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Creativity: household small game assignment # 4


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Published in: Education
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Creativity: household small game assignment # 4

  1. 1. Creativity: Snap the stick…Two household items make a funny game Carsten Weerth, Bremen/Germany Stanford University Creativity Crash Course
  2. 2. A couple of clips…
  3. 3. Two oven cloth in animal form ☺
  4. 4. A small bowl…
  5. 5. A pitcher… With a stick…
  6. 6. A catcher... With a stick…
  7. 7. A target area...
  8. 8. Got the stick!!!
  9. 9. Rules...• The aim of the game is to throw the stick into the blue target area.• The pitcher tries to place the stick in the target area. 1 point for hits…• The catcher tries to prevent the stick from reaching the target area by catching the stick. 1 point for a caught stick…
  10. 10. Funny, or?
  11. 11. Acknowledgements...This presentation was made for ‘connect andcombine‘ - the fourth assignment of TinaSeelig‘s MOOC Crash Course in Creativity,Standford University.Starring are two oven cloth, a blue bowl andsome clips (as sticks).The guy is named Carsten and most pictureswere taken by Marie-Luise Mascia...It is dedicated to the Hanseatic League ofCreativity.