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Straight Forward Sales. BNI Caislean Presentation


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Presentation to BNI Caislean chapter on 20th April 2016. Focussing on why members of the group can feel comfortable recommending Stephen Mc Lean as an estate agent and also to highlight some sales procedures and habits that can be applied to any business.

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Straight Forward Sales. BNI Caislean Presentation

  1. 1. Straight Forward Sales
  2. 2. My background • Career: Tyre & Fuel Depot Bookmaker Mc Lean Property Mgt Co. Poker Paddy Power Quillsen  Education: Should have stayed in school
  3. 3. This morning’s story • What does an estate agent really do? • How I get sales results and how this can be applied to other businesses. • Why you can recommend me to a family member, friend or business colleague.
  4. 4. What does an estate agent really do? Imagine a world without estate agents
  5. 5. • Positive attitude • Hard work • Clear communication How I get results
  6. 6. A level above other estate agents • Present each home properly. Photography Digital marketing Viewing preparation • Work every sales lead properly. During business hours a customer can expect to get a return call/ email within one hour. Viewings at times that suit the client, not the agent. Detailed conversation with every client.
  7. 7. My Sales Completion Philosophy 1. Communicate why I add value for the client. (note: not just how I add value, but why) 2. Give the client a call to action tailored to the their needs. 3. Closing the deal.  Email (note: try not to use phrases like ”I’m just checking in to see if you would like to buy…”)  Phone (note: voice is really important – watch “Julian Treasure: How to speak so that people want to listen” on Youtube)  In Person (note: body language is key…both the body language you project but also paying attention to your customer’s body language)
  8. 8. Quick case study
  9. 9. Why Quillsen? • A company that delivers a quality service. • 60 years in business (formerly as Gunne Estate Agents). • Results tell the story – highest customer satisfaction ratings over many years.
  10. 10. Look for the key
  11. 11. Today’s call to action What you can do to help find referrals for me. • Broach the subject of house sales with: – Friends and family – Business colleagues in your network. – Anywhere in Ireland or N.I. Thanks for listening. Twitter: @QuillsenStephen Linkedin: Facebook: Quillsen Stephen Mc Lean