifestyles •Beliefs
  12. 12. Competitor analysis Physical Website Social media Mystery shopper Technical Website Social media Marketing campaigns
  14. 14. Strategic brand proposition Market positioning Quality Service Value Brand voice Vision Values Views Virtues Vows Message proposition Corporate Products Customers
  15. 15. Stakeholder communications Prospects Customers Staff Investors Partners Associates Suppliers General public Regulatory bodies
  16. 16. Communication platforms Website Social media Stationery Corporate brochure Product leaflets Newsletters Annual report Exhibition stand Uniforms, signage, lanyards, posters… Mugs, pens, notepads, coasters…
  17. 17. Sales pipeline process Customer relationship management (CRM) Salesforce Capsule CRM Insightly Email marketing platform MailChimp Constant Contact Drip Marketing automation software HubSpot ActiveCampaign Infusionsoft
  18. 18. Internal sales culture Deliver regular corporate-level sales/profit updates Establish individual roles for all departments Provide appropriate ongoing training and support Build sales performance into all staff appraisals Create a customer service charter Develop an internal service charter
  19. 19. Lead generation activities Digital marketing Digital advertising Search engine optimisation Social media marketing Email marketing Content marketing Non-digital marketing Events, conferences and exhibitions Advertising and direct marketing Point of sale and sales promotions PR, publicity and media
  21. 21. Targets, timelines and budgets Starting point Market competitiveness Sales goals Timings Profits Internal cash Investor funding Set budget
  22. 22. Setting SMART goals Specific, significant, stretching Measurable, meaningful, motivational Agreed upon, attainable, achievable, acceptable, action- oriented Realistic, relevant, reasonable, rewarding, results-oriented Time-based, time- bound, timely, tangible, trackable
  23. 23. Our planning process is one of continual evolution… Briefing Workshop Research Brainstorm Insight Solution Delivery Analysis
  25. 25. Strategic marketing planning process Steve Brown CEO, Abacus Marketing February 2019