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Our ITtechExec and NoddlePlace Team


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Meet our team of technical resume writers, job search agent, and career strategists.

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Our ITtechExec and NoddlePlace Team

  1. 1. Meet Our Team From Our Writers to Our Quality Specialist to Our Job Search Agent 866.755.9800 1
  2. 2. Successfully Delivering Messaging & Job Search Solutions for CIOs, CTOs, Technology Executives, IT Experts & Business Leaders at Top National & Global Companies, Start-Up & Venture Capital Firms, Government Agencies and Contractors
  3. 3. Our Core From Our Two Co-Founders to Our Partner 866.755.9800 3
  4. 4. Stephen Van Vreede Stephen is the “face” of ITtechExec and NoddlePlace. He is our Co-Founder and the Technical Resume Writer & Career Strategist for, TechRepublic, and Dice. He has also advised the Linux Foundation membership on career management and strategy issues and is a Board Member for the Career Thought Leaders (CTL). (He’s a local town politician too, but we try not to hold that against him!) 866.755.9800 4
  5. 5. STEPHEN VAN VREEDE Toll Free: (866) 755-9800STEPHEN@ITTECHEXEC.COM Direct: (585) 586-1385 PERSONAL INFORMATION EDUCATION KEY SKILLS CREDENTIALS EMPLOYMENT HISTORY CAREER THOUGHT LEADERSHIP PROFESSION Visit us at Principal Solutions Architect INDUSTRY EXPERIENCE Résumé & Career Services 13+ Years 2004 1995 MBA, Villanova University BS, University of Maryland TECHNOLOGY PRODUCT DEV TELECOM IT OPERATIONS INFRASTRUCTURE TECH STRATEGY ACRW & CPRW Résumé Certifications Six Sigma Black Belt OPNS & MCS Social Media Job Search Certifications 2001 - Present 1995-2003 Started career in field operations and progressed rapidly to roles of increasing accountability. Led 120-seat international call center operation with full oversight for operating P&L with $100M in revenue and $4M in expenses. Business Principal / Résumé Writer & Career Coach Operations Leader Launched and grew multiple brands in the career services space. Positioned ITtechExec as the premier provider of résumé and job search services for technology leaders in the U.S. Corporate IT Executives CIOs at Small Firms & Start-ups CTOs & Technology Innovators Enterprise Architects Networking EXPERTISE Board Member, Career Thought Leaders (CTL) Consortium Author of "Uncommon" with Leadership Guru Brian Tracy Featured Expert on,, and NICHE Technology & Engineering
  6. 6. Coming in Summer 2015: The latest release by Brian Tracy featuring Stephen Van Vreede. Click here to receive an advanced chapter release: The Rise of the Corporate Entrepreneur 866.755.9800 5
  7. 7. Sheree Van Vreede Sheree is also one of our Co-Founders, a Certified Professional Resume Writer (CPRW), and is our in-house Quality Assurance Specialist. With 20 years of scientific and technical writing and editing behind her, nothing gets passed her … nothing! 866.755.9800 6
  8. 8. Sheree Van Vreede20-year technical writer and editor Market Analyst, Client Engagement, Process Management & Quality Assurance Guide 1 2 3 4 5 6 Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in English VALUE Converting info into value-added documents TRENDS PRESENCE QUALITYTRUSTRELATIONSHIP Identifying and setting market trends Growing industry and market exposure Establishing process and quality standards Positioning to build trust and credibility Driving personal customer engagement Facebook LinkedInProfile EDUCATION & CREDENTIALS University of Maryland, College Park Certified Professional Resume Writer (CPRW) Professional Association of Resume Writers & Career Coaches (PARW/CC)
  9. 9. Sue Sacco And last, but certainly not least, is the core partner who makes us truly unique, Sue. Sue is a Certified Job Search Strategist (CJSS) who rounds out all the hard work our messaging guides have done by developing a strategic vision for your search, helping you to build a pipeline using recruiters, and engaging in targeted employer profiling while helping you to secure contact names with these employers. She is one-of-a-kind and so is this service! 866.755.9800 7
  10. 10. Job Search Agent Suzan "Sue" Sacco Technology & Engineering Leaders, CIOs, CTOs, Executives & Directors Kick-starting the job search into the "Hidden Job Market" No-Nonsense Job Search Advantage Execute a focused company search organic ingredients Eliminate fishing for jobs along with everyone else in uncharted waters Secure interviews and referrals 69% Accelerate your search up to Be Unique, Not a Commodity Every solution is custom-built and delivered in a personalized, one-on-one engagement focused on producing results! Employer Profiling LinkedIn Network Building Recruiter Matching Strategic Visioning Certified Job Search Specialist (CJSS) Email: Location: Fairport, NY Our Solutions Increase quantity and quality of connections
  11. 11. Our Backbone 866.755.9800 8 Our writing team members are truly the backbone of our distinct resume portfolio approach.
