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High level background brochure on UKTI services.

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Your Springboard To Gloabl Growth Pdf 123557664667 Phpapp02

  1. 1. Your springboard for global growthan overview of uK trade & investment servicesPart of the UK Government’s portfolioof Solutions for Business
  2. 2. Embracing international businessopportunities is vital to maintaininga leading edge and ensuringfuture prosperity.
  3. 3. MaxiMiseyour globalpotentialwe are witnessing an age of unprecedentedchange which presents challenges andopportunities of unparalleled scale for theuK and other countries around the this period of increasing global economicuncertainty, it is more important than ever thatbusinesses, whatever their country of origin,raise their game to stay ahead of thecompetition, increase their bottom lineand guarantee their future.growing your business internationally couldwell provide the answer that you are looking for.uK trade & investment (uKti) can help youevery step of the way. it is a springboard forglobal growth.left: the petronas twin towers,Kuala lumpur, malaysia 1
  4. 4. “I am a great believer in UKTI activities. They are the catalyst that makes us go out and explore opportunities in far-flung markets.” Dave Crump, Managing Director, Avesco Group
  5. 5. best ForbusinessThe UK is a world-class locationfor international business. Its And companies from outside the UK are increasingly choosing for every £1 thatvibrant and diversified economy to locate or expand here, attracted uKti spends, £15and unique combination ofsuccess, confidence, innovation, not only by the strength and stability of the UK market, is generated forquality and ambition make it a but recognising that it is also the uK economy.truly global economic powerhouse. a jump-off point to further international growth.Competition in the world ofinternational trade is increasingly With the clock now ticking tofierce and we are experiencing an the opening of the 2012 Olympicera of change, new opportunities Games in London, the eyes of theand economic turbulence. The UK world are firmly on the UK. Thisis embracing these new challenges provides a perfect platform for UKand cementing its position companies to showcase theiras a world leader. expertise and do business in overseas markets, and for firmsBuilding on the country’s proud across the globe to make the mosthistory as a leading trading of all that the UK has to offer.nation, UK companies recognisethe importance of competingin a globalised economy and ofbecoming leaders in their field, notjust at home but across the world.left: business people, beijing, china 3
  6. 6. building prosperity Our clients cite consistently the importance of UKTI support in adding value UK Trade & Investment (UKTI) helping them to overcome barriers independent research can help you take advantage to new overseas business and shows that: of these opportunities. As the UK Government’s international enabling them to improve their – for every £1 that uKti spends, business development business performance. £15 is generated for the organisation, working in close Our trade development services uK economy, partnership with the English can make a real difference to your – over a 12-month period, uKti Regional Development Agencies business. The first consultation helped over 12,000 companies and the Devolved Administrations with a UKTI adviser can normally overcome barriers to entering in Scotland, Wales and Northern be arranged very quickly and is new markets, Ireland, we can give you the completely free of charge. The – uKti’s estimated total support that you need to help cost of subsequent packages of financial benefit to your business grow and prosper. support is then based on the businesses across all trade Boasting an unrivalled network individual requirements for your services is around £3 billion of specialist advisers throughout business and the amount of detail each year, the UK and in British embassies needed, and will always offer – each uKti service generates and other diplomatic posts across significant value for money. over £100,000 in estimated the globe, we build the capacity Understanding our customers’ benefits per customer, and of UK exporters, both new and needs is vital. – more than 3,000 companies experienced, by offering strategic increased r&d activity in the impartial advice and research, uK as a result of uKti support political support in overseas in 2007/08. markets, introductions to key contacts and assistance with promotional activities.“the support of uK trade & investment has enabled us to take a fast-track route to success. when you go into a new market, you need to do so with knowledge. uK trade & investment has provided that for us. this support is not only highly cost-effective, but also totally reliable.” peter blezard, Chief executive, plant impact plc 4
  7. 7. £100,000 uKti’s services generate an average of £100,000 additional profit per studyDefence and securitytavcom trainingdedicated hampshire security and surveillance training companytavcom is branching out in the usa after carrying out in-depthresearch with uK trade & investment.director of training mike tennent said: “it’s important to approachexport with your eyes open and we wanted to minimise our riskby doing our homework properly.“the guidance we received from uKti on who to speak to in theusa and how to assess the wider economic issues was invaluableand allowed us to take a very structured and focused approach toour research, which told us that there was a real gap in the marketin the states.”consequently, tavcom developed a clear and well-devisedmarket-entry strategy, which has led to it delivering trainingcourses for a major supplier of technical products, design andinstallation staff at atlanta airport, important opening trainingprogrammes with the us department of homeland security and,through a partnership with a local business, establishing aprofessional training centre in california.“without uK trade & investment, we would not have been able toapproach this opportunity with such certainty,” concluded 5
  8. 8. For international businesses Every year, we help hundredscurrently outside the UK or of overseas firms, from hi-tech factsfirms who have chosen to locate start-ups to global industry – in 2007, the uK was thehere, UKTI leads and guides an leaders, discover global growth top global defence exporter,inward investment network from a UK base. with a record £10 billion ofcomprising ourselves, English new business. Innovative, professional,Regional Development Agencies, – london is europe’s largest entrepreneurial and customer-International Business Wales, international banking centre, focused, no other organisationInvest Northern Ireland and with an estimated 41 per cent is better equipped to supportScottish Development of all the eu’s financial services. globally minded companies,International. The network – the uK is a world leader in both big and small, saving themworks with inward investors at university r&d, with more valuable time and money in theall stages of their decision-making scientific research papers per process. Let us help you be thecycle, becoming their advocate head than the usa, germany, best, government and with other france or Japan.public bodies. – eight of the world’s top ten largest management consulting firms – based on fee income – are from the uK. – the uK is number one for headquarter operations in europe. case study advanced engineering trac precision machining ltd uK trade & investment helped the company, part of the trac and introduced it to senior trac precision machining, a group, has chosen guayamas, local government officials to crewe-based designer and in the state of sonora, as the ensure it received the best- manufacturer of complex airfoil location for the new facility, possible incentives. components, to decide to set up after discussions with the local business development director an operation in mexico as part of authorities. this came after the scott mawby said: “the decision its expansion plans to reach new uK trade & investment office in to go to mexico was driven by our markets. the facility will monterrey provided objective customers requiring a us-dollar manufacture turbine blades for analysis on the aerospace sector source and a lower-cost base for commercial jet engines and in mexico, accompanied trac components.” power-generation equipment. group in its pre-visit to sonora to review the site selection www.trac-group.com6
  9. 9. In 2007, the UK was the top globaldefence exporter, with a record £10 billionof new business.raf tornado f3 in its rubb hanger
  10. 10. facts – the uK is the world’s second-largest exporter of tv programmes. – the uK has the top four universities in europe. – london is the global centre for emissions trading. – uK scientists have been awarded over 70 nobel prizes in scientific disciplines. – the uK has the highest number of leading mba courses in europe. – l ondon is the world capital case study for wi-fi hotspot use, racking logistics up four times as many wi-fi amazon sessions as new York and chicago. in april 2008, iconic global company amazon, headquartered in seattle, opened a new logistics centre in swansea, creating 2,700 jobs over the next five years. the facility, which is roughly the size of ten football pitches, is the internet shopping business’s largest base in the uK, and was brought to swansea thanks to a close partnership between amazon and international business wales, part of the welsh assembly government and uK trade & investment’s partner in the principality. wales’s first minister rhodri morgan said: “this is an extremely important investment, creating thousands of new jobs. other e-economy companies will sit up and take notice of amazon’s decision to opt for wales and the impressive turnaround time. “the speed of delivery of this project has been exceptional, taking just 16 months from the initial approaches between amazon and the assembly government to the opening of this megafacility. “it is a powerful shot in the arm for the welsh economy and the swansea bay area in particular. i am proud of the role that the assembly government has played in attracting amazon to wales. partnership has been the key to this success.”
  11. 11. “the help we have received from uK trade & investment has been excellent. it puts you in touch with the right people so that you can win orders.” nigel rogers, Managing Director, lyncolec 9
  12. 12. UK Trade & Investment aims to be thespringboard for success by providing arange of unique export support services.
  13. 13. enriChingexportersWhen UK companies dobusiness overseas, they benefit in regional, lesser-known centres too. If Team GB’s world-beating uKti’s estimated totalthe UK economy by increasing Olympians and Paralympians can financial benefit toproductivity, competitiveness andinnovation. Internationally active succeed with such style in Beijing, then there is no reason why you businesses across allfirms achieve a level of growth not can’t follow suit! trade services is aroundotherwise possible, utilise theircapacity more effectively, reduce UKTI aims to be the springboard £3 billion each year. for this success by providingtheir dependence on a single or a range of unique tradesmall number of markets, become support to new ideas and increasethe commercial life span of their Whether you are venturing intoproducts or services. selling overseas for the first time, or are an experienced exporterThat is why UK Trade & Investment trying to break into new markets,(UKTI) is so dedicated to helping these services, including supportUK exporters in global markets. for participation at selected tradeDespite intense competition, fairs and outward missions, adviceUK products, services and on communicating overseas andexpertise continue to be in bespoke market intelligence,demand across the world, and can help make doing businessopportunities are more plentiful internationally be as easy as doingthan ever before. This is business in the UK.particularly true in high-growthmarkets such as Brazil, Russia,India and China, whose dynamiceconomies provide a wealth ofprospects for UK firms in thecoming decades, not just in theirestablished cities, but increasinglyleft: aircraft undercarriage 11
  14. 14. how uKti Can help you... Developing your – specialist help with tackling cultural and language issues uKti can help make international when communicating with doing international trade potential overseas customers and partners, business as easy UKTI’s services assist companies – advice on how to go about market research and the possibility as doing business with tailored training, planning of a grant towards approved in the uK. and support to help them prepare market research projects, to succeed overseas. Getting started in international trade can – ongoing support to help your be tough – there’s a lot to learn business continue to develop and often a lot at stake. That’s overseas trade and look at why it helps to have top-quality, dealing with more sophisticated cost-effective advice and support. activities or markets, and UKTI can provide: – advice on a range of international trade help available from UKTI – an export health check to and others. assess your company’s trade development needs and help develop a plan of action, – training in the requirements for trading overseas, – access to an experienced local International Trade Adviser,“since working with uK trade & investment, we have gone from strength to strength. Year-on-year sales growth has been significant, key markets have been opened, strategic alliances have been formed and business generated. the experience has been so incredibly positive.”andrew eborn, president and Ceo, octopus Media technology 12
  15. 15. the uK is a world leader in university r&d, with more scientific research papers per head than the usa, germany, france or studylife scienceintegrated technologies ltd (itl)flourishing ashford-based firm itl, which specialises in thecontract design, development and manufacture of instruments foruse throughout the life science sector, recently opened a factory inJinqiao, china, after receiving help from uK trade & investment.uKti provided support with areas such as documentation, thepreparation and translation of brochures, and advice on china’sbusiness culture and environment.“when you’re attempting to do this sort of thing for the first time,you need a lot of support,” said managing director tom cole.“we talked with uKti in the early stages of this project and verysoon began to feel the benefit, receiving invaluable advice onaspects of who to contact in china, how best to progress theproject and how to tackle bureaucracy. our international tradeadviser worked tremendously hard on our behalf.“we commissioned an overseas market introduction servicereport from uKti, which gave us really good contacts and ledto our identifying five key suppliers in china. one of these is nowour partner, and in June we opened our new Jinqiao facility.”he concluded: “we are confident that it will lead to continuedrobust growth that will benefit not only our customer, but alsoeveryone in our company, both in the uK and in china.” 13
  16. 16. how uKti Canhelp you...accessing world-beating network with 1,300 staff acrossinternational In England, our services are accessed and delivered through all key global markets,markets local UKTI International Trade no other organisation is Teams located in each of the nineOnce the initial homework has English regions. In Scotland, Wales better equipped to helpbeen done, UKTI assists new and and Northern Ireland, they are companies do businessexperienced exporters withinformation, help and advice on delivered in co-operation with the respective national development internationally.entering overseas markets. To be agencies (Scottish Developmenta successful exporter you need International, Internationalto travel to your target markets Business Wales and Investand build lasting commercial Northern Ireland).relationships with your clients andpartners. This is not always easy, UKTI, which, as well as offering itsbut UKTI can help you with own services, also helps to fund apractical assistance before you number of export programmes rungo and ongoing help while by partner organisations, hasyou’re there. world-beating knowledge and expertise across key markets andOur services include: industry sectors, with in-depth– information, contacts, advice, strategies in place for priority areas mentoring and support from such as ICT, energy, life sciences, UKTI staff at home and overseas advanced engineering, financial in our network of embassies, services, healthcare and the consulates and other offices creative industries. in over 100 markets, Central to everything is our– support to participate in trade close and enduring relationships fairs overseas, with our valued customers,– opportunities to participate relationships that can open the in sector-based trade missions door to a whole new world. and seminars, Whatever your size and level of– access to major buyers, experience and wherever in the governments and supply world you want to sell, talking chains in overseas markets, to UKTI is one of the best moves– advice on forming international your company can make. We’ll help joint ventures and partnerships, you research overseas markets,– exploratory visits to new gain the necessary international markets, and trade skills, identify opportunities– alerts to the latest and best and turn them into real business. business opportunities.14
  17. 17. “uKti also organised a briefing, which really helped us to understand our brazilian customers in terms of both cultural and commercial differences.”case studyenergyelstat electronics ltdpreston-based firm elstat, which “we then joined a uK trade “we already have an order ofdesigns and builds environmentally & investment trade mission to £907,000 annually and have justfriendly systems that can brazil and found this an excellent received our first call-off to thedramatically reduce the costs way to further our business. value of £350,000. we are alsoincurred by running fridges and the trip gave us a real fast track negotiating more orders,refrigerated cabinets, has to brazil and what drives the including an ongoing enquiryenjoyed lucrative success in economy there. from a brazilian beer giant,brazil after consulting with uK worth around £8 million, and “uKti also organised atrade & investment advisers. are hoping to see considerable briefing, which really helped volume growth in latin america“a uKti specialist was able us to understand our brazilian in the future.”to explain the latin american customers in terms of bothapproach to taxation and put cultural and commercial he concluded: “i would definitelyus in touch with many helpful differences, and this enabled recommend that other companiespeople,” explained commercial us to move relationships on interested in doing businessdirector mark ratcliffe. more quickly and efficiently. in latin america contact uKti uKti’s help allowed us to to see what help is available secure business on a much to them.” clearer basis and helped us tie our plans together quickly and efficiently. 15
  18. 18. “If UKTI hadn’t been involved… I think I’d have stayed thinking that I was really small and the world was really big and the path from one to the other was impossible.” Carol Thompson, Director, Star Learning
  19. 19. what our business customers say about us independently conducted business surveys tell us that uKti’s support helps them to: – understand how to do – improve overseas business overseas, marketing strategy, – identify opportunities – gain access to and open doors, information not – reach customers/ otherwise available, business partners not – understand the otherwise accessible, competition, – raise their profile and – access powerful credibility overseas, research to inform – overcome barriers to management entry or expansion, decisions, and – have the confidence to explore or expand in overseas markets.“the groundwork uK trade & investment undertakes to help us progress [export] initiatives is utterly invaluable.” Kevin slater, Co-founder, petscreen ltd 18
  20. 20. case studysport and leisure infrastructureinnovisionuK trade & investment support “i cannot put a price on the value “uKti’s speed and efficiencyproved crucial in helping of the uKti sports & leisure were phenomenal and helpedlondon-based event marketing infrastructure team, which was innovision open doors, whichagency innovision win the instrumental in our success,” we’d never have been able tocontract to produce the opening enthused chief executive unlock on our own. the powerceremony at the 2008 africa cup andrew douglass. of the uKti network andof nations in ghana. business credibility gave us “[after the wembley meeting] an edge and ultimately helpeduKti, aware that ghana was we worked closely with uK secure our contract.”looking to meet with specialists trade & investment to invitein opening ceremonies, matched a key ghanaian decision maker cup organisers with to one of our major londoninnovision at its “meet the events, le grand depart of thestadium manager” event at tour de france, in June 2007. aswembley stadium in 2007, marking the invitation came from uKtithe start of a fruitful relationship. it added extra weight and credibility to our offering. within 48 hours, i had an appointment to see the africa cup’s chief operating officer. 19
  21. 21. The UK’s innovative and knowledge-basedeconomy... is synonymous with opportunityand global potential.
  22. 22. DisCoVer globalgrowth FroMa uK baseMaximising foreigndirect investment In the UK, companies, including many of the world’s major corporations, plug directly into + 83% the heart of global finance, globalThe UK’s innovative andknowledge-based economy, creative and professional services, r&d investment into global media and global talent.underpinned by excellent public They enjoy access to world-class the uK increased byservices and infrastructure, issynonymous with opportunity science and academia and link 83 per cent in 2007/08 into a wide network of smallerand global potential. Supported enterprises, many of which areby a stable political system and also world leaders in their fields.a well-established legalframework, it offers a skilled and In short, the UK is the gatewayflexible multicultural workforce of international connections.and a unique spirit, individuality No wonder, then, that the UKand all-round creative energy. is number one in Europe and second globally only to the USABlessed with a favourable in attracting Foreign Directgeographic position and time Investment (FDI). Host of thezone, the UK is at the hub of biggest show on earth in 2012,international business, bringing it really is the place to be.the world to a company’s door.Unlike most of its competitors, Talk to UK Trade & Investmentit isn’t just an investment (UKTI) and you too could be at thedestination: it is rather an heart of this global crossroads.investment multiplier, aspringboard to internationalgrowth that upgrades the valueof a company’s investment.The UK in itself offers the best ofinternational business. Companiesdon’t do business in the UK justbecause they’re interested in theprosperous UK market. They alsocome here to become global.left: photovoltaic cells on the roofof city hall, london.image supplied by paul rapson 21
  23. 23. how uKti Canhelp you...UKTI’s comprehensive range – practical help, including visitsof services assists overseas to suitable locations, finding factscompanies, whatever their size business partners and accessing – the uK is the number-oneand experience, to bring high- financial incentives, and inward investment locationquality investment to the UK. in europe and number two – a first-class aftercare service,They are delivered in partnership in the world. offering investors an opportunitywith teams in the development – in 2007/08, the uK attracted to raise questions and issuesagencies in England’s nine 1,573 foreign direct about their investment in the UK.regions, and in Scotland, Wales investment (fdi) projectsand Northern Ireland, whose job Once you’re established in the (uKti had significantit is to promote economic growth UK, we can then help your involvement in 549in their area. company to expand – both in of these) from 48 countries, a the UK and overseas. We provide record-breaking performance.Deciding where to locate your support with:international business is often a – it takes 13 days to set up along and involved process. It is – new UK business opportunities, business in the uK, comparedUKTI’s job to know the UK’s to the european average of 32. – choosing a new UK location,strengths and where investment – the uK has the leastopportunities exist. Our services – growing your industry networks, barriers to entrepreneurshiphelp businesses coming to the in the world. – having your say inUK get up and running with speed UK Government, – london is the leading cityand confidence. – trading overseas, and in europe in terms ofThey include: languages spoken. – setting up a European – r&d investment into the– impartial advice on where headquarters. uK increased by 83 per cent and how to set up business in the UK, Take advantage of these services in 2007/08. and you too could be part of the – the uK is ranked as the– in-depth tailored information, UK success story. best performer in the g8 including advice on R&D, tax, human capital and visas, leading economies per unit of r&d spend.– introductions to professional – the level of fdi stock in the advisers and key contacts, uK was us$1.347 trillion in– access, through the UK Advisory 2007 – a record year. Network, to lists of professional service organisations, such as accountants, lawyers and banks, that can support your move to the UK,22
  24. 24. “uK trade & investment really does offer a wide range of help to make it easier for businesses to set up in the uK.” amir Mohamed, Ceo, billadam (Malaysia) 23
  25. 25. what inward investment clients say about us independently conducted business surveys of our 1st inward investment clients tell us that locating in the uK is the the uK enables them to: number-one inward – keep up with – access an established investment location competitors, network of business in europe and number – access other markets services, and two in the world. in the region, – tap into a – be close to key centres knowledgeable and of knowledge, research skilled workforce. or expertise,“our partnership with newcastle university came about largely thanks to uK trade & investment and all the people it introduced us to. my advice to other companies considering investing in the uK is contact uKti and follow their guide.” Jeong-Chan ra, Ceo, rnl bio (south Korea) left: the gateshead millennium bridge 24
  26. 26. “Indian companies looking to start operations in Europe perceive the UK as the foremost investment location and an excellent platform to enter other European markets.” Syed Anwar Hasan, Managing Director, Tata Limited (India)
  27. 27. case study Creative industries lg electronics in June 2008, Korean firm the designers will also be with assistance from foreign lg electronics, a leader in called upon to adapt products direct investment agency think consumer electronics and mobile that will appeal to the european london, lg chose london and communications, opened a market, but which have been the uK as its european hub due new european design centre developed elsewhere. to its business and finance in london. environment, as well as its “our new european design global position. the centre, which was centre has been established to formally opened by hrh the provide our design team with the the duke of York stated: “lg duke of York, the uK’s special optimum creative environment, could have chosen any of several representative for international which includes extensive global cities for this centre. that trade and investment, will create libraries and leading technologies it chose london is tremendous european designs for its entire to aid in the design process,” said news for the uK and testament range of consumer goods, president and ceo James Kim. to the world-class business including mobile handsets environment we’re creating here.” and devices, flat-screen tvs and audio systems, white goods and other home electronics, based on european consumers’ requirements.26
  28. 28. “our association with uK trade & investment gave us instant credibility in the eyes of potential partners. i’ve been thrilled with the help they have provided.” louise rutten, yellow Culture (new Zealand) 27
  29. 29. nextstepsIf you are interested in finding We also operate a customerout more about UK Trade & enquiry line, which is staffedInvestment’s (UKTI) unique range from 09.00–17.30, Monday toof services, we recommend that Friday. If you want to find outyou register on our website, which more, speak to someone directlycontains a wealth of information: or have any questions or feedback, then please give us a call: +44 (0)20 7215 8000It also enables you to find yourlocal International Trade Team Overseas-based investors andand contains contact details of UK-based companies operatingrelevant UKTI staff to help you overseas can also contact the UKTIfollow up on the areas that are team at their local British embassy,of interest to you. high commission or consulate (see website for details). Make that first contact and you will be one step closer to your springboard for global growth. left: esplanade bridge, singapore28
  30. 30. Over a 12-month period, UKTI helpedover 12,000 companies overcome barriersto entering new markets.
  31. 31. a range of uK government support is available from a portfolio of initiatives calledsolutions for business. the “solutions” are available to qualifying businesses,and cover everything from investment and grants through to specialist advice,collaborations and partnerships.uK trade & investment is the uK government organisation that helps uK-basedcompanies succeed in international markets. we assist overseas companies tobring high-quality investment to the uK’s vibrant find out more about uK trade & investment please or telephone +44 (0)20 7215 8000.whereas every effort has been made to ensure that the information given in this document is accurate,neither uK trade & investment nor its parent departments (the department for business, enterprise &regulatory reform, and the foreign & commonwealth office) accept liability for any errors, omissionsor misleading statements, and no warranty is given or responsibility accepted as to the standing of anyindividual, firm, company or other organisation mentioned.the paper in this document is made from 75 per cent genuine waste pulp and 25 per cent mill broke.using a recycled, forest stewardship council (fsc) certified paper is part of our ongoing organisationaleffort to reduce our impact on the environment. fsc chain of custody certification means that a productthat carries the fsc label is made of pulp or paper that has passed through a secure journey from anfsc-certified forest to an fsc-certified paper manufacturer, merchant and printer. the inks arevegetable oil based and contain resins from plants/trees and the laminate on the cover is sustainable,compostable and can be recycled.published november 2008 by uK trade & Mixed Sources Product group from well-managed forests and recycled wood or fiber Cert no. TT-COC-002272© crown copyright urn 08/1353 © 1996 Forest Stewardship Council