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How to learn design for non designers, a resource guide


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A collection of books and videos that teach you the fundamentals of design.

First lets recap why you should bother finding out how to learn graphic design.

People make snap judgements on the quality of your product. You need to be damn sure they make a good first impression.

Design every interaction, think about the whole experience.

Key responsibilities

Make things pretty
Design for target devices and user needs
Design is how it works not just how it looks
Design the whole system
Make the small things matter
That all sounds good and well but where do you start gaining the skills needed?

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How to learn design for non designers, a resource guide

  1. How to learn design for non designers A resource guide
  2. Typography Typography is one of the most important aspects of design. ! This is especially true for web design where text is still such an important medium. Having a strong grasp of typography and an eye for type is essential.
  3. Ellen Lupton Thinking with Type: A Primer for Designers
  4. Grid Systems For designers working in every medium, layout is arguably the most basic, and most important, element.
  5. Making and Breaking the Grid: A Graphic Design Layout Workshop Timothy Samara
  6. Colour theory There is a science to picking good color combinations. Spend some time learning the rules before you break them.
  7. The Art of Color Johannes Itten
  8. Whitespace When used effectively, empty space can provide visual impact in a design. Learn how to make empty space work for you.
  9. Visual Hierarchy One of the most important tools you can use to help your users is visual hierarchy. Good visual hierarchy draws the users attention to the most important information on the screen. It also helps group related content together.
  10. Balance Good compositions are all about balance. Learn to create balance by carefully placing elements in your design.
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