  12. 12. Kalindi Kalindi is a Certified Master Resume Writer known for strategically positioning clients for career success through the development of winning resumes, cover letter, LinkedIn profiles, interview portfolios, and other personal branding documents. Specializing in the fields of IT, Engineering, and Project/Program Management, Kalindi is not only one of our master-level guides, but she is also a client favorite for her awesome designs and client care. (In other words, she's the real deal, the complete package, the whole kit and caboodle!) 866.755.9800 9
  13. 13. KalindiGarvin ABOUT SKILLS EDUCATION WORKEXPERIENCE CONTACT AREASOFEXPERTISE 2011 PRESENT 2005 2011 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------- Leverage background in technical project management and IT operations to create winning resume documents for tech and engineering professionals. Expert at delivering world-class customer care and asking questions to elicit the right type of information. Collaborate with technical and engineering clients to define their brand and craft winning: CertifiedMasterResumeWriter JOB SEARCH STRATEGIST Project Management Engineering Management IT Operations IT Service Delivery Application Development Technology Leadership MOUNTMERCYCOLLEGE Bachelor or Science (B.S.) Candidate Human Resources Management & Marketing BRANDING ITCoordinator MESSAGING JOBSEEKER POSITIONING McGladrey Resumes and Cover Letters LinkedIn Profiles and Bios Project Highlights Pages and more 2007 ProjectSpecialist Rockwell Collins CREDENTIALS CERTIFIEDMASTERRESUMEWRITER CERTIFIEDJOBSEARCHSTRATEGIST CERTIFIEDPROFESSIONALRESUMEWRITER ACRWCANDIDATE
  14. 14. Richard Richard is a an Academy Certified Resume Writer and former Professional in Human Resources with more than 30 years of experience in professional staffing and marketing document development focusing on the fields of Technology and Finance. Developing resumes, cover letters, and compelling LinkedIn profiles individually or as part of an integrated marketing campaign is his specialty. Richard is our expert in corporate "goo", thanks to his HR days. (So he's been there, done that, has the t-shirt, and now lives to tell about it!) 866.755.9800 10
  15. 15. Recruiting Resume Design Social Media Richard H. Personal Brand Strategist + Resume Writer + Social Media Profile Creator = Tech Professionals A. Technologyresume writingfor ITand engineeringprofessionals across the U.S. and manyinternationallocations B. Innovative LinkedInprofile content development and optimization C. Extensive background as a Technical Recruiter, witha clear understandingofwhat formats and informationresonates with recruiters today 20 Years of Tech Industry Experience Academy Certified Resume Writer (ACRW) Certified Professional Resume Writer (CPRW) Certified Employment Interview Professional (CEIP) BA in Journalism, Northern Illinois University
  16. 16. Chris Chris is a member of The National Resume Writers’ Association (NRWA) with several years of IT experience. While emphasizing IT executives and professionals, Chris has also produced resumes across diverse occupations and situations including project managers, scientists, medical professionals, account executives, federal employees, new graduates, and stay-at- homes returning to work. His background includes Systems Operator for Nokia and Web Programmer. He even worked as a Dispatcher/Call Taker for the campus police at the University of Miami managing everything from towed vehicles to unruly football players to true life-and-death situations. He’s been known to share a story or two from that time! 866.755.9800 11
