Qualitative Rewards of Social Media - Stephen Jio, Dell


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Presentation on 15/02/12 at National College of Ireland, Dublin for Measurements.ie.

Stephen Jio - Dell

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Qualitative Rewards of Social Media - Stephen Jio, Dell

  1. 1. The Qualitative Rewards ofSocial Media - DellStephen Jio - @stephenjatdell15 Feb, 2012 – National College of Ireland - Dublin
  2. 2. Social Media: Where do you start in rationalizing your efforts?2 @stephenjatdell © 2011 - Dell
  3. 3. KPIs:• Brand Health – How we measure up Net Promoter Scores, Social Net Advocacy our Social efforts• Customer Satisfaction (Social Support) – Within the Social environment, community responses• Conversion (User Content) – Customer reviews, user generated content• Consideration – Effectively driving traffic to dell.com• Revenue – ‘Social’ associated purchases, indirect and direct attributed 3 @stephenjatdell © 2011 - Dell
  4. 4. Survey:The most importantmetrics in assessingSocial Media …But wait, there’s more! Resource: Econsultancy -The State of Social Report 20114 @stephenjatdell © 2011 - Dell
  5. 5. Purchase Influence Rewards:Presence Social Media provides Shareable Content you with insight from Content Impact the Customer Loyalty Trending Consumer Confidence Market Insight Regional Impact Competitive Buzz Market Approach The Cost of NOT participating5 @stephenjatdell © 2011 - Dell
  6. 6. …a paradigm shift is needed Survey: What companies are using Social Media for Resource: Econsultancy -The State of Social Report 20116 @stephenjatdell © 2011 - Dell
  7. 7. Where Dell uses Social MediaProduct Development Marketing Communication• Feedback Loop • Demand Forecast • Rich Media• Early Warning • Lead Generation • Brand Reputation• New Product • Message Reach • Influence Ideation • Reputation Sales Customer Service Online Presence• Leads• Collaboration • Listening • Ratings & Reviews• Thought Leadership • Support Widgets • Communities• Blogs • Outreach • Customer Stories © 2011 - Dell
  8. 8. Social Media: Where we’ve come from and where we’re going8 @stephenjatdell © 2011 - Dell
  9. 9. Dell’s Social Media & Community History9 @stephenjatdell © 2011 - Dell
  10. 10. Social Media: The exchanging of ideas between dynamic communities enabled through the technology of ever-evolving tools Direct2Dell10 @stephenjatdell © 2011 - Dell
  11. 11. Dell - Social Media StrategySummary - Build and Execute your strategy1. Define what you want to achieve with Social Media2. Sponsorship from Executives is key3. Budget for scalability BUILD4. Train your employees for best practise engagement5. Listen first to what is being said, understand your Customer6. Engage and be part of the conversation and the solution EXECUTE7. Opportunity is there in all elements of your business11 @stephenjatdell © 2011 - Dell
  12. 12. The 3 Touch Points to Social Media: Listen, Listening Engage, Opportunity Engaging “Engaging in honest, direct conversations with Opportunity customers and stakeholders is a part of who we are, who we’ve always been. The social web amplifies our opportunity to listen and learn and invest ourselves in two-way dialogue, enabling us to become a better company with more to offer the people who depend on us.” - Michael Dell12 @stephenjatdell © 2011 - Dell
  13. 13. Touch Point: Listening to the Community13 @stephenjatdell Dell Global Listening Command Centre © 2011 - Dell
  14. 14. Why You NEED to Listen Customer Stories Listening:Peer to Peer Influence 26,000 posts daily Sales Lead Generation about Dell Support Brand Reputation Comments Instant FeedbackProduct Evaluation Potential Issues Queries on Product/Services14 @stephenjatdell © 2011 - Dell
  15. 15. Listening Tools:• Helps you hone in on Listening, publishing subject matter that you and work flow want to focus on• Can perform intelligence in understanding the tone of the conversation• Provides workflow integration• Reporting capabilities 15 @stephenjatdell © 2011 - Dell
  16. 16. Touch Point:Engaging - reachingout to Customers16 @stephenjatdell © 2011 - Dell
  17. 17. Mass Social MediaEngaging: MarketCollaboration atmultiple levels External Community External Community Direct2Dell Community Hosted External Communities External Community Support Community Mastery & Use Affinity Ideation Extranets External Topical Experts Internal Internal Networks / Enterprise Workgroups17 @stephenjatdell © 2011 - Dell Collaboration
  18. 18. • Engagement doesn’t mean Engagement: responding to everything! Food for thought • Do not use to neutralise or argue a dissenting opinion • Let the community respond; trust the community • Engage in conversations that are already happening, BUT LOOK FOR LANDMINES • Be prompt, Social Media moves quicker than any other channel of communication …and don’t Tweet when you’re in a bad mood18 @stephenjatdell © 2011 - Dell
  19. 19. #FAIL: Think before Tweet • When you tweet for a company you are the company #&@&ing • Why training is so important • Forget the delete button – once its posted, its permanent19 @stephenjatdell © 2011 - Dell
  20. 20. Engagement:Empower youremployees in SocialMedia20 @stephenjatdell © 2011 - Dell
  21. 21. Employees are your best social advocates Empower Employees:• Make your Social strategy available to all Employees Provide Social Media• Train and certify Employees (and Agencies), to engage training• Reinforce transparency in all engagement even personal• Provide internal social network as sandbox• Coordinate closely with external communications21 @stephenjatdell © 2011 - Dell
  22. 22. Touch Point: Opportunity - Social Integration in the Business22 @stephenjatdell © 2011 - Dell
  23. 23. ProductDevelopment:Crowdsourcing• IdeaStorm introduced 2007• Over 16,000 idea submitted• >470 implemented• EmployeeStorm for staff23 @stephenjatdell © 2011 - Dell
  24. 24. Marketing:Social ProductIntegration• MTV EMA Awards – Red Carpet• Over 1,000 fans had their picture taken on the red carpet• Photographs taken with Dell Streak and instantly uploaded to Facebook page• Allow fans to comment on their images and have a virtual ‘keepsake’ of the event• Combined marketing campaign with advertising and features at Awards provided additional media goodness24 @stephenjatdell © 2011 - Dell
  25. 25. Communication:Shareable RichContent• Product launch teasers, customer stories, product reviews, interviews, press conferences• Dell Ultrabook Challenge had a million views in first 48 hours• Dell Vlog channel has generated over 12 million views since launch• Additional social properties – Flickr – Slideshare25 @stephenjatdell © 2011 - Dell
  26. 26. Customer Service: Reaches beyond the ‘one to one’• Proactively reach out to customers• Integrating efforts with support.dell.com• Team engages with 1,000+ customers per week• Positive impact on customer satisfaction: 35% conversion of ‘demoters’ to ‘promoters’ 26 @stephenjatdell © 2011 - Dell
  27. 27. Sales:Social Offers• Creating compelling offers – based on engagement with community• 1.5 million followers on Dell Outlet ‘Deals’ Twitter page• @DellHomeUK averages over 30 engagement on a daily basis proactively reaching out for sales opportunities27 @stephenjatdell © 2011 - Dell
  28. 28. Final Words: Sometimes you can’t put a number on the benefits of Social Media…28 @stephenjatdell © 2011 - Dell
  29. 29. Thank you! @stephenjatdell29 @stephenjatdell © 2011 - Dell
  30. 30. 30 @stephenjatdell © 2011 - Dell