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Compare and contrast cultures 1.1


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Compare and contrast cultures 1.1

  1. 1. Characteristics Cultures1. Dominant organizationalcharacteristicsClan: Personal, like a familyAdhocracy: Entrepreneurial, risk takingMarket: Competitive, achievement orientedHierarchy: Controlled and structured2. Leadership style Clan: Mentoring, facilitating, nurturingAdhocracy: Entrepreneurial, innovative, risk takingMarket: No-nonsense, aggressive, results orientedHierarchy: Coordinating, organizing, efficiencyoriented3. Management of employees Clan: Teamwork, consensus, and participationAdhocracy: Individual risk taking, innovation,freedom, and uniquenessMarket: Competitiveness and achievementHierarchy: Security, conformity, predictability4. Organizational glue Clan: Loyalty and mutual trustAdhocracy: Commitment to innovation, developmentMarket: Emphasis on achievement and goalaccomplishmentHierarchy: Formal rules and policies5. Strategic emphasis Clan: Human development, high trust, opennessAdhocracy: Acquisition of resources,creating new challengesMarket: Competitive actions and winningHierarchy: Permanence and stability6. Criteria for success Clan: Development of human resources, teamwork,concern for peopleAdhocracy: Unique and new products and servicesMarket: Winning in the marketplace, outpacingthe competitionHierarchy: Dependable, efficient, low cost