  17. 17. CHRIS A. TECHNICAL RESUME WRITER CONTACT EDUCATION EXPERIENCE SKILLSETS Messaging & Resume Design Web Coding & Development Washington, D.C. Metro Area University of Wisconsin, Eau Claire Bachelor of Arts (BA) Communications Nokia/NAVTEQ ITtechExec PPRCorp. Web Programmer / Consultant Resume ArchitectSystems Operator II ______________________________________ _______________________________________ ________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ IT Systems Management Social Technologies _______________________________________PROFILE Resume, LinkedIn profile, cover letter, bio, and marketing document writer for clients in technology, engineering, and various IT disciplines. Experience as a Systems Operator for Nokia and as a Web Programmer using an array of scripting and markup languages. Information Systems Coursework University of Miami Web-based ERP SQL PHP HTML GUI Development IT Resumes Technology LinkedIn Profiles Engineering & IT Project Documentation LinkedIn Search SEO Cover Letters Executive Bios Web Data Feeds Network Monitoring EDI Data Integrity Application Defect Resolution Technical SOP Documentation CREDENTIALS ACRW Certification Candidate CompTIAA+ / Network+ _______________________________________________________________________________
  18. 18. Set up your complimentary Upcoming Career Move Prep Session with Technical Resume Writer & Career Strategist, Stephen Van Vreede, today. We've made it easy to schedule your consult with Stephen. Simply click on the calendar image below to schedule your appointment. (If you can arrange to have Internet access during the call, then he can share his desktop presentation with you.) You will receive 1 confirmation email and 1 follow-up note from Stephen sent through our Appointment Core admin (Links make life so simple when they're working, but sometimes they take on a life of their own. If for some reason the link doesn't work properly here, please email Sheree directly at!): **Please look for the "admin" email from Stephen that has information regarding the call. It usually arrives within an hour of booking the appointment.** 866.755.9800 12
  19. 19. Maybe you can relate…. A lot of times we know what we “should” do, but either we don’t do it or we just wait until we have to because: • We no longer have the ambition we once did • We have kids to raise and focus on • We believe the obstacles we will face in the market are too overwhelming or exhausting to face • Work no longer matters much • We’re too busy • We always figure something out when we need to • We’re not really sure what we want to do next • We have external concerns that weigh on us • We have other unfulfilled goals and dreams 866.755.9800 13
  20. 20. To learn more about ITtechExec or our other solutions: 866.755.9800 14 Stephen toll-free at 1-866-755-9800; email at Read our prospectus: Your Way Out of the Resume Jungle. Also, check out our free self-assessments: From Tech Job Market Zoo to Corporate Goo... How to Protect What You’ve Built So Far. LI Profile Optimization Self-Assessment Career Move Preparation Self-Assessment
  21. 21. ITtechExec Protecting the Technical Career You’ve Built So Far ITtechExec members are senior managers, directors, executives, and C-level tech leaders (15+y ears of experience) who specialize in the following fields: • CIO & CTO • IT Operations • Project/Program Management • Enterprise Architecture • Telecommunications • Engineering (Mechanical, Aerospace, Electrical…) • Manufacturing • Call Center Operations • Technical Sales Leadership • Medical Device • And all things technical related… These members have worked hard to get where they are today, and they are committed to investing in protecting and maintaining these careers. They come to us as guides through the technical job market “zoo” to help them invest their valuable time and resources wisely on solutions that produce effective results. NoddlePlace Your Technical Career Advancement. SIMPLIFIED. NoddlePlace members are the up-and-coming versions of our ITtechExec members. With about 5 to 15 years of technical career experience under their belts, they are dedicated to investing in steady career advancement. They understand that they are likely to make 8 to 10 career moves over the next 25+ years of their career, and they are looking not just at getting a resume but at building in a strategic approach that positions them for this next move and beyond. As with ITtechExec, we provide a concierge-type service, where we combine the resume portfolio side with the job search “launch” side. Our goal is to produce measurable ROI and to reduce the stress that comes with job search and career management for both our NoddlePlace and ITtechExec members. At NoddlePlace, we make technical career advancement simple in a job market that’s gone insane. 866.755.9800 15