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How To Get Clients - 7 Quick Business Tips To Generate More Leads And Boost Sales


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Are you struggling to generate more leads and get a consistent flow of sales?

The reason why most entrepreneurs fail to attract a steady stream of new clients or experience inconsistent sales volume is due to the lack of marketing systems implemented in your business as well as ongoing strategic leadership and support.

This SlideShare deck will focus on 7 business tips that will quickly generate more leads and boost sales.

You'll discover the importance of targeting your ideal clients, the importance of creating a higher value offering than your competitors, why superior customer service is key and 4 powerful ways how to get clients without spending additional money on advertising!

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How To Get Clients - 7 Quick Business Tips To Generate More Leads And Boost Sales

  1. 1. How To Get Clients 7 Quick Business Tips To Generate More Leads And Boost Sales
  2. 2. The quickest way to get clients is to attract an endless stream of new clients and then get each client to spend more with you. The key is to orchestrate referrals and then focus on selling to your existing customers since this is the easiest and most profitable sales you can make because you already built trust with them!
  3. 3. Target Your Ideal Clients
  4. 4. When Targeting Profitable Customers ◇ Choose a market segment with a desire you can satisfy with a great offer. ◇Focus exclusively on serving that market segment better than your competitors. ◇You must never try to be all things to all people.
  5. 5. Identify Your Market Motivators PAINS What are their pain points? DRIVES What drives or motivates them? NECESSITIES What frustrates or annoys them?
  6. 6. You can’t create desire for your product or service, the desire already exists!
  7. 7. It’s impossible to sell ice to Eskimos! There is NO DESIRE to buy!
  8. 8. 1. Survival, enjoyment of life, life extension. 2. Enjoyment of food and beverages. 3. Freedom from fear, pain and danger. 4. Sexual companionship. Tap Into Where Hardwired Human Desire Already Exists Life Force 8 5. Comfortable living conditions. 6. To be superior, winning, keeping up with the Joneses. 7. Care and protection of loved ones. 8. Social approval. Cashvertising – Eric Whitman
  9. 9. Survival Where Does Hardwired Desire Already Exist? Superiority
  10. 10. Become A Hero Position & offer your superior solution as the ONLY option to satisfy their hardwired desire.
  11. 11. Your most profitable customers are those that buy because your offer satisfied a hardwired desire they cannot ignore!
  12. 12. Create A Higher Value Offering Than Your Competitors Uncovering Your USP
  13. 13. Stop Competing Like This >>> If you look and sound like your competitors then why should your prospects choose you over them?
  14. 14. Ask Yourself... Why do people do business with my company now?
  15. 15. Do You Know Why? ◇Once you know the answer to this key question is the only way to stand out from the crowd and truly is the only way to differentiate yourself from the competition.
  16. 16. Think Of All The Reasons Why ◇Once you figure this out, it should be carefully and consistently communicated to your market.
  17. 17. Your Unique Selling Proposition (USP) ◇Your most unique and relevant advantage is your strongest ally in attracting new prospects as well as keeping your existing customers.
  18. 18. Your Unique Selling Proposition Must >> 2. Gives you a special advantage over your competitors 1. Must be original 3. Must be part of all your marketing communications
  19. 19. Your Unique Selling Proposition (USP) ◇A USP statement is positioned with a unique benefit your target audience will receive from doing business with you ◇Answers this question of what’s going on in your prospect’s mind…“What’s In It For Me?”
  20. 20. Domino’s Pizza “Hot Fresh Pizza Delivered in 30 minutes or It’s Free”
  21. 21. FedEx “When It Absolutely Has To Be There Overnight!”
  22. 22. The key is to have distinctive advantages and make those advantages clearly and unmistakably evident to your prospects.
  23. 23. Quick 3 Step Process To Create Your USP>> 2. Sensational Offer 1. Ultimate Advantage 3. Powerful Promise
  24. 24. 1. What’s Your Ultimate Advantage? Ask Yourself -- “What single benefit do your customers get from you that they won’t get from your competitor?”
  25. 25. Crafting Your Sensational Offer ◇Everyone likes a deal or discount. ◇ Your goal is to reward your customers.
  26. 26. Creating A Powerful Promise An instant way to gain trust is to offer a clear, no questions asked guarantee.
  27. 27. An effective U.S.P positions you as the obvious choice in the marketplace thereby generating more sales, referrals, word of mouth and profits!
  28. 28. Superior Customer Service Is Key
  29. 29. Superior Customer Is Key! You need to maintain high levels of customer satisfaction when looking to attract new customers as well as keep your loyal customer happy.
  30. 30. Top 6 Reasons Why Customer Service Is Key! 1.Leading indicator of consumer loyalty. 2.A point of differentiation. 3.Increases referrals. 4.Increases your customer lifetime value. 5.Reduces negative word of mouth. 6.It’s cheaper to retain customers than acquire new ones.
  31. 31. It's easier and cheaper to sell to existing customers than to go out and find new ones!
  32. 32. A business can't survive on existing customers alone so it’s necessary to find effective ways to get new clients!
  33. 33. Get More Clients Take Advantage of FREE Offers
  34. 34. What Can You Giveaway For FREE? A FREE offer is often a breakthrough strategy to start the conversation.
  35. 35. What Can You Giveaway For FREE? There are so many FREE things to giveaway.. ◇ Free consultations or discovery sessions ◇ Free report or guide ◇ Free video or email series ◇ Free trial or sample of your service ◇ Free challenges ◇ Free cheat sheets or blueprints Get creative and make it appealing to your target audience!
  36. 36. Getting something FREE is hard to resist and regardless of your prospect’s loyalty to your competitor, they will take a FREE offer if you hit a pain point and desire that cannot be ignored!
  37. 37. Get More Clients Take Advantage Of Risk Reversal
  38. 38. 3 ways to reverse the risk of doing business with you: 1. Offer a total monetary risk reversal. Offer a money back guarantee 2. Better than total risk reversal. Offer a money back guarantee plus a FREE offering for trying you out! 3. Offer an emotional risk reversal offer. Offer success stories or prospects to call past customers to increase their confidence level.
  39. 39. Get More Clients Take advantage of host beneficiary relationships
  40. 40. Leverage Host Beneficiary Relationships Here is how it works: 1. Team up with another business that has the same target customer. 2. You will use their database to promote your business. You might offer a special gift voucher or exclusive offer to their list. 3. To make the offer more enticing you can offer the business owner a commission on any sales.
  41. 41. Leverage Host Beneficiary Relationships Some examples of this include: 1. A high-end hair salon and a high-end car dealership. 1. An attorney and an accountant.
  42. 42. Get More Clients Take advantage of long term alliance relationships
  43. 43. Leverage Strategic Partnerships ◇ Both businesses target the same audience and there is continued value to their customers. ◇ Different than a host beneficiary relationship as this is more of an ongoing relationship. ◇ For instance, a Web designer and an ad agency would send each other referrals for clients who need added services.
  44. 44. Leverage Strategic Partnerships Both parties in the strategic alliances produce streams of referral business, which is ultimately benefit.
  45. 45. These 4 powerful “Get More Client” business tips will be the quickest way to attract new customers without spending additional money on advertising.
  46. 46. The key to successfully grow your business is to attract a constant stream of new customers as well as getting each customer to buy more from you and more often!
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