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Marketing strategy - skills build lecture


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An introduction to marketing strategy with a focus on relevance and digital.

Published in: Marketing
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Marketing strategy - skills build lecture

  1. 1. Marketing Strategy: University of Sheffield Skill Build March 2017 Stephen Thompson - Head of Digital, University of Sheffield @ratamahattass
  2. 2. About me Start up, growth and large companies Client and agency side Account handling and strategy Retail, Travel, Publishing and Education Channel specific and integrated campaigns
  3. 3. Agenda Key principles Customer journey Content Culture and working practices Future trends Useful tools & resources
  4. 4. Countdown Conundrum
  5. 5. Right time Right place / location Right person Right context Right information Right price / promotion
  6. 6. Key ingredients Data and insight Measurement Testing and failing fast Technology Content People
  7. 7. Customer Journey (Digital)
  8. 8. Customer Journey to online purchase Source:!/the-us/arts-and-entertainment/large/generic-paid-search
  9. 9. Technical Onsite (content) Offsite (votes of confidence)
  10. 10. Source:
  11. 11. PPC best practices Source:
  12. 12. Source:
  13. 13. BUT - People are mobile
  14. 14. Micro-moments Thanks to mobile, micro-moments can happen at any time, anywhere... In those moments, consumers expect brands to address their needs with real-time relevance
  15. 15. Mobile & Micro Moments Context Intent Immediacy
  16. 16. Mobile & Micro Moments Be There • Anticipate the micro-moments for your users and then commit to helping those moments occur Be Useful • Be relevant to consumers’ needs in the moment and connect people to the answers they’re looking for Be Quick • Mobile users want to know, go, and buy swiftly. • Mobile experience should be fast and frictionless Connect the dots • Measurement across devices, channels and screens. • Planning and measurement take these into account and attribute accordingly
  17. 17. Moments of truth
  18. 18. Source: Brian Solis, 2013:
  19. 19. Content: Visual + Image march on Source:
  20. 20. Content and Visual Communication Take into account the nuances and audience expectations of a platform or device Consider the viewing context eg multi-screen, strength of connection ‘Brand’ fit and make it compelling
  21. 21. The 6 STEPPs of Contagious Content Source: Criteria from Jonah Lehrer's book 'Contagious' on why certain pieces of content do so well.... The Six STEPPS of Contagious Content Social currency Triggers Emotion Public Practical Value Stories
  22. 22. Culture & working practices
  23. 23. Source:
  24. 24. Culture & working practices Attributes: Adaptability, continuous learning, data, creative, collaborative Common tools & resources: Trello, Google Docs, Slack, Whatsapp, Medium, Basecamp, IFTTT, Hubspot
  25. 25. Leadership Leadership that’s globally collaborative and inclusive – communication, relationships and trust Inspiring others not be about our words, about our actions Carefully balance our use of technology with maintaining human connections Source:
  26. 26. Future trends and challenges Automation AI and speech Internet of things and multiple interfaces Speed of progress ‘Dark’ channels Content production
  27. 27. Useful Tools & Resources • Google Planning Tools • Search: • Social: Nuzzel, followerwonk, buffer • Analytics competitor tracking: Ghostery plugin • Free images such as pixabay • Mary Meeker Internet Trends • Techcrunch, Clickzdaily, Econsultancy • Google adwords / analytics, Programmatic • Seth Godin / Brian Solis
  28. 28. Final thoughts... Data & technologies enable more sophisticated marketing as we move to a segment of one But the basic principles of marketing remain relevant
  29. 29. Thank you and Questions Stephen Thompson - Head of Digital, University of Sheffield @ratamahattass