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New product launch program for Nexxus haircare product = Promend. Utilized consumer advocates to generate positive product reviews prior to retail shipments.

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Bazaarvoice Online Advocacy Presentation

  1. 1. ProMend Launch Program
  2. 2. Introducing Nexxus ProMend, the first line of products that actuallyREPAIRS split ends by binding them back together in one use up to 92% repair  up to 92% repair  in ONE use!Program Objective • Generate positive consumer product reviews for products that had not yet shipped • Activate reviews to reach consumers beyond, addressing skepticism around product claimsIdentified high-quality Nexxus consumers to send ProMend samples • Requested samples in the past • Had submitted multiple positive product reviews on • High N t P Hi h Net Promoter scores (7+) = willingness t recommend N t (7 ) illi to d Nexxus • Self-identified with having hair issues, including split ends
  3. 3. Ambassador Product Review ProgramAnnouncement email sent to Consumers requested sampling Follow up email requesting reviews p q gconsumer short list h t li t kits kit (50% conversion) i ) Over 30 reviews per SKU collected before available in store
  4. 4. “HEALS YOUR HAIR!“ANOTHER GREAT PRODUCT BY NEXXUS This conditioner literally heals your hair...I could feel thethank you so much for allowing me to use your pro mend difference as I was using it. It didnt just coat my hairpproduct. i long curly dry hair. after the first use i was g y y with a greasy coating like so many other conditioners Ihooked. …i told my daughter right away and am sharing have used in the past. I could tell that this conditionerwith her. i am looking forward to buying the overnight was actually soaking into my hair to help it "mend”…”treatment.” ZCCK – Montgomery, ALShrimp - TEXAS “GREAT PRODUCT!“I absolutely love this conditioner. It really felt like I could feel my I used this product along with the Pro-Mend shampoo andsplit ends mending. It actually nourished and conditioned my conditioner which are already great products! This producthair within 24 hours and I (and others) could feel and see the really helps keep your hair smooth and shiny …I have verydifference after only one use. It left my hair weightlessly soft fine hair and I felt like this whole product line helped my hairwhile penetrating every folicle and coating its shaft. Works great to have more volume and body. I know it has made itafter using the shampoo shampoo. stronger and have noticed a lot fewer split ends! I wouldLeaves – New York definitely recommend this entire line!” Lovespink – Henderson, CO “ I WAS SKEPTICAL, BUT IT DOES WORK! I didnt believe that any product could y repair split-ends ... But I received this product at a p yp yet p p p point when my hair was totally split, y y p , drying out, and getting tangly. Using the shampoo, conditioner, and the leave-in treatment, my hair was transformed in the first day…It seems that I have about a 50% reduction of split-ends. My hair is back to being very shiny and smooth at the ends. I was in desperate need of a haircut but now it looks so much better that Im going to attempt to grow it longer and leave it un-trimmed. This stuff saved me from having to cut my hair ...! The smell is wonderful and the consistency is perfect. I would absolutely recommend all three products to … Thanks so much Nexxus!!!!!!” Genn – Plattsburg NY Plattsburg, NY. Average ratings per SKU= 4.4 - 4.7 out of 5
  5. 5. Reviews Distributed Before Product Shipped Print Online retail Social Media Online Media All online retailer reviews from for first month