Dipak Gyawali - #steps13


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Dipak Gyawali - #steps13

  1. 1. National Water Policies = Rain in Colorado Desert / Trans-Himalaya Why? Too much ‘Eagle Eye’ Science Too little ‘Toad’s Eye’ ScienceBoth are necessary but neither alone is sufficient:ES lacks roots while TS lacks perspective Dipak Gyawali, Nepal Water Conservation Foundation
  2. 2. Mass State(Voter/Consumer) HierarchismFatalismMarket ActivistIndividualism Egalitarianism Social Response to Groundwater Overdraft Nepal Water Conservation Foundation
  3. 3. From: EU-INCO water research from FP4 to FP6 (1994-2006) – a critical review. Luxembourg, (by D. Gyawali, J.A.Allan et al.) http://europa.eu.int/comm/research/water-initiative,2006
  4. 4. Plural Definition (and thus sciences) of what the Water Problem isControl - too many people is the Bureaucratic Hierarchismproblem: Solution is to manage itthrough rules and regulation.Neruvian Scarcity Water Stress and Insecurity Market Egalitarianism of Social Individualism Abundanc Depletion Movements/Greens e Free innovation is the solution to scarcity brought about by Profligacy is the problem: too much control and scare solution is to rein in our mongering. greed. Gandhian Regano-Thatcherite Answer is: “Many 10% Solutions”!! Adapted from Rayner and Malone (1998) and Gyawali (2003)