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Worldwide Consulting


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Worldwide Consulting

  1. 1. Challenges • Current process is 4-6 weeks of “heavy touch” • 10 day training, much virtual About enablement, heavy involvement by local managers • HR manager @ WW consulting services firm • New employees: “We don't feel • 15 employees who help her with plugged in for 3-6 months” various parts of the company’s HR • Hard to find the info they need programs, including the new employee hiring process • New hires struggle with new • Ramping up new employees: too tools and solutions much time & too much money • Barriers for new hires to identify & communicate with their global counterparts Executive Direction • Sales VP: hard to place new  cut costs  reduce the time for new employee consultants, because no insight into their skills integration  improve overall efficiency © 2009 IBM all rights reserved
  2. 2. Benefits  Employee Satisfaction  Reduced Cost, HR involvement Solution • Social software connects new  Much less hand-holding hires and WW employees • New hires profile themselves,  Reduced time to productivity characterize their talents, location, and job role  Improved Efficiency • New hire joins an online  This is cool community related to their department, and are immediately  New Employees have a sense of plugged in peers & colleagues connection starting Day 1 since • In the “New Hire Community,” they can see the right employees see the FAQs from other individuals, talents, and similar new hires; see links to all HR dos questions they might have and processes, access “tips and tricks,” and use blogs to share their experience and post questions © 2009 IBM all rights reserved