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Travel tips to save you a fortune


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Travel lighter, go off peak and more travel tips to save you money.

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Travel tips to save you a fortune

  1. 1. Travel Tips to Save You A FortuneJames King
  2. 2. It’s a Buyers Market The world is still your oyster and this is particularly true of late,more than ever. Sure, purse strings are tightening and it’sbecoming increasingly difficult to make ends meet; but don’t letthis perturb you. The key point here that I am trying to make is that it’s a buyers’market out there! Now, more than ever it’s easier to grab atailor made holiday. Travel companies are bending overbackwards to get the consumer to spend - so negotiate. Bargainand haggle, be sure to get the best value for your money.
  3. 3. Are you Flexible Enough? Be Flexible – try wherever possible to be flexible about datesand destinations. Not always as easy as it sounds, but if you justuse a little know-how and possibly “Google Trends” you willquickly be able to identify peak season trends. Of course, try notto book your time off right in the middle of the school holidays,or other popular holidays for that matter. More importantly keep an eye out for the cheap cruise andcheap flight websites, there is “last minute” gold to be found
  4. 4. Sign up to Loyalty Bonuses Sign up for loyalty programmes for your preferred travelingmethod, if it’s cruising, then go for the cruise line loyaltyprogrammes, prefer flying? Get collecting those air miles; theyare not only useful for getting money off, but you can also pitthem against upgrades. Sometimes it’s not always necessarilyabout getting the best price, but extending the value of yourmoney. The more loyalty schemes you join, the greater spectrum ofchoice you have. Get more bang for your buck, don’t be afraidto play travel agents against each other. It’s time that we (theconsumer) started moving in the right direction.
  5. 5. Travel Off-Season Time and time again, people are always rattling on abouttraveling off-season and that is for a good reason! Off-season ischeaper! But remember, off-season for a cruise liner may notbe off-season for some of the other methods of travel. It alsodepends upon the country that you are visiting (cue GoogleTrends again). If you are going whale watching in Alaska thenoff-season will be considerably different from traveling to theCaribbean or Costa Rica. Another point to think about - events! You might not want totake yourself and the family over to the states during the SuperBowl. You might also want to avoid sailing away to Rio deJaneiro during the carnival if you are looking for a cheap breakalso.
  6. 6. Take the Road Less-Travelled Why not visit some of the less popular destinations of the world,try destinations such as Bulgaria or even Romania, they areoften cheaper alternatives to some of the more populardestinations. Think about it though, a five start hotel is still afive star hotel no matter where you go. But, a five star hotel willbe considerably cheaper in Bulgaria than, for example Hawaii.
  7. 7. Get your Homework Done! Simple mistakes happen to the best of us, but there is noexcuse for ignorance, and in an information age this isespecially true. Use the resources you have at your fingertips toplan ahead. What is staring you in the face right now? Yes, ascreen, no doubt you also have access to the internet as youwill be reading this blog. Well get researching! Check out theaverage eating-out prices, travel fares (bus, train, car hire). Takea look around, budget and plan. If you are not gettinganywhere fast, then contact the areas local tourist office, theyshould be able to furnish yourself with the info you are lookingfor.
  8. 8. Travel on Sleeper Trains Sleeper trains are a great way to save a little money, not onlycan they save on traveling, but you can also save on expensivehotel costs. There is yet another benefit, you will be able totravel during the evening; therefore not waste valuable timetraveling during the day. It’s pretty much a win win situation. I hope that my some of my insights will help you save somemoney on your future excursions. These are all tried and testedmethods and when you put them together, you can makeconsiderable savings.
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