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Qr Codes 1


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This is a Slide Show showing hoe to market with QR codes. Innovative Social Media Marketing.

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Qr Codes 1

  1. 1. QR Codes The fastest link from the physical world to the Digital World Presented by
  2. 2. QR = Quick Response • QR code is 128 bits if Information – This is not a Rorschach Test – This is how Print Media can be shared with a click. • There are over 50 Million Smart Phones currently in use in the US. • It is estimated there will be over 150 Million by 2013. • E-Bay Generated $500 Million from mobile e- commerce last year.
  3. 3. Examples of QR Codes in use TODAY • HBO's New Series "Boardwalk Empire" Using a QR code in GQ Magazine /
  4. 4. Examples of QR Codes in use TODAY • QR Codes in Times Square
  5. 5. Examples of QR Codes in use TODAY
  6. 6. The Key is Where does it Lead? • Who Knows what it will un-lock – Web pages – Maps – Music – Pictures – Videos – Text – Contact Information
  7. 7. How would your Business use this Technology? • Treasure Hunts • Self Guided Tours • Temporary Tattoos • Event Registration • Ticket Sales • Coupons • Mobile only Specials