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IT Project Manager Resume & Job Search Success


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Ready to make that next leap in your project management or program management career? While you've picked a great field for today's market, the competition is fierce. So find out the type of personal branding you need to be on top!

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IT Project Manager Resume & Job Search Success

  1. 1. Branding Secret for PMPs and Project/Program Managers: The Portfolio Approach CONSISTENT “PORTFOLIO” BRAND MESSAGE RESUME DETAILED PROJECT DOCUMENT PERSONAL PRESENTATION DECK STAKEHOLDER TESTIMONIALS PAGE     LINKEDIN PROFILE  Project Managers and Program Managers have it tough in today’s business climate. Expectations are high despite tightening budgets and timelines. As a result, finding the Holy Grail-type of opportunity (you know, the one in which the company provides adequate resources, proper budgets, and reasonable delivery dates so that it isn’t an around-the-clock and on-to-the-next-initiative-right-away environment) is difficult and highly competitive. Just imagine an environment with a true culture of empowerment and collaboration where your expertise is so valued that your proposed project plan isn’t cut to shreds with a single comment like “Great...just do it 2 months faster with half the budget and resources.” Believe it or not, these places do exist! Having a portfolio that positions you effectively will help you stand out from the other qualified PMP candidates. But not just any old portfolio will need a brand message and strategy that delivers on the 4-Cs to make a strong and lasting impact on the senior business leaders that make the hiring decisions. What are the 4-Cs? Clear Concise Compelling Consistent What could your portfolio look like? Get a free consultation from us and find out! ITtechExec Phone: (585) 586-1385  Email:  Toll-Free: (866) 755-9800 Visit us online at
  2. 2. My Success Story SaaSPROGRAM EXECUTIVE Phone: (585) 586-1385 Toll-Free: (866) 755-9800 Email: RESULTS DELIVERED TARGET COMPANIES EXECUTIVE INTERACTIONS FORMAL INTERVIEWS 12 8 3 NEGOTIATION SUCCESS SALARY BONUS COMPANY CAR ADDITIONAL BENEFITS + 14% + 14% Tesla + €66K Including €25K Recurring Annually I went from having an out-of-reach dream to the reality of a great offer for an exciting leadership position within a geographic market in which I had no contacts. Not only did I land an offer for this great role, but Stephen and Sue guided me through the negotiations to help me secure a 14% increase in base salary and bonus, plus ~ €66,000 in additional benefits. Looking back from this vantage point, I realize that my story is pretty incredible. Actually, what they did was nothing short of impressive. I had been in Silicon Valley for years, advancing into higher level tech management roles with, Zuora, and ServiceNow. During this time, I had traveled extensively and worked with international teams, and I really grew to love the Netherlands. During a coaching session with Stephen, I mentioned my desire to take on development leadership roles in the Netherlands as a pie-in-the-sky objective. He said to me, “If this is the goal for you and your family, what’s standing in your way?” Well, at the time, lots of things were standing in my way. The biggest obstacles were a complete lack of market knowledge and no connections that I could call on to introduce me to executives in the small Dutch market focused on SaaS application services. What’s worse, I didn’t even know who the players were in the market. Sue worked with me to establish what I was looking for in terms of the role and company profile (size, maturity, segment). Then she went out and identified matches, which we evaluated together. She took it from there, vetting potential contacts and making introductions. The response was overwhelming. I suddenly had a direct pipeline of communication with the CEOs or Senior Executives at a handful of my target companies. One Skype call with a CEO turned into a formal interview on the spot, and other interactions led to follow-up interviews. I mentioned this fantastic offer, but I have to say that I was ready to kill the opportunity when the initial offer came in. Stephen kept my messaging on-point, helping to get me a base salary more than 10% above the company’s top salary range for the role. I can’t say enough. It’s a great feeling when people want you and value what you can do!  Company Research & Targeting  Executive Networking  Messaging & Communications Management  Interview & Negotiations Coaching
  3. 3. My Success Story SR.PROJECT(PMP)& PORTFOLIOMANAGER Phone: (585) 586-1385 Toll-Free: (866) 755-9800 Email: JOB SEARCH SUCCESS SALARY INCREASE BONUS INCREASE GREAT RELOCATION PACKAGE AWESOME CULTURAL FIT     Family is really important to me, and being away from family was a challenge. My husband and I had been in Atlanta for 10 years. It wasn’t too bad at first because we both had demanding jobs but no kids. Then came along our two boys. Despite being connected in the community and having lots of great friends, having no family close by to help with the kids, to be involved in their development, and to offer support became too exhausting. This is when I asked Stephen and Sue to help me out. My goal was to find an exciting, challenging in-house position (I had been in consulting for more than a decade) in a technology leadership role focused on project/program management for application and solution delivery. My geographic target was the Raleigh-Durham, NC area, which was much closer to my family. I didn’t have much in the way of contacts and knew very little about the job market for the type of roles I wanted in NC. Stephen and Sue quickly got to work, connecting me with a mix of recruiters, executives, as well as project and program managers in the Raleigh-Durham area. It’s funny...everyone always talks about the importance of networking, and I would always nod my head as if I really got it. Well, I sure get it now! It’s amazing how quickly the connections they built for me led to interviews! When I talked to friends and colleagues, the experience that they describe when conducting a “traditional” job search (submitting their resumes to job boards and company sites) is nothing like my experience. They all comment on how “de-humanizing” the process can be. They send out dozens and dozens of resumes and often don’t get any response. If they do get a call, they get treated like they’re not special. The executives and decision makers that I connected with recognized the value I could bring to their organization right away. They didn’t need to be convinced that I was a credible candidate because they already had me at the top of their list! Interviewing for a role is so much easier and so much more pleasant when they want you, because you’re interacting as equals. Love my new job and new community!  Personal Branding  Document Preparation  New Market & Company Research  Executive Networking  Targeted Employer Engagement  Messaging & Communications Management  Interview & Negotiations Coaching