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The Challenge for Every Business                                 Our ServicesDeveloping a sound data protection strategy i...
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Green Delete: Onsite Hard Drive Data Eradication


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Onsite Hard Drive Data Eradication: Service using a firmware based technology to eradicate data on drives. No radiation. Drives will be function at the end of process if functional at the beginning. Drives with bad sectors can eradicated.

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Green Delete: Onsite Hard Drive Data Eradication

  1. 1. GreenDeleteDigital asset disposal. Secure, responsible, and onsite. Green Deletes onsite service securely eradicates data from failed or decommissioned storage media, alleviating risk and liability for the client while enabling them to recapture economic value and recycle assets responsibly.“Our goal is to create a new green generation of asset disposition services. Our services make it easy for enterprises and consumers to responsibly dispose, recycle, resell or donate IT assets, in a legal, safe, environmentally and financially sound fashion.” —Marilyn Slavin, CEO
  2. 2. The Challenge for Every Business Our ServicesDeveloping a sound data protection strategy is one of the CLEANmost complex tasks facing companies today. Failure toproperly decommission just one storage asset can result infines, damage to reputation, as well as civil and criminal Green Deletes CLEAN service is focusedliability. solely on the onsite eradication of data, and is tailored for our clients that have aInformation is a critical and valuable asset to any organiza- plan in place to reuse or distribute thetion. More and more regulations are being enforced at all recovered assets on their own.levels to protect information and ensure that breaches areavoided. All organizations invest considerably in their IT All of our services offer the following CLEAN components:departments when it comes to securing their data.Installing firewalls, password protocols and physical access 1. audit hardwaresafeguards in an effort to prevent data theft becomes a Complete inventory of assets headed for disposition.complex and time-consuming activity. However, an 2. eradicate dataimproper decommissioning of the data once the IT assets Highest level of non-destructive erasure of data.are retired from use could compromise all resources 3. provide reportemployed. Full asset disposition report delivered securely in the cloud. 4. certified eradication Electronic certificate for each asset serial number.The Green Solution CLEAN RECOVERYOur services allow clients to avoid the physical destructionand degaussing of their digital media. Hard drives andstorage devices are nearly 100% reusable after they have Our CLEAN RECOVERY service employsbeen properly eradicated. We help businesses preserve the same onsite CLEAN components,their electronic assets, in turn reducing waste and helping $ plus a managed remarketing preserve the environment. $Green Delete also lowers cost and enhances the productiv- Upon completion of the certified eradication, this serviceity of our clients by offering a smarter alternative to automatically notifies a list of pre-certified buyers viaoverwriting. Currently, the Department of Defense requires Green Deletes cloud infrastructure. This I-Placementthree levels of overwriting in order to consider a hard drive component allows the client to save time aggregating andto be sanitized. However, it warns that there can be listing reusable assets, retaining the maximum recoveryproblems with "ineffectiveness of the overwrite procedures, value by eliminating unneeded transportation failure (e.g., misalignment of read/write heads),or inability to overwrite bad sectors or tracks of informationin inter-record gaps." (DoD Standard 5220.22-M) CLEAN GREENThe overwriting process itself is time consuming; it can takemany hours or even days to complete depending on the size CLEAN GREEN also employs the sameof the hard drive. This creates a substantial loss in produc- onsite CLEAN processes, plus thetivity in a large organization that may have hundreds of data utilization of local, pre-certified e-wastestorage devices to decommission and redeploy. Expense is recycling partners upon completion.also a concern, as the software requires a separate licensingfee for each hard drive to be overwritten. This service is primarily for physically damaged storageGreen Delete is simply a better solution. media that cannot be successfully eradicated and must be destroyed. Other IT assets not associated with Green Deletes eradication services can be aggregated along with the failed media. This E-placement service provides theCompany Philosophy client a certified and expedient option for recovering maxi- mum value and at the same time responsibly recyclingWe care for our people, our community, our environment, retired IT assets.and all human rights, along with customers and businesspartners. We do this by being a lean, green enterprise from For further information, visit greendelete.comthe very beginning while hiring and partnering with those or call 855-WE-ERASE (855-933-7273)that hold the same ethical and moral standards.