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Connecting dots with Yallzi - funny deck


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the first Social Story Network with a funny Pitch Deck
Please Meet the dot!

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Connecting dots with Yallzi - funny deck

  1. 1. fast Billions of updates, pictures, and links served daily. Get yours now! Always quick, always ready!
  2. 2. fast Social today: healthy and good?! Facts: • F ast updates to “like” • E asy to scroll forever • A ddictive to fear of missing out Side Effects: Disconnected updates lack in substance, prescribe and can cause stress, anxiety and loss of happiness *Happiness Research Institute
  3. 3. for disjointed, nutrition-less dots of updates? Stay healthy, Dr. Kenet De Dohts 1. Don’t conform 2. Connect the dots 3. Live and tell a beautiful story
  4. 4. Yallzi Social Storytelling Facts: • F amiliar format - story • U ltimate satisfaction - be yourself • N o Fear of Missing Substance Side Effects: Your life might become too interesting which may add new energy, inspiration, and solicit love from strangers by Michael Samson