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Emerging ideas, trends, local examples: Work, workers, workplace


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Welcome to a workshop presenting emerging ideas and trends in office and workplace design with examples illustrating the concepts shared.. During the dynamic presentation, Steve, the presenter, embellishes the slides with lively anecdotes and details not available here which make attending the seminar in person very valuable and not to miss.

If you're interested in having Steve tailor a presentation or elements of this presentation to your organization or workplace please contact him at or call 802-448-0056.

The content can also be divided and expanded into smaller richer segments or a limited series where Steve can goes more in detail in the areas most benefiting your organizational priorities.

Issues addressed by Steve which you may be facing in your organization include the following:

How to integrate your mission, purpose and values into the design process and result.

Working with multiple generations at work,

Transitioning to a more open office work setting and how to do it well,

Ways to use workplace design to cultivate stronger worker engagement and cultures,

Other include sustainability, office acoustics, workplace etiquette and protocols,

What to look for and look out for when looking at prospective spaces to fit-up, property to build-out,

How important clear and interconnected space branding is,

Steve also covers the importance to focus on wellness and wellbeing while bringing nature indoors to boost worker productivity, engagement and satisfaction.

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Emerging ideas, trends, local examples: Work, workers, workplace

  1. 1. Emerging trends, ideas & examples Work, Workers, Workplace Stephen M. Frey, AIA – Principal Arocordis Design Montpelier, Vermont cultivating inspired sustainable places and spaces
  2. 2. Story
  3. 3. Commercial
  4. 4. Institutional
  5. 5. Planning
  6. 6. Ideas
  7. 7. Creating & sustaining a “best place to work”
  8. 8. Purpose Passion Meaning © Arocordis Design Where are we going? Corn leaf Cell, Schulte© Off-shoring Wellness & wellbeing Our brand - local, national & global competition Workforce training out of sync with needs Permitting challenges
  9. 9. BABY BOOMERS 1946 to 1964 = © Arocordis Design Is it generational or not? = Purpose Passion Meaning
  10. 10. © Arocordis Design Millennials to dominate workforce by 2025 (75%) = Millenials (and every one else) seek: • Purposeful connection to business mission, “Walking the talk.” • Work / Life balance yet committed • Values & give back to Purpose Passion Meaning Source – F. Drew, Brookings Data Now, 2014
  11. 11. 15%–<20% 20%–<25% 25%–<30% 30%–<35% ≥35% Prevalence* of Self-Reported Obesity Among U.S. Adults by State and Territory, BRFSS, 2013 *Prevalence estimates reflect BRFSS methodological changes started in 2011. These estimates should not be compared to prevalence estimates before 2011. CA MT ID NV UT AZ NM WY WA OR CO NE ND SD TX OK KS IA MN AR MO LA MI IN KY IL OH TN MS AL WI PA WV SC VA NC GA FL NY VT ME HI AK NH MA RI CT NJ DE MD DC PRGUAM An obesity epidemic VT
  12. 12. Rising sedentary behavior “ The amount of time a person sits during the day is associated with a higher risk of heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and death, regardless of regular exercise, according to a review study published today in the Annals of Internal Medicine.”
  13. 13. Cultivate an active work culture
  14. 14. The seven faces of wellness Active design, with on & off-site programming Vibrant storytelling, three-dimensional branding Offer quiet away spaces for reflection, renewal On-site learning spaces, inspiring growth attention to safety, wellbeing, ergonomics Spaces to encourage social, face to face interactions. Views, fresh air, comfort, energy efficient
  15. 15. Tune your space Photo by: Adam Levine – I’m singing this note’ cause it fits in well… cc license Tune Your Space: Customize architecture, layout, furniture to business, physical and technology needs
  16. 16. Provide a variety of choices of movement at work SIT TO STAND SITTING STANDING LOUNGING & PERCHING MOVING S E D E N T A R Y A C T I V E C A R D I OE N G A G E D
  17. 17. Provide a range of spatial choices LOUNGING & QUIET PRIVATE MORE OPEN SEMI- PRIVATE TOTALLY OPEN WA L L E D O F F I C E S H U D D L E R O O M S P H O N E B O O T H S F O C U S R O O M S H I G H WA L L S W / S O M E L O W C O L L A B A R E A S F O C U S W O R K E R S T E A M R O O M S S O M E WA L L S & R E F U G E Q U I E T S PA C E S V A R I E T Y O F S O C I A L P O C K E T S L O W E R W A L L S G AT H E R T O G E T H E R M O R E S O C I A L W O R K T E A M S L O W T O N O WA L L S T E A M S W H I C H I N T E R A C T O F T E N S TA N D U P W O R K & M E E T I N G A R E A S
  18. 18. Emerging Trends
  19. 19. Emerging Trends Tune Your Space: “What office?…no seriously.” Dave Lathrop Director of Applied Research Network at Steelcase
  20. 20. Emerging Trends 1. Consolidate locations 2. Locate by public transportation 3. Design for mobility & life / work balance 4. Smaller is too small!
  21. 21. Emerging Trends 1. Well-being and employee health 2. Vertical development which connects to community. 3. Social networking, interaction and employee engagement Kay Sargent Director of Workplace Strategies – Lend Lease Global
  22. 22. Two Projects
  23. 23. NationalLifeGroup HQ Modernization Project • Hillside campus location • 700+ people • 3 business units • 250,000 sf (1958 part) • Mission driven
  24. 24. An out of date workplace – “before”
  27. 27. Workplace Design Strategies• Reduce real estate footprint • Attract & retain talent • Move from “I” to “We” spaces • Streets & work neighborhoods • Front & backyards • Branding & Story • Nature near,
  28. 28. Workplace design strategies • Enhance transparency • Choices in collaboration & privacy • Work anywhere • Paperless office • State of the art energy efficient lighting upgrade
  29. 29. A design framework (plan concept, circulation & nodes)
  30. 30. FrontYards
  31. 31. Collaboration zones & backyards
  32. 32. Lighting upgrade – work areas
  33. 33. Branding graphics reinforcing mission core values, story
  34. 34. Stairs as wellness space
  35. 35. Planters / living walls / nature near
  36. 36. Renovated cafeteria servery & dining
  37. 37. Restrooms for wellbeing
  38. 38. VTLeagueofCities&Towns • Downtown Montpelier, VT location • 50 people • 3 depts. – (advocacy, insurance and municipal services) • 15,000 sf • Mission driven statewide reach
  39. 39. Before conditions
  40. 40. Movement & Sociable spaces
  41. 41. Open work areas & hotel spaces
  42. 42. Backyards & huddle rooms
  43. 43. Meeting, collison and work areas w/ branded artwork
  44. 44. Thank you! Stephen M. Frey – AIA, Leed Ap | 802-448-0056 | @arocordisdesign (Tw) 88 Phillips Road | Montpelier, VT 05602 Photographers we’d like to thank: Carolyn Bates Photography Jim Westphalen Photography Gary Hall Photography (others by Stephen Frey, various or as noted)