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Final Dream Team First Draft

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Creativity final dream_team_app

  1. 1. Creativity: How to fall asleepwhen your mind is troubled… A story, many ideas and a solution…Final Dream Team: Diana Knodel, DianaSauerwein, Ruth Konter, Carsten Weerth Stanford University Creativity Crash Course
  2. 2. Our aimThe Final Dream Team seekspossibilities to find sleep and peacewhen there are many positive and /or negative thoughts in your mind...
  3. 3. Ideas for falling asleep…- Drink hot milk- Read a book- Count sheep- Watch TV- Watch your favorite sequel- Talk to friends- Write a journal- Read the newspaper [...]
  4. 4. All-in-one-device?Would it not be good to have many of thehelping ideas for falling asleep in onedevice: your smartphone, netbook or tabletPC?You can easily perform many reading andwriting tasks all communication tasks byhelp of the above mentioned devices fromyour bed...
  5. 5. What if your mind is overfilled…Our major setting is the following:Your mind is brimming. You need tosolve a problem soon. You should do along research in order to solve it. Andbe creative – finding a new approach.That keeps you from falling asleep.So would it not be nice to have...
  6. 6. An app that helps solving problems! A sleeping well app… “What is on your mind“???
  7. 7. How can I help you? The app asks for your problem.
  8. 8. Enter your problem… “I need to find a mobile- friendly blogtheme“
  9. 9. App confirmes search task… “OK, I understand - and start the internet s search“
  10. 10. Search themes for your blog...
  11. 11. Search topics and colors…
  12. 12. App finds topics while you sleep... 8 Themes found, checking color preferences…
  13. 13. Research for popularity of themes “Research popularity of themes“
  14. 14. Research views per country…
  15. 15. Theme: Customized Twenty Eleven
  16. 16. In the morning: After sound sleep - Your app welcomes you ☺
  17. 17. Results in the morning ☺ The app shows all results of the nightly research – you can sleep sound and your mobile / handheld PC / tabloid is presenting its research… The Final Dream Team thanks for your couriosity…
  18. 18. Acknowledgements...This presentation was made as the ‘finalproject‘ - the last and final team assignmentof Tina Seelig‘s MOOC Crash Course inCreativity, Standford University.The ideas were gained by help of team brainwriting and collaboration tools such asGoogleDocs, Slideshare the venture-lab.orgcollaboration tool for communication.The background picture was downloaded for free from URL: The background music wasdownloaded for free from URL: