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Works projects sample


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Works projects sample

  1. 1. My Sample Projects Digital Arts Stephanie Yinchen Niu
  2. 2. Artist StatementVersion 1For the first version of this assignment, my attempt was to recreate an image that is very much like what once had occurred in my dream. The dream image consists of a vast and wide landscape/horizon, mimicking that of a planet’s surface where my friends and I landed on it in my dream; the fog in the dream was mimicked by the foggy effect on the background, which represents uncertainty. The white flag, the Viking ship and Dorian temple ruin and the spaceship were there to create a sense of lost civilization and unfinished journey/mission. The theme has more to do with past and personal transition to present & future.
  3. 3. Artist StatementVersion 2Using a much more abstract form of presenting the image, I used paintbrush for this one to imitate the classic paintings by the impressionism works in the past. I used strong colors with large brushes for the ocean and added the sun on horizon. To add some creative elements, I used the torn paper effect to make it look like a human child in real world is peeking right into the image world, creating a sense of two parallel worlds coexisting with each other.
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  5. 5. Dreamweaver Narrative Website Stories, with connected central themes
  6. 6. Dreamweaver Narrative Website sample screenshot: