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Employee Engagement for KKR

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  • Alt to Water = 17 weeks of laundry for family of four = 4000 gallons/ 40 gallons per load = 100 loads / average of 6 loads per week = 17 weeksOR water used to grow food for a family of four for a day
  • My WetRock Employee Engagement 11-19-2012 kkr

    1. 1. Create Products that Help Consumer Help the Environment The World Is In Your HandsConfidential- Do not distribute 1
    2. 2. If you could change the world, in under a minute…. Confidential- Do not distribute 2
    3. 3. Would You? Confidential- Do not distribute 3
    4. 4. Raise Awareness? PeaceConservation Education Confidential- Do not distribute 4
    5. 5. The Environmental Axis of Evil Water Plastic PowerSources: “Water: The Epic Struggle For Wealth, Power and Civilization. Charity:Water. CBS America Stands on Water 1/8/2010. Confidential- Do not distribute 5
    6. 6. Over 220 Million People Want to Make a Difference Confidential- Do not distribute 6
    7. 7. Different Shades of Green • Staunch environmentalists • Heavy purchasers63 Million of green products (LOHAS) 160 • Needs to be easy • Should be of Million interest • Make a difference(Soft Environmentalists) to their budget • Wants things simple and easy • May or may notRemainder get involved. • Could be (Casual Consumer) converted Confidential- Do not distribute 7
    8. 8. Companies are Looking for Ways to Make a Difference Confidential- Do not distribute 8
    9. 9. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)CSR and Green Initiatives have made it to theBoard Room.KKR- As a global investor with a long-term horizon, KKRmakes investment decisions that can have an enormousimpact: millions of individuals depend upon strong returnsfrom our investments for their retirements, education, andquality of life; the companies in which we invest employhundreds of thousands of people; and the operations of ourportfolio companies affect and are affected by thecommunities in which they do business around the world. Webelieve that we have an obligation to these stakeholders andto ourselves to act responsibly — to address theenvironmental, social, and governance (ESG) issuessurrounding our investments.Companies realize they need more positive,impactful, and environmental initiatives. Confidential- Do not distribute 9
    10. 10. Utilize Employee Engagement Program (EEP)Companies are looking at ways to engage theiremployees around targeted initiatives.Companies and Employees are looking for easyways to make a big difference.Using CSR initiatives and employee engagementprograms allows companies to focus efforts onenvironmental issues.More people involved, adds to exponential scale ofthe environmental impact. Confidential- Do not distribute 10
    11. 11. EmployeeEngagement Programs and Premium Incentive Products The World Is In YourNovember 2012 Hands Confidential- Do not distribute 11
    12. 12. Focus on Water Conservation Confidential- Do not distribute 12
    13. 13. Why Water? Confidential- Do not distribute 13
    14. 14. Water Shortage is a Growing ProblemLake Mead- Pier to Nowhere Texas90% of Nevada water comes from Lake Mead, and the levels havedropped 130 feet in the last 10 years; That’s as tall as a 13 storybuilding. Confidential- Do not distribute 14
    15. 15. Water- Not Just for DrinkingVirtual Water Footprint; Amount of water used in production: Confidential- Do not distribute 15
    16. 16. How Do You Create a Wave of Savings? Confidential- Do not distribute 16
    17. 17. Our Solution- The DropBox (Water Conservation Device) Water capture device that simply “drops in” the tank of a toilet. • Saves water, energy and money • Offsets ½ Gallon of water with every flush • Made from 100% recycled P.E.T. material Slots for water to enterFront is sloped to accelerate waterinto the trap at bottom of the toilet* * Design Patent being filed. Confidential- Do not distribute 17
    18. 18. Biggest Waste of Water is Flushing the Toilet Over 220 Million Standard Flush Toilets Still Exist.EPA WaterSense Confidential- Do not distribute 18
    19. 19. WEP$ Factor (Water, Electricity, Pollution Matter, $avings) Flushing Impacts the Environment • 13% of the nation’s electricity consumption1 • 5% of all U.S. carbon emissions1 W E P $ 73 Billion1.7 Trillion Gallons 18.4 Billion Metric Tons kWh to process 2 $10.3 Billion Pollution matter2 Spent on Flushing 72B Tons CO2 125K Tons SO2 165 Billion Gallons 210K Tons NOx Water to cool2 7K Tons PM10 Source; 1. Idaho Rivers Unlimited 2. 4.3K Tons VOCs Confidential- Do not distribute 19
    20. 20. What If You Could Save ½ Gallon Per Flush? Be an Environmental Hero Help the Planet Save Water, Energy & Money Confidential- Do not distribute 20
    21. 21. How Would You Do It? Old Fashioned Confidential- Do not distribute 21
    22. 22. Simply “Drop” In and Start SavingCapture deviceis placed in tank. NoInstallation required. Slot for water to enter Can placed upright- similar to a milk jug.Low Profile (similar to a brick) keeps the weight of the waterabove the device (helping ensure flush dynamics).* Confidential- Do not distribute 22
    23. 23. How the DropBox WorksInstallation:① User flushes toilet ① Water returns to fill line② Drops capture box ② Capture box fills with ½ in Tank gallon of water, anchors into place Displac e-ment Box ⑤ Water returns to fill line ⑥ Fresh water co-mingles with displacement box water to prevent bacteria build up Displace- ment Box ③ User flushes ④ ½ gallon is withheld from drain in capture box* * ½ gallon of water weighs four pounds. Confidential- Do not distribute 23
    24. 24. Impact from WEP$ Factor- ½ Gallon SavedA House of FourWould Save the Annual Impact EquivalentFollowing: 17 weeks of laundry for Save = energyWater a family of four 4,092 Gallons (100 loads @ 40 gallons x 6 loads per week) 3 months of energy to = power a laptopEnergy 41 kWh (0.06 kWk / hour x 8 hours x 30 days) Save energy = Not driving to work 2Polution Matter 983 metric lbs days week for a year (8 lbs per average 12 mi commute x 50 weeks) 3-4% savings on = water/ sewage bill$avings $25-$54 ($600 to $1,600 a year for family of four)Estimated cost for water and sewage average of 50 cities $4/1000 gallons (average) to $14/1000 most expensive cities , and Confidential- Do not distribute 24
    25. 25. The DropBox- Edutainment ComponentsWater capture Desktop Globe Tip Guidedevice comes with ‘edutaining’support itemsinside. DropBox Possible Kids Confidential- Do not distribute Guide/Story Book 25
    26. 26. Care Guide- 10 Tips for 10 Million People 10 Tips 1 2 CROAEP NO OP RTSOS R STARBUCKS: Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consect adipiscing elit. Vestibulum vitae diam eget lorem pretium hendrerit. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consecteur subsec adipiscing elit.Fordemonstrationpurposes only.Tips and pages aresponsored by companies Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consecteturlooking to get their adipiscing elit. Vestibulum vitae diam eget lorem pretium hendrerit. In leo erat, elementum a placerat eu, bibendum sit amet odio. Praesent nec risus eget dui placerat ullamcorper sed in sem. Proin eget diammessage out. Confidential- Do not distribute porttitor magna tincidunt dignissim. Maecenas sit amet augue leo. Ut aliquam posuere purus a 26
    27. 27. Customizable Globee• Placed on desk or sink, is a symbol for “Earth”, and acts as a reminder that “You have the whole world in your hands”• It can represent the changes you want to make• MyWetRock gives kids the power to change the world Personalize with stickers, markers, pictures, etc. . Confidential- Do not distribute 27
    28. 28. Children’s Character/Super HeroPossible inclusionof a Characterbased story book.Opportunity tocreate animation,cartoon, comicstrip, etc. fromCharacters andstory’s.Additionalcharacters could beintroduced in thefuture. Johnny WaterMan WaterDrop Super Hero Confidential- Do not distribute 28
    29. 29. Johnny WaterDrop has been around Millions of years. He’s beenice in a glacier, a raindrop in the forest, in a cup of coffee, a pair ofjeans, he’s fought fires, and created electricity. Indeed- Johnny isan everyday, hard working water drop. Confidential- Do not distribute 29
    30. 30. Water- Not Just for Drinking; Virtual FootPrintAmount of water used in production of … Confidential- Do not distribute 30
    31. 31. Johnny has been around so long that he’s seen changes over timein the Ice Glaciers (smaller), the Oceans (less fish, more plastic), theenvironment (droughts) Confidential- Do not distribute 31
    32. 32. One day, Johnny finds the Treasure Chest. All of the fish arelaughing and making fun of him as no one has been able to openthe Treasure Chest for Millions of years.Johnny tries (and like King Arthur with Excalibur) the TreasureChest opens! Confidential- Do not distribute 32
    33. 33. Johnny becomes- WaterMan! A super hero who vows to fight thewrongs in the environment. Confidential- Do not distribute 33
    34. 34. Be Your Own Super HeroKids Customize My Kids areWetRock and become passionate abouttheir own super hero. all kinds of issues.Kids shouldbelieve theyhave the Empower Kids topower to make achange the Confidential- Do not distribute 34
    35. 35. What Would the Impact Be? Confidential- Do not distribute 35
    36. 36. What If 10 Million Units Were “Dropped” In?The goal for My WetRock is to launch September 2013 with 10 MillionUnits distributed through the Employee Engagement Program. The accumulated savings from the WEP$ factor would be as follows: 45 Billion Gallons Water per year 500 Million Kilowatt Hours year Pollution Matter; (CO2, Sulfur 5.5 Billion Tons Dioxide, Nitrogen Oxide, Particulate Matter, Volatile Organic Compounds) $254 Million Dollars per year * Source: Confidential- Do not distribute 36
    37. 37. 45 Billion Gallons fills a Wal-Mart* 4,909 Times!* 709Do not distribute Confidential- stores, average size is 108,000 square feet. 37
    38. 38. Company Gets Own WEPS Score Card 5 flushes a day 1 company # of per person employees -½ gallon Per flush BIG WEP$ Factor from accumulated savings Confidential- Do not distribute 38
    39. 39. WEP$ Factor- Big Impact 100,000 Employees has an accumulated affect Annual Impact Equivalent Water used to grow 1 year food supply for 2,000= 306 Million gallons families of four 4k gallons per day *365*4 years= Power 210,000 houses for a week 3 Million kWh 1.2k kWh average per month per home= 37 Thousand metric 750,000 forest acres absorption per year tons pine forest sequesters 1 metric ton/ acre of CO2, SO2 etc= 540,000 employee work hours $5.4 Million $10 average hourly wage rate Collective impact of employees and their households Confidential- Do not distribute 39
    40. 40. If you could change the world, Would You? Confidential- Do not distribute 40
    41. 41. Thank You- The EndFor more information please 312.953.2208Confidential- Do not distribute